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The productive divide in the cannabis industry is rapidly spreading in the virtual market, and as a result, countries that have legalized its marketing have wasted no time in exploiting the possibilities. Every new day is produced, in addition to all varieties of seeds, everything related or involved in the cultivation of sowing, ripening and consumption. Therefore, I want to suggest 10 essential tools for growing marijuana, if from today you are one of us, the organic, the mystical, the delicate.

There is no social level, but rather a level of production, as far as harvesting is concerned, as far as our plants are concerned. The higher this production, the more the care and the professionalism of the curation must be important to guarantee the quality. All the more so if it is sold to the public. For these cases, this post is directed. For your personal little plant, you will surely only need the pot, scissors, drying envelopes and the airtight bottle to keep it. The pipe and the care are with you from the start.

You will need two or three types of pots if you are planting feminized seeds: a small one where you can germinate the seedlings, a larger one where they grow, and an even larger one that is used for transplanting when the variety begins to flower. .

Unless you have an outdoor grow of more than 5 plants and you can use large-scale humidification and pest control techniquesKeeping your plants in pots will reduce your area of ​​control and the chances of outside biological agents developing that will infect your Sweetie. Make sure each one has a water collecting plate at its base and that they are light in color so that they don’t attract anything. If you plant autoflowering varieties, I recommend that you use the same pot (18 liters) throughout the growing cycle.

Pot On Pot

Pot On Pot ...

Pot on Pot helps reduce the stress level of the root system of cannabis plants with the best guarantees. Forget about handling the substrate with the danger it presents for your plant, these pots are the solution …


Dimensions: 11cm x 11cms x 11cms x 11cms x 11cms
Capacity: 1 liter
Black color

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Pot On Pot

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Handling fresh buds turns out to be a slimy act and for a long time it will end up preventing your fingers from functioning properly and removing some degree of THC which will eventually stick to your skin. In addition, the gloves are hygienic and avoid contaminating the flowers.

The fibers of the plant are so strong that hemp is also produced, pulling the stems, branches and buds will not be comfortable for you, let alone for her. Avoiding the stress of the pots during transplants, photosynthesis and harvest, is an inescapable attitude, if you value a good and clean increase of the end consumer.

It is ideal to have a large, or rather portly, one that cuts off the stems, entire buds and roots. Either in pruning techniques to optimize production, or in harvesting for post-ripening. And a few small manicures or seamstress thread cutters, to remove leaves and other blemishes from the buds themselves, which require smaller and more precise cuts. In the market there are already several models with innovative and specialized designs for this niche.

Samurai Warrior Scissors

Tijeras Samurai Warrior ...

These scissors allow us to cut stems up to 2.4 cm in diameter, just like the central stems that some plants have on harvest day …

Cleaning and maintenance

Remember to wash yourself thoroughly with alcohol each time you use the scissors, removing all plant residue from the blades, which can affect the proper functioning of the scissors.

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Samurai Warrior Scissors

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4. Mesh Dryer:

The importance of using these compartments is the humidity and light control. This is too important, because during the 4 days or more necessary for ideal drying, mold due to excess humidity being less than 18 ° or drought if it is greater than 24 °, will ruin the 5 months of love and care, though she will never stop being marijuana. Previously, wide cupboard brackets were used to locate spaced heads and properly for ventilation. Currently, virtual stores have an efficient and economical portfolio, in all sizes, perfect for interiors and even closets.

Round mesh dryer

Secador Malla redondo ...

Round mesh dryer, Convenient structure for drying in small spaces. Large capacity allowing the drying of a large number of plants …


Format: 55cm or 90cm
Measures: 1.75 cm. of viola y 55 cm o 1,75 cm and 90 cm of diameter
Includes hook for hanging from the ceiling and deploying the 8 round levels

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Round mesh dryer

5. Boveda bags®:

They dry the flowers with the ideal percentage of humidity. The component inside maintains and stabilizes the perfect humidity (62%) of the buds, increasing or decreasing in each branch to homogenize the batch and keep it. This technology provides and maximizes flavor, requiring only supervision every two days to turn and ventilate the branches for the necessary 2-4 weeks, depending on the strain and climate you live in.

CVault Boveda® Pack

CVault Boveda® Pack ...

