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Welcome to a new post on our Blog in which we are going to explain what terpenes are. The easy way to understand it is that they are the ones that cause the characteristic smell of each marijuana plant, so they are decisive in the choice of new genetics. But let’s dig a little deeper

What are terpenes?

If we speak more scientifically, we can say that terpenes are organic compounds made up of carbon and hydrogen atoms, which are made up of a molecule called 5-carbon isoprene. Depending on the amount of isoprenes, we will have different terpenes.

  • Monoterpenos: They have 2 isoprene units and here we can find the well-known myrcene, limonene, pinene, terpinolene and linanol
  • Sesquiterpenos: compound of 15 carbons
  • Triterpenos: composed of 30 carbons. Found primarily in hemp roots, fibers, and seeds

These are created by glandular trichomes and their production increases with exposure to light, accumulating in resin.

What are they for?

Terpenes are mostly concentrated in the flowers of feminized plants that have not been pollinated, and apart from their smell, their main function is to protect the plant from external agents (fungi, insects, etc.), although as we will see later, there are different terpenes with different additional functions.

Depending on genetics and cultivation, terpenes will vary in quality and quantity.

What are the most popular terpenes and what do they do?

It is scientifically proven that the essential oils (where we find the terpenes) of cannabis have therapeutic qualities and above all with a pharmacological basis, especially in aromatherapy and for medicinal purposes. The most famous for their properties are the monoterpenes, among which we find:

  • Mirceno → Increases the relaxing effect of indica varieties, helps sleep and is muscle relaxant
  • Pineno → It is anti-inflammatory, dilates the bronchi and bronchioles, and helps memory
  • Limoneno → Anxiolytic, antidepressant effect and reduces heartburn
  • Linalool → It is anesthetic, analgesic and anesthetic
  • Eucalyptol → It is antioxidant, antibacterial and anticancer
  • Cariofileno → It is analgesic, anti-inflammatory and improves digestion

For example, in an analysis sample of our Lemon Trip we observed that within these famous monoterpenes, we found a higher percentage of limonene, followed by myrcene and linalool, which can give us clues about their therapeutic effects along with the rest of the components, already that, in addition to the therapeutic effect of terpenes, we can speak of an entourage effect, that is, these terpenes themselves interact with cannabinoids and flavonoids, since cannabinoids affect us differently in the absence of terpenes, so both elements have a catalytic effect on others.

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