What are the differences between Swiss CBD and French CBD?

You love CBD, but you know what are the differences between Swiss CBD and French CBD to make the best possible choice. Your question is quite legitimate. Even if it is impossible to know clearly what are the dissimilarities between these two types, we offer you some elements to better understand its disparities.

France and Switzerland: CBD producing countries

Europe has become in recent years a real space for the production of European hemp. In this struggle for monopoly, many countries are waging a war without limits. With Spain and Italy, Switzerland and France are leaders. But each of its countries works on its own and sells its production to consumers in neighboring countries. To enable you to buy quality cannabidiol products, its few differences between Swiss CBD and French CBD will help you.

Organic products

French CBD producers are promoting their organic products. This allows you to make sure you are consuming CBD that has no chemicals associated with it. This requirement during production makes all the difference in terms of both quality and health.

In addition, French CBD-based products are often tested in the laboratory, this allows buyers to guarantee compliance with the legality, but also with the quality of the products offered for sale. Once again, it is the French touch, the latter makes all the difference, because the European and French legislation in this area is quite rigorous.

Low rates

One of differences between Swiss CBD and French CBD is undoubtedly the ratio between quality and price. As we said, most CBD products are organic, so their quality is higher, but their price is still reasonable. In addition, if we take into account the diversity of French products offered, this further adds to the low prices when we know the research work that is required to ensure the production of products such as Cannatonic, Super Shunk, Blue Dream. and Lemon Haze and flowers like Master Kus, Blueberry, Tsunami, Harlequin, Strawberry and Gorrilla Glue.

Better quality CBD resins

The French CBD resins are exceptional products, in addition to being an entirely French production, they offer a cannabidiol rate that can peak up to 50% while offering 0% THC. Designed in simple compliance with French legislation on CBD, they are produced on French territory. Full Spectrum, they are also flavored, this allows them to be of better quality. Some of the Swiss CBD resins on the other hand still have THC residues.

Switzerland: Behind the Scenes of CBD Manufacturing

Youtube channel: France 3 Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Find information on the production of CBD in Switzerland in video.

Now you know everything there is to know about the differences between Swiss CBD and French CBD Before making your next purchase, think about all of its dissimilarities.

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