Ultimate CBD Oil Vape Guide 101

Everything you need to know about CBD Vape Oil


Lets face it, these days it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to just switch off.

This is one of the reasons why, over the last few years, CBD has become increasingly popular in health and wellness products as a natural supplement to combat day to day stress.

You’ll find CBD pretty much everywhere, in gummies, pain creams, tinctures, bath bombs and on and on; but of all the ways to take CBD, vape oil is by far the quickest way to get the effects of CBD.

So today we’re taking a look at everything you need to know about CBD vape oil and answering your questions about what to consider when finding the right CBD product for you.
Lets start with..

What exactly is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, and it’s a naturally occurring compound that comes from the hemp plant.

CBD is actually one of over hundred different substances, called cannabinoids, that come from hemp. like CBG or THC, which all have their own specific advantages. But unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive.

CBD has a wide range of benefits, thanks to the unique ways it interacts with our mind and body.

And its also extremely versatile. CBD can be used in a many, many ways, including edibles, lotions, capsules, vape pens, lip balms and too many more to list.

What is CBD vape oil?

When we talk about CBD vaping, the phrase “vape oil” or “CBD vape oil” often comes up,, it should be clarified that what we’re really talking about is CBD vape juice, or CBD distillate which is extracted from hemp using CO2 or other solvents.

And it’s important to note that these CBD concentrations do not and should not contain any actual oil.

What are the benefits of Vaping CBD?

Vaping offers a few benefits that you simply won’t find in other CBD products, and here are a couple of especially noteworthy advantages.

1- Vaping CBD Has Higher Bioavailability

When we talk about bioavailability, we’re referring to how much CBD that reaches the system after the product is consumed.
This is important because bioavailability varies with different products. For instance, orally ingested CBD, like gummies or capsules, have lower bioavailability because a portion of CBD will be digested. In most cases, you probably won’t get more than 20%.
And while the bioavailability of CBD vaping varies, evidence continues to show that it yields some of the highest among CBD products, from around 35 to 50%

2- CBD Vaping is Fast-Acting

Not only does CBD vape yield more CBD in your system, but it also gets it there faster.

When you eat a CBD edible or capsule, you may have to wait over an hour before you feel any of the effects. And while this means it’ll stay in your system longer, this is not always a key factor when considering which CBD product is right for you..

With vaping, CBD reaches active levels in your system almost instantly.

It’s also been suggested that CBD reaches peak concentration within three minutes after inhalation, meaning the effects can be felt shortly after use.

Now we’re going to take a look at the most common Vaping Equipment you’ll need to get started: Tanks, Pens, Juices and Cartridges

Vapes come in many shapes and sizes, but they can all be boiled down into four basic components: the atomizer, or heating element, the battery, the chamber, and a mouthpiece.

And you’re going to see two specific styles of vape: a tank, or “tankstyle” vape, and a pen-style vape.

The most common style of vape you’ll see is a “tank style” vape, where a battery heats up a small disposable cartridge or a refillable container. The other kind is a pen-style vape, typically used for concentrates like CBD isolate.

Vape Tanks

With a vape tank, a battery heats up either a small refillable container or disposable cartridge. A tank is a type of vape known for creating a billowy, puffy cloud that’s associated with vapes.

Vape tanks require an e-liquid, which is a CBD-containing mixture made with propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and any included flavors, and are available in either refillable or disposable containers.

Vape Pens

Pen-style vapes, or vape pens, are made up of a chamber that vaporizes CBD isolate from the coil.

While vape pens have an appealing level of convenience and discretion, they may pose their own drawbacks that we’ll get into a little later

CBD Vape Cartridges

CBD cartridges are disposable CBD tanks pre-filled with CBD juice or distillate, and these can either be pods, which are compatible with devices like JUULs, and 510 batteries.

Its important to remember that in order to match the legal definition of industrial hemp, CBD vape cartridges must contain no more than 0.3% THC.

Some factors to consider

While CBD itself has been indicated to be an overall harmless substance, some risk factors may come into play when it comes to the act of vaping itself.

Be careful when choosing the right vape pens, cheaply made pens can break down easily and also potentially expose you to metal nanoparticles.

Also be on the lookout for the presence of vitamin E which has raised several major health concerns in recent years.
Another major factor to consider are Potential Allergens: PG and VG

Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are extremely common components in vape oils, and will be found in nearly all vape e-liquids.

While this is considered safe, it’s worth noting that some individuals may possess a sensitivity or allergy to either of these ingredients.

You can also find Vape cartridges that are 100% free of Vitamin E and PG/VG such as JustCBD’s all natural signature cartridges..

What Temperature Should I Vape CBD Oil?

When we vape CBD, the goal is for all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids to reach their boiling points, but they each possess their own unique level.

Because of this, most experts recommend that you vape at around 365 F – 428° F (200-220°C) to optimally cover the range.

Where can I buy CBD Vape Oil?

CBD vape oil is 100% legal and available in stores and online. But it’s important to consider purchasing vape oil that comes from hemp that’s organically grown and independently lab tested.

At JustCBD, we believe that you have the right to quality CBD products which are regulated for quality and trust, designed for every lifestyle and every need.

With innovation and passion at our core, JustCBD continues to develop industry leading CBD infused products to the market that are trusted by thousands of our customers.

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