The CVault storage containers work, controlling humidity in two directions, continuous adaptation of the outside temperature and the outside climate, or adding or removing moisture, in order to keep the humidity level within 62%…

Format: 8 gr. y 60 gr.
Used for small, medium, large and extra large CVault sizes

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CVault Boveda® Pack

Trichomes are resin glands that indicate, depending on their color, the ideal time to cut the buds. More exactly, when the amber tones start to be seen. The downside is that its small size may not be enough to notice it in time, moreover, some pests and insects are usually imperceptible to the naked eye. This is why pocket microscopes are currently in use, with a magnification up to 120x and LED lighting. They have come to replace the small but powerful magnifiers which, while less comfortable, work just fine if you still have your 20/20 vision.

Lumagny microscope

Microscopio Lumagny ...

Lumagny microscope. Essential for insect control, when harvesting or enjoying marijuana trichomes …


Format: 30X 50X
Magnification range between 30 and 100, ideal for increments of 30 and 100 ideal for potential pest trichomes or damage caused by them

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Lumagny microscope

7. Thermometer / Humidifier / Hygrometer / pH meter / Balances:

They are of great importance (while setting the correct parameters of temperature, humidity, pH and EC of the nutrient solution). In the drying and curing processes, are very important humidity and temperature data for control the ideal environment. In large crops, it is necessary to have a humidifier for large areas and to monitor the quality of the irrigation water with the pH meter. The room temperature and humidity in vegetable gardens are more stable, but they need to be monitored, sudden change for more than an hour, could affect the final quality, and finally, know the weight before and after drying you will surely interest.

Balance Tanita Tangent

Báscula Tanita Tangent ...

These famous scales are discreet and easy to transport in your pocket. Simple operation and with an easy-to-read LCD display. It also has a low battery warning and a automatic disconnection system

Tanita Tangent Models
Tangent – 102, with an accuracy of 0.1g to 100 gr.
Tangent – 103, with an accuracy of 0.1g to 120 gr.
Tangent – 104-200, with an accuracy of 0.1g to 200 gr.
Tangent – 104-300, with an accuracy of 0.1g to 300 gr.

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Balance Tanita Tangent

The conservation of our final product, for personal consumption or marketing, requires a safe, less mobile and much more secure environment. Glass jars work very well as the final den for our weed. Vacuum packaging is now super easy and the properties are also kept intact for a long time.

Cvault container

Contenedor Cvault ...

This practical, lightweight, durable and food-grade stainless steel container will help you keep your weed in top condition indefinitely and without losing any of its cannabinoid levels and organoleptic properties …

Contenedor CVault models
XS – Small – Medium –
Large – X-Large – 4 L –
8 L – 17 L – 21 L

More info here
Cvault container

9. Labels:

Very useful for constant cultivators, who must rotate the stock of their product and have various cultures, to differentiate each container, box or bag.

Essential elements to know first hand the quality of the production. You probably don’t want to wait more than 2-3 weeks to enjoy your cannabis, being the bud collector “father” yourself. Perhaps, as a first step, you can do, by way of tasting, an approach of the personality of your vintage and thus promote it to your colleagues, while waiting for the development of your life which, if all the processes are done correctly, will be much more interesting and enjoyable. Like a trailer for an upcoming movie. Why not?

Pipe Bowser Ooze

Pipa Bowser Ooze ...

With this pipe you can go anywhere and take it with you in your sleeping bag, as it has been designed to withstand anything, being able to enjoy your cigarettes wherever you want


His chamber is made of borosilicate glass,
covered with an ultra-resistant silicone sleeve,
It is super easy to clean and use.
For smoking weed or tobacco in a pipe.

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Pipe Bowser Ooze

✨ Conclusion

The growing trend of self-cultivation has provided the brave with just one click, everything they need to love your plantation. Although in reality a little willpower, care, water and light were enough to reap anything, the results speak for themselves and when it comes to planned production, everything has its reason for existence, its functionality and was created to help. Let yourself be helped, do it by the scientific method that future generations will continue to perpetuate.

Alan Martínez Benito

Alan Martínez Benito

CEO of Pev Grow, expert grower with over 20 years of experience.
In constant struggle for the regulation of cannabis, mainly in the medical field.
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