Ze track of the month: “The drug” (Richard de Bordeaux and Daniel Beretta)

The iconic hit of this Indian summer is “The drug”, a soaring composition by Richard de Bordeaux and Daniel Beretta. The kitchissime duo offers us here a psychedelic title at will, scent of patchouli and Grandpa’s ganja envelopes.

Paris, 1968. Richard de Bordeaux and Daniel Beretta, two young aspiring musicians, meet at the Petit Conservatoire de Mireille. For those who are not retired, the Petit Conservatoire de Mireille is a program during which music lessons were given live on radio and then on television.

Together, the two fellows will compose among other things Drugs, hymn to artificial paradises which was to accompany a sequence of the film A wild summer.
If Beretta and Bordeaux will appear in the cast of Marcel Camus’ feature film, the song will ultimately not be selected.

The track will be mixed by Christian Gaubert, great accomplice of the film music composer Francis Lai. On the saxophone, the American Marion Brown excels on brass arrangements signed Nino Ferrer (who also plays in A wild summer). The track will be released at Barclay in maxi and will be the only success of Bordeaux and Beretta. The latter will still be heard since since 1978, Daniel Beretta provides the voice double of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The words are unequivocal at a time when the watchword was ” to forbid to forbid« .
Half a century later, nothing has changed since we still cannot legally fish, so let’s face it, smoking is damn amazing!

“Where’s my drug, my hashish?”
Where’s my opium, my kif?

I need it, I am struggling
Come quickly my Proserpine

When I take you
I’m in a white bubble

When I take you
I’m like a monkey in the branches


I need it, I am struggling
Come quickly my Proserpine

When I take you
I am a green submarine
When I take you
I call you backwards “

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