When to sow marijuana seeds outdoors?

The marijuana in its natural state it is a annual plant. The seeds germinate during spring when conditions are favorable and the plant grows until late summer. When the days are shortened enough, it begins to bloom, reproduce, create seeds, and die. During the winter the seeds remain in the ground waiting for the right conditions. Of all the seeds that the plant produces, only a few survive. When we sow outdoors we look for the greater efficiency so we wait for the right moment.

From what date can marijuana be grown outdoors?

The marijuana, Like all plants, it needs a series of conditions to develop. If we want to know when to sow outdoors we have to take into account two of these conditions:

  • Temperature: marijuana plants interrupt their development when temperatures drop. Do not start your cultivation until the minimum temperatures are above 10ºC. Spring is not the same in the north as in the south of the peninsula. And also, the temperatures are not the same at sea level than at 1000m high. Get used to checking the minimum temperatures in spring. You can check them on the meteorology websites of each community, mobile apps, etc.
  • Hours of light: feminized and regular seeds require certain hours of light to grow and flower. In the Northern Hemisphere, most commercial varieties have the right hours to grow from May and to flower from August.

The only varieties that develop from independently at the hours of light they are autoflowering seeds. Still, they need many hours of light to develop well. The advantage is that you do not have to wait for decrease the hours of light so that they begin to to flourish.

To differentiate them from automatic varieties, at feminized varieties Y regular we will call them photodependientes

To germinate the seeds that you are going to plant outdoors, it is highly recommended to wait until conditions allow it, so that the plant grows quickly and without problems.

What happens if I germinate the marijuana seeds ahead of time?

Most varieties commercial photo dependents will receive enough light hours to grow and develop from the first week of May. If we germinate our seeds to end of March or April, the plant will be immature until the first weeks of May and then it will have enough hours of light to continue growing. In this way we will get bigger plants and with it a greater production.

Now, if temperatures allow it and we plant in February, the plants will grow in February and part of March and then they will start to flower without finishing the flowering cycle. By early May, they will have enough hours of sunshine to grow and will revegetate, after passing of 1 month of stress.

Let’s recap …

So the date from which we can start cultivating is from the end of March onwards, but only when minimum temperatures are higher than 10ºC.

How to get large marijuana plants outdoors?

If you are looking large plants, you must germinate your cannabis seeds to early season, as soon as the minimum temperatures. Of course, you will have to do more transplants to accompany the increase of the plants. It is essential that do not suffer stress so growth doesn’t stop until August. The month during which most commercial hybrids begin flowering.

outdoor cultivation
To get large plants outdoors, you don’t have to plant 6 months before flowering, although it is true that it will need at least 2 or 3 months of constant growth to achieve a large size.

How to keep small marijuana plants outdoors?

Get discreet outdoor plants many times it is a necessity of urban growers. If you are looking smaller plants wait to plant it until end of June to sowIn this way they will grow during July and August and will be ready to start flowering. If you wait for mid july, they will start to flower later in late August with what also it will take the end of flowering.

When are autoflowers planted outdoors?

The growing season of autoflowering varieties of marijuana is from April to October which is when there is good weather. And better yet, in the first months of the season: April, May and June, when there is still no excessive heat or pests.

Of course, if you decide to germinate your auto seeds during this period you must take into account the climate of your region, because if the rains are frequent and cold days can still arrive, we advise against this practice for a simple reason: the plants could block and stop their increase.

Plantar autoflowering varieties out of season doesn’t make sense. It is advisable to plant feminized or regular varieties, which will grow more before they start to flower and we will have a larger harvest.

If you want to know until what date you can grow outdoors, we invite you to read this post, in which we tell you how to make your growing marijuana outdoors germinating your cannabis seeds from May to June in the Northern Hemisphere.

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