▷ Marijuana tea or infusion: Recipe and tips

From Bob Grow Shop we bring you how to make marijuana tea.

If you like teas or infusions in general and you are a cannabis lover, surely more than once while you were doing that normal pennyroyal you have thought… .and yerba, how will it be?

We explain two ways to do it so you can find out. We can prepare infusion of only marijuana or complement it with tea to taste, both options with homemade marijuana butter if we choose to prepare it with water instead of whole milk. If we prepare these preparations without fat content, they will be rich but we will lose the effect of THC if that is what we are looking for.

How to make a marijuana tea

The truth is that preparing marijuana tea or infusion is really simple and very common in consumers looking for the most relaxing or narcotic part of this natural palliative.

Just we will need a previous preparation of infusion or marijuana milk with the fat contribution explained below to add the tea we prefer, thus preparing a final tea with milk or water, as in conventional tea, letting it rest in the same way.

In addition, we can make rich combinations by adding this peculiar “green tea” with our favorite tea. Try and tell us, although we recommend that in the mixture with the tea we choose, count on the relaxing effect will be reduced and the stimulant will increase due to the theine, so that take a good look at the potency of both ingredients before mixing them to obtain the expected result.

And, as a rule, caution if we consume it. Let’s start from less to more, until the expected effect is reached. We already know that ingested marijuana will have a more powerful effect.

Effects of marijuana tea

If you have doubts that it is indica or that it is sativa, there you can better understand its effects.

  • Relaxing or indica-dominant marijuana + mild tea variety = relaxation
  • Psychoactive or sativa-dominant marijuana + mild tea strain = stimulation
  • Relaxing or indica-dominant marijuana + strong tea variety = relaxation and stimulation (can be cerebral and physical, or vice versa)
  • Psychoactive or sativa-dominant marijuana + strong tea variety = tons of stimulation

Infusion of marijuana or marijuana milk

If we prepare an infusion of marijuana to use we are going to need few things by hand:

* If we choose to infuse with water, we will need to add a final teaspoon of butter

How to prepare marijuana infusion or milk step by step

It is really simple and if you have ever prepared more infusions, you will see that the process is very similar. In addition, this recipe will serve you both to prepare the infusion in water, as in milk; being able to also obtain the rich and peculiar marijuana milk.


  1. We boil half a liter of water or milk in a saucepan over medium / high heat.
  2. When it reaches a boil, add the 5 grams of marijuana. We can use one of those small metal baskets for teas and stir everything well for 30 minutes, or add the marijuana and strain when cooking is finished.
  3. If we have chosen to infuse marijuana with water or fat-free milk, This is when we must add a tablespoon of butter. We need this fat contribution as it will be essential for the THC in marijuana to release properly, but be careful not to go too fat in an infusion. Of course, if we want, we can choose homemade marijuana butter, but we must take this into account as it will increase the stimulating or relaxing effect of our infusion.
  4. Rest is important in any infusion. With 40 minutes, in a covered container, it will be enough to enjoy it. If you feel like adding a little more sweetness, admit what you like best. You can try a teaspoon of honey, sugar or perhaps a healthier and more subtle contribution such as the rich agave syrup, which we recommend from here.

How to know the correct dose

As we explain in various posts, caution is always recommended when finding the dose of cannabis that meets our specific needs.

In the same way that when it is consumed in more traditional ways, the ideal amount of tea or cannabis infusion will depend on the person, the state of the same and what they seek to achieve with it. But also, in this form of consumption the effects will be more powerful as a rule, assimilating a greater amount of THC than with other common forms. Therefore, something very basic is always recommended: start very lightly, with small amounts that can be gradually increased until the desired effects are achieved.

If you do not have previous experience in the use of cannabis or marijuana, great caution is advised, especially when dealing with the form of consumption where the effects will be faster and more powerful. Likewise, you can start with a small intake of half a cup daily, about 125ml, which can be increased to the full cup with 250ml. For users more accustomed to cannabis, up to 500ml daily is recommended, divided into two 250ml cups every 12 hours, a sufficient quantity to notice the desired effects.

How much THC is consumed per cup

It is really difficult to calculate an exact dose of THC for each cup of cannabis tea consumed. Mainly, because the amount of THC found will depend essentially on the variety of marijuana used to make the specific tea or infusion, in addition to the time that we leave said marijuana to soak during preparation.

As a general rule, if you use 1 gram of a cannabis variety with a content of around 10% THC, you will get a final tea or infusion with around 100mg of THC.

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