What are Jiffys and how to use them?

Jiffys are a great ally for many growers who need to germinate seeds or root cuttings. For those who do not know what these pills are, it may be quite curious that you can start growing cannabis plants from them. For this reason, with this article we will try to explain what a Jiffy is and how you can germinate your seeds with them. Let’s get started!

What is a Jiffy?


The jiffys are compact pellets of pressed peat mixed with earth that are covered with a fine mesh and are used both for germination of marijuana seeds as for him rooting cuttings. Its name may be a bit curious, but it is because these pills were marketed by a company called Jiffy Group, hence they acquired their name.

Its operation is very simple. These tablets have to be immersed in water, where they hydrate and increase in size considerably, thus becoming a spongy material that works as a substrate for the seed.

The seed or the cutting is introduced into a deep hole that is formed in the upper area of ​​the tablet.

Advantages of using Jiffys


Using jiffys for cannabis seed germination has several advantages over other ways of doing it. The main one of them is the saving of time, space and money that supposes to germinate with them, since it is not necessary to use pots. In this way, we can place a greater number of seeds in a smaller space.

These Jiffy tablets are capable of maintaining good aeration, but when wetting them it is necessary to drain them well to get rid of the excess water that they may contain inside and prevent the seed or cutting from rotting.

Another advantage of using Jiffys is the ease of transplanting the plant. Once the first roots begin to appear, the plant is ready to move to a pot and to continue the process.

What kind of Jiffys there are?


In the market there are different sizes of jiffys with diameters ranging between 24, 33 and 41 mm.

The size you use for the germination of cannabis seeds is indifferent, although normally the most used are usually those of 24 and 33 mm diameter. Both sizes can be purchased in boxes of 2000 units or individually through our online store.

The size of 41 mm It is usually used both for seed germination and for rooting cuttings, although this diameter is usually the one chosen by many growers who want to root cuttings.

How to germinate cannabis seeds with jiffys


Prepare the water

As we have commented previously, the first step that we must carry out is to dip the pills Jiffy in water so that they take up water and expand their size.

When preparing the bucket of water where we will insert the tablets, it is advisable to first adjust the pH of the water to a value that oscillates between 5.5 and 6. To do it you can use pH meters As the Adwa Ad11. Depending on the value we obtain, if you need to lower the pH level of the water you can use Ph Down Bloom, while if you need to upload it, you can use Ph Up (+) by Agrobeta.

Insert the pills Jiffy inside the bucket of water

Once you have the pH controlled, introduce the Jiffys inside so that the water covers its entire surface and wait for them to swell. This process of absorbing the water usually takes approximately 7 to 10 minutes.

Drain off excess water

This step is very important for the future gemination or rooting of cuttings. Once the jiffy takes all the water it needs, we take it out of the bucket and drain the excess water that the tablet has absorbed.

It is important that you do not drain it too much until it is completely dry. Remember that it is necessary that it is a little humid, but that it does not drip water every time we handle it.

Place the seed inside the Jiffy

Once the Jiffy has been drained, it will have to be placed in a vertical position on a tray, making sure that the hole is placed upwards and introducing the seed or the stem of the cutting inside.

Place the stem of the cutting or the seed inside the hole making sure that the thick part is the one that is closest to the surface, since that is where the stem will come to the surface.

Wait for the seed to germinate How long does it take for a seed to germinate?

For the seed to germinate correctly it is necessary keep it in a propagator with a temperature around 22º from 2 to 7 days, which is the approximate time it takes for the seed to germinate.

During this period of time, it is necessary that the light does not fall on the seed, so we should place the propagator or greenhouse in a dark room.

In addition, it is advisable to review it to try to maintain the humidity inside. If you notice that it is a little dry, wet it a little with a spray bottle.

Once the plant pokes through the seed, it needs to be able to breathe. To do this, you only have to open the grids that the propagator has so that the plant can obtain all the oxygen it needs.

When and how to transplant from a pill Jiffy?


Transplanting from a Jiffy to a pot is a fairly simple process, in addition, the plant is free from any type of damage.

The plant is ready for transplanting when the roots show through the Jiffy. If your plant does not yet have roots, you can choose to spray it with a root stimulator mixed with water. In this way, you will speed up the process.

To carry out this process you will need to choose a good substrate for marijuana plants, place it in a pot and make a hole in the middle of the substrate to place the Jiffy.

Once the Jiffy is placed, we will have to cover it slightly (it does not need to be completely covered) and gift.


Growing with Jiffy is a very simple process that makes both the germination of the seeds and the rooting of cuttings easier. From MatillaPlant we encourage you to try them so that you can see their advantages and benefits first-hand.

If you have already tried them, tell us what you think and if you really think they are worth using.

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