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For some time now, three letters have been on everyone’s lips and it is not about CBD. The trend (but is it moreover just a trend?) Is rather toMCT oil, if possible combined with cannabidiol. What is MCT oil, what are its benefits and what interest do we have in combining it with cannabinoids? This is what the Weedy team is explaining to you today.

MCT oil is a “good fat” usually extracted from coconut

What is MCT or TCM oil?

The name MCT oil actually uses the English acronym medium chain triglycerides. In French, we speak more ofTCM oil, for medium chain triglycerides, although the two terms are interchangeable. Behind this somewhat barbaric name is in fact a relatively simple product: a mixture of fatty acids usually extracted from coconut, or possibly the palm. Once extracted and combined, these fatty acids are in the form of oil or cream.

Differences between MCT oil and coconut oil

Alright, so if MCT oil is just a fatty substance that comes from coconut, what makes it so interesting and differentiates it from regular coconut oil? Quite simply the nature of the fatty acids that compose it. In fact, it is not all of the coconut fat that forms MCT oil, but a very specific part: the medium chain fatty acids.

Among them, we find:

  • Caprilic acid C8,
  • Capric acid C10,
  • Caproic acid C6,
  • Lauric acid C12.

In its natural state, coconut oil already has a exceptional rate of MCT. By eliminating other elements naturally present in the nut (unsaturated fatty acids in particular), MCT oil is however a concentrated version, with more marked effects.

Benefits of MCT oil and its fatty acids

MCT oil is touted for its benefits, and for example used in bulletproof cafes
MCT oil is touted for its benefits, and for example used in bulletproof cafes

The main peculiarity of MCT oil is that, compared to many other fats, it is extremely easy to digest. Most of the digestion process takes place in the intestine, without straining the pancreas or gallbladder. This specificity brings about benefits that are at the very least interesting.

The queen of the ketogenic / keto diet

The biggest fans of MCT oil are without a doubt the followers of the ketogenic diet, or keto regime. Used since the beginning of the 20th century, this diet tends to decrease carbohydrate intake (sugars) and boost lipid intake (fats) while promoting weight loss. This is a first point in common with cannabidiol since the scientific community is increasingly interested in the link between weight loss and CBD. The keto diet widely uses MCT oil which offers a good calorie intake, without weight gain thanks to its rapid assimilation by the body.

Energy saving

As the fatty acids in MCT oil are not stored by the body, our body uses it on the contrary for generate energy. Here again, it is essential as a substitute for carbohydrates, which promote weight gain since they are readily stored by the body. A tendency is thus tocombine caffeine and MCT oil in what are called bulletproof coffees, supposed to suppress the appetite at the same time as they energize the person who consumes them.

Easier digestion

Finally, MCT oil would improve the daily life of people suffering from intestinal disorders or heartburn by balancing our intestinal flora. In all cases, it is above all a source of energy and “good fat” that is easier to digest by our body.

Buy MCT Oil

With the popularization of MCT oil, especially thanks to the enthusiasm of athletes and people wishing to lose weight for the keto diet, it is more and more easy to obtain MCT oil. We find it in particular in:

  • Organic stores and markets,
  • Shops selling food supplements for sportsmen,
  • Drugstores,
  • And even some supermarkets!

Generally speaking, it is important that you check the quality of the product before purchasing your MCT oil. If you want buy an MCT oil enriched with cannabidiol, always prefer one, who will also be able to advise you on the CBD dosage to adopt. The Weedy team is always at your disposal for this!

If you prefer buy pure MCT oil, remember to check the composition as well as the nutritional values ​​of the product. Nothing other than MCT oil should be present, with a bonus for organically grown products. As to nutritional information, it’s simple: MCT oil is nothing other than lipids and, more precisely, saturated fats. The rest of the counters should thus remain at zero. On the energy side, it is not uncommon to see values ​​around 800/900 kcal per 100g of MCT oil.

Why combine cannabidiol with MCT oil?

Cannabinoids and therefore CBD need fatty substances to be assimilated by our body
Cannabinoids and therefore CBD need fatty substances to be assimilated by our body

CBD, and cannabinoids in general (CBG, CBN, etc.), are so-called fat-soluble molecules. If they do not like water which does not allow them to be assimilated well, they are on the contrary easily assimilated in association with a fatty substance. It is for this reason that CBD oil is one of the most popular cannabis products, but also the most effective.

However, not all fats offer the same quality CBD support. Thanks to all the benefits of MCT oils mentioned above, cannabidiol is also more easily and faster assimilated by our body. This therefore makes it possible to obtain faster, more pronounced effects and to make the most of the entourage effect when taking broad or full spectrum CBD oil. The product is also easier to digest as a whole, although the amounts of fat swallowed with a CBD oil are usually too low to cause poor digestion.

Choosing the right CBD oil with an MCT oil base

To maximize the combined benefits of CBD and MCT oil, you obviously need to choose quality products. For this, it is important to choose a serious seller, clearly indicating to you the composition of his products, their origin as well as the methods of cultivation. This is the case for all the products in the Weedy store, which are selected by our teams according to strict quality criteria. We therefore always favor derivatives of plants from organic farming, grown without pesticides or heavy metals.

In order to guarantee you perfect legality of your products, we also provide you with the certificates of analysis provided by third-party laboratories testing our products. Do not hesitate to visit our shop regularly, you will find there in particular quality CBD oils, some using MCT oil as a carrier, as well as the latest CBD derivatives of the moment.

To conclude: benefits of CBD in MCT oil

  • Allows better assimilation of CBD
  • Effects felt faster
  • Very easy to digest
  • Does not cause weight gain
  • Promotes the entourage effect (broad / full spectrum oils)
  • Healthy product
  • Allows you to enjoy the benefits of cannabis legally

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