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If you’re looking to enjoy your favorite dry herb or concentrates on your next (socially distanced) camping trip we’ve got the best vaporizer options for you. As vaporizer technology has progressed users can now enjoy elite vaporization of dry herb and concentrates anywhere they wish, and what better place than the great outdoors? Aside from performance, it’s crucial to take durability into account when choosing your preferred camping vape as the great outdoors can sometimes be…unwilling. 

We’ve picked 3 of our favorite vaporizers to take on an excursion, let’s dive in and see what makes them the best vapes for a camping trip!

The Best Concentrate Vape For Camping 

Concentrate usage has gotten more versatile as vaporizer technology has progressed, making on-the-go vaping efficient and effective. For our “Best Concentrate Vape” selection we focused on a device that features a great mix of versatility, durability, and vapor production while still easily fitting into your camping gear packing plans. 

HoneyStick Elf Variable Voltage Vaporizer – $45.00

silver HoneyStick Elf Variable Voltage Vaporizer

The original HoneyStick Elf is one of the best selling vaporizers of all time, but their updated version with variable voltage capabilities gives you more opportunities to explore your pre-filled cartridges. This is one of the few cartridge-oriented vaporizers that doesn’t require any clicks to activate or change your voltage options; the auto-draw functionality brings vapor to your lips as soon as you inhale and the voltage is changed via a convenient wheel at the bottom of the device. The voltage ranges from 2.5-4.0 volts and lets you taste different aspects of your material at each voltage option. Compatible with any 510-threaded vape cartridge the HoneyStick Elf Variable voltage houses the cartridge next to the heating element as opposed to on top of it, making for easy packing and use during travel. 

The Best Portable Dry Herb Vape For Camping

Having a reliable dry herb vape on your next camping trip can make your hike in that much easier to deal with or give you something to look forward while you setup your tent. You might have to pack a grinder if you’re enjoying a dry herb vape while camping, but luckily we picked a device that is small enough that the two won’t take up too much room in your gear. 

Dr. Greenthumb’s x G Pen Dash – $89.95

Dr. Greenthumb's x G Pen Dash Vaporizer

The Dr. Greenthumb’s x G Pen Dash Vaporizer not only looks fantastic, it vaporizes dry herb efficiently and gives you options when it comes to how you want to experience your material. Three temperature options ( 375 °F, 401 °F, and 428 °F) let you go for taste or cloud production all in just a few clicks and the haptic feedback will let you know when you’re good to take a draw. A glass-glazed stainless steel heating path reaches temperature quickly, but does a great job at preserving your dry herb’s flavor thanks to the glass glazing process. Loading the Dr. Greenthumb’s x G Pen Dash is easy thanks to a magnetic mouthpiece and the chamber is large enough to accommodate enough material for a day hike to a campsite. 

The Best Vape Pen For Camping

This selection is geared towards the concentrate connoisseurs out there, the people who want to enjoy not only the most flavor from their material, but dense clouds as well. Campers who want to unwind after a long day of hiking will feel well rewarded by our pick for the best vape pen for camping, and they won’t have to break the bank to do it. 

Boundless Terp Pen – $29.99

Silver Boundless Terp Pen

The Boundless Terp Pen is a favorite among concentrate users due to it’s fantastic combination of functionality and performance. Using the Terp Pen is easy: users dip the tip of the Terp Pen into their concentrate, and then take a draw. There is an included carb cap that allows for on-the-go concentrate draws depending how much material you put on the end of the Terp Pen. Airholes in the carb cap can be covered to affect draw resistance, and cloud density as well. Boundless gave the Terp Pen just one calibrated temperature, but it works well with the ceramic coil to allow your concentrate’s flavor to flourish. Constructed from durable metal the Boundless Terp Pen is up for any journey and is one of the most durable units we stock.  

Enjoy The Great Outdoors

We hope you’ve found a new vaporizer for your next camping trip from this list, stay tuned to see what other products might take the crown of Best Vapes for Camping. 

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