What is the Best Way to Trellis Your Cannabis Plants?

For everyone involved in cannabis cultivation, the goal is to produce as many cannabis products as possible. This can be done in a number of ways but proper knowledge of the best way to go about producing an increase in yield is very paramount. Different training and cultivation exercises have been experimented on over the years with some being more beneficial than others. One particular process that has to be consistent in giving good output is the art of cannabis trellising. Read on as we closely examine what cannabis trellising entails, how it is done, and the benefits associated with it.

What is cannabis trellising?

First, it is important to state what a trellis is before talking about cannabis trellising. Simply put, a trellis is a net or screen framed with a lattice pattern. This framed screen is used in cultivation by positioning it either vertically or horizontally to increase the availability of grow space. The lattice pattern of the trellis also helps to ensure that there is increased light penetration. Bring this to cannabis cultivation is what we call cannabis trellising. Since cannabis is easily grown indoors and outdoors, a cannabis trellis can easily be used in both settings without hindrance.

The science behind the use of a trellis and increase in yield is that the shoots of the plant can easily be bent and weaved through gaps in the structure. This will allow an increase in yield for the cultivator because an increase in the yield of shoots leads to an increase in fruits. Likewise, with the use of a trellis, the cultivator is able to sufficiently manipulate and alter the growing process to his benefit. This allows for more detailed training methods to be used and sufficient time and space for monitoring. Now that the basics are understood, we can go into the nitty-gritty of what cannabis trellising entails.

How is cannabis trellising done?

For a number of cultivators, the issue has never been identifying with the importance of cannabis trellising, instead, it has been how best to do it. Building a cannabis trellis nowadays doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. Depending on the type of materials used and the peculiarity of workmanship, a cannabis trellis can easily be built at zero cost. Wooden lists and frames can easily be used for growing outdoors as they are known for durability. Materials like nets, nylon, and plastics are choice materials while dealing with growing indoors. Irrespective of the materials used, the underlying principle is to create a mesh screen as the toughness is relative depending on the environment and plant size.

Trellising cannot be accurately done without the availability of proper hands-on cultivation skills to support it. This is because though the trellis creates the avenue for more physical factors like grow area and light penetration to be maximized, maximizing it still depends on pruning and training techniques. Techniques such as lollipopping, topping, defoliation, and LST are essential to benefit from the use of a trellis. Without these skills, it will be advisable to not jump into the use of a cannabis trellis yet.

Types of Cannabis trellising methods

As expected, cannabis trellising can either be done vertically or horizontally. Vertical cannabis trellising involves a concept that can be likened to a wall and it is mostly used outdoors. The use of a vertical trellis will increase the number of vertical vines as their growth is being tapered towards the source of light. The use of vertical trellises is less common indoors as they are mostly used by commercial growers with large growing areas. Some of these growers also attach grow lamps in the center of the trellises to give maximum grow support to the plants.

The other type of cannabis trellising method though known as horizontal trellising is more popularly known as the Screen of green method (ScrOG). This type of trellis is largely favored by indoor growers with a very keen eye for better yield. The use of the screen of green is not something that any cannabis cultivator can just go into because it involves science and art. This is because there is a need for thinning out during the vegetative growth phase of the plant and this can only be done by experienced hands. Strategy and knowledge must also be applied to training and pruning techniques such as defoliation and trimming which is why this process is not for the faint-hearted.

Steps for Outdoor Cannabis Trellising

Here is a brief overview of what one can try to do while seeking to use cannabis trellises outdoors. Install a tomato cage at the center of the grow bag during transplanting. This will help to serve as an internal growth support system. Poles to hold the trellises can then be mounted to form corners of a square around the grow bag. These poles should be of considerable height to account for the final height of the plant. It is also important that the poles are strong, firm, and secure.

Horizontal trellises can then be added to the poles with the first trellis placed just above the top of the tomato cage and the second at a considerable height above it. The purpose of the first trellis is to allow the plant growth through its holes using low-stress training methods. The second trellis is mostly applicable to plants of huge sizes.

An outer caging around the poles is then introduced to support lateral growth. There is also a need for proper training techniques with this outer caging particularly to keep the plant from bushing out uncontrollably. Sufficient space should be left at the bottom to allow for more close and personal pruning processes that might need to be done on the plant. Tending to the plants is very cogent to the growth of the process as said earlier and other cultivation precautions must also be factored into the overall growing exercise.

Bottom line

Cultivators who are versed with the use of cannabis trellises can give sufficient testimony of the difference in yield compared to the normal growing process. This makes the art of cannabis trellising a useful skill for any serious cannabis cultivator.








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