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Storz and Bickel introduced the Mighty vaporizer to the consumer market back in 2014. That’s seven years ago from today, and after all these years, it remains the king and is a pillar in the dry herb vaping scene. But with the launch of the Crafty + last year, consumers are wondering if there is a Mighty vaporizer update on the horizon. So it’s natural that the rumor mill has been churning.

With curiosity brewing and the possibility of an imminent release date, we decided to dive into forums and the deepest corners of the online vaping world to find out what people want to see from the Mighty Plus. While also trying to predict what nifty features and upgrades Storz and Bickel’s finest German Engineering team have up their sleeves.

Let’s discuss what Storz & Bickel has confirmed and what consumers hope from an updated version of the Mighty vaporizer.

Storz & Bickel Confirmed Improved Heating

So far, Storz and Bickel have kept the majority of the Mighty + updates sealed in a vault. While S&B hasn’t confirmed much, Co-Founder of Storz & Bickel, Jurgen Bickel, gave us one glimpse as to what we can expect from the Mighty Plus. S&B released a 20-Years-Volcano-Documentary, where Bickel mentioned they are “working on the Mighty +” and it features “improved heat-up times and other advantages” to cater to everyone’s needs.

The Mighty vaporizer currently offers a combination of convection heating with conduction to provide fast and continuous vaporization. While a faster heat-up time is confirmed, it’s still unclear how they’re going to make this happen and how fast it’ll be.

How Improved Heating Helps

Great things come to those who wait…but who has time for that? At the moment, the Mighty takes around 60-90 seconds to heat up, so we’re expecting to see a similar improvement like the Crafty +. Also, a faster heat-up time is great news for consumers because the Mighty Plus will be ready when YOU need it and will take you from 0 to 420 in a matter of seconds.

Forums have also pointed out that they’d love to see an adjustable airflow or convection: conduction ratios, but we can only dream until S&B releases the Mighty Plus.

How Will The Mighty Plus Be Improved?

Mighty Vaporizer

One of many reasons why the Mighty hasn’t been updated is because there’s simply not much to update. The name says it all: it’s a mighty device. It has quick heat-up times, is easy to use, and features a Dual-Lithium-Ion battery that lasts for hours of continuous use.

This makes it hard to improve on a vaporizer as precise and iconic as the Mighty, but with today’s technology and updates, people want an upgraded version as soon as possible.

There are three common themes we noticed as we searched in different forums, for possible upgrades like an improved battery life with USB-C charging, and two design tweaks.

Mighty + Design

Something we’ve come to know and learn about Storz & Bickel is they stick fairly close to the same design of their products. They do make small tweaks, but nothing drastic. This is why for 20 years their newer and more powerful Volcano Hybrid features a similar design to the Volcano Classic. This also rings true for the Crafty +.

Still, consumers are hoping for some design tweaks. Currently, the Mighty has a curved bottom and can’t stand on its own, risking the possibility of easily knocking it over. So enthusiasts are hoping the Mighty + will be designed with a self-standing bottom. This would give consumers a worry-free experience, make for easy loading, safe storing and improve the overall experience. The last design tweak that’s speculated is a new OLED display with a cleaner interface that is easier to see.

Mighty+ Improved Battery And USB-C Charging

The Mighty has always had one of the best battery life when it comes to reliability. Although there are vaporizers, like the Arizer Solo II, that take the crown for the best battery life, the Mighty’s pair of soldered 18650 batteries are always in good working condition.

Just like the Crafty + got an extra hour of battery life, we hope to see the Mighty’s power management revised. Rumors have so far pointed towards the Mighty + seeing a battery upgrade, so it’s a power-efficient battery that offers 10-20% more battery life. We also hope the batteries will be removable, but Storz & Bickel will likely not include that.

Another shot in the dark is a USB-C charging port, which makes sense with the recent switch over the years. The flexibility of USB-C will let you charge the Mighty Plus with existing power supplies like notebooks, smartphones, tablets, and any power bank with a 100W capacity. USB-C also offers faster charging with pass-through capabilities, so you can simultaneously vape while charging.

When’s The Mighty Plus Release Date?

The short answer…we don’t know. Although it wouldn’t be crazy to speculate for the Mighty + to be released in 2021.


Well, there you have it. Those are the biggest “what ifs” and wants from consumers when the Mighty Plus comes out. Whether the Mighty + comes with or without all the speculated upgrades, we’re sure it’ll be a hit. We will keep this blog updated with Mighty + info whenever we get new info.

Disclaimer: Storz & Bickel has not fully confirmed the potential new features for the Mighty+ mentioned in this article. 

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