Top 15 Pet CBD Products

CBD is known to support a high-quality life in humans. Less well-known but just as great, our furry friends may benefit from the powerful effects of CBD, too. Giving your pet CBD products may help increase your pet’s quality of life.

Choosing a CBD Product for Your Pet

When looking for CBD products for your pet, follow a few simple guidelines to ensure you’re getting a high-quality product. Take a look at the ingredients in any CBD product. If you notice a long list of hard-to-pronounce ingredients, it’s likely not an all-natural creation that your pet will be able to easily digest and metabolize. Take a peek at what oils are used in many products, as well. You want to pick something with natural, pet-safe additional oils like coconut or olive.

Ensure any product you’re considering is 0.0% THC. THC isn’t good for animals and should be avoided. Look for products that have been lab tested to ensure no detectable THC content and also general purity of the product. If you have any products containing THC in your home for human use, keep them in a pet-proof place. Take a look at the CBD content in any product you’re considering, as well. You’ll want to note the amount in each serving of the product and whether it can be modified — a pint-sized pup needs far smaller of a serving than a large dog, for example.

CBD products - Veterinarian checking petAustin and Kat CBD Hemp Oil — Austin and Kat handmake small batches of this CBD Hemp Oil to ensure the utmost quality. Along with broad spectrum CBD oil, this tincture contains wild Alaskan salmon oil, which is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Both acids play an important role in the body’s skin, coat, joint and heart health.

  • cbdMD CBD Oil for Cats — Designed for cats, this premium CBD oil is non-GMO, vegan and gluten free. Along with CBD oil, the tincture contains essential oils, amino acids and catnip oil. A full 5mg serving can be added to your cat’s food or given orally.
  • Healthy Hemp Pet CannaDrops Salmon — Made in small batches in Salt Lake City, Utah, CannaDrops contain only two ingredients — hemp oil and omega-3 fatty acids. With CannaDrops, you can rest assured that your fur child is getting a premium product. The same oil can also be purchased in a spray bottle for easier administration.
  • Healthy Hemp Pet Equine CannaDrops — While most CBD products for pets are made for cats and dogs, there are products that can be found for other animals. Healthy Hemp has created a tincture that is designed for horses, who can benefit just as greatly from CBD usage as our smaller pets. The Equine CannaDrops contain only full spectrum hemp oil and coconut oil in servings large enough for a horse.
  • Joy Organics CBD Oil Extract —Based out of Colorado, Joy Organics is focused on creating powerful, quality CBD products for both pets and humans. The CBD oil for pets is premium grade and grown in the U.S. The CBD included in this tincture is broad spectrum, which means there are many cannabinoids to bind to the endocannabinoid system. Joy Organics also ships throughout the U.S. for free.


Pills or capsules make it easy to keep your pet’s serving even with a preset serving in each. Capsules also tend to have a higher CBD content in milligrams than other options, which makes capsules a great choice for pets that are larger and may need a higher level of CBD.

  • Pet Health Daily Wellness CBD Capsules — If you’re looking for general support of your pet’s body and mind, take a look at Daily Wellness CBD Capsules by Pet Health CBD. With one capsule a day — hidden in a treat or food — your fuzzy friend gets a full spectrum hemp CBD oil that’s dried for easier digestion. Their products are produced specifically for animals, so you know that you’re getting something that is designed with furry friends in mind. These capsules have 25 mg of hemp-extracted CBD in each pill, which can be too large of an amount for smaller animals.
  • Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil Capsules — With only full spectrum hemp oil and coconut oil included in these capsules, your pup gets a powerful 15 mg dose in each pill. Ideally designed for medium to large breed dogs, the capsule can be hidden in food or a treat. It can also be broken open to mix with food. When designing a CBD product for pets, Pet Releaf created a specialized strain of hemp that is grown specifically for use in pet products.
  • HolistaPet CBD Pet Capsules — Designed for animals of many species — including cats, dogs, horses and rabbits — these capsules come in a variety of dosages depending on the size of the animal. With the high standards to which HolistaPet holds its CBD products, which are GMO-free, gluten-free, vegan, and made without additives and preservatives, you can rest assured that your pet of any shape or size can safely and healthily benefit from CBD.


As pet parents know, many of our furry friends love treats. Treats that include CBD are pet CBD treatsan easy way to give your critter a dose, particularly if they react negatively towards pills or oily residue. When using CBD treats in your household, ensure they are stored safely where your pet can’t access them. While an excess of CBD isn’t toxic to your pet, it’s best to stick to the set dosages and a rogue pet with a powerful nose can do some serious damage to an unattended treat bag.

  • Treatibles Small Pumpkin 1 mg Grain Free Chews — These pumpkin-flavored treats are an easy way to convince your pet to try CBD. Unlike oils, which can leave a residue on food that some animals may find off-putting, the CBD in these treats is masked with a handful of healthy, natural ingredients like coconut oil, turmeric and pumpkin. Turmeric (along with the cinnamon also included in these treats) is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Pumpkin is good for digestion for pets and humans — although we’d recommend leaving these treats for your pets. An added bonus is the grain-free composition of the Treatible Chews, which helps pets with sensitive digestive systems.
  • Joy Organics CBD Dog Treats — These delicious treats for your pup contain broad spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich CBD made from proprietary technology used by Joy Organics. They’re not only tasty, but also easy to digest — that means fast absorption and quick relief for your dog. Veterinarian-formulated and all-natural, these treats are made of only the best ingredients and filled with love.
  • HolistaPet CBD Cat Treats — Cat lovers, rejoice! There are treats designed specifically for our feline friends. HolistaPet, who specializes in creating CBD products specifically for animals, has a salmon-flavored treat for cats with 2 mg of CBD in each treat. The treats are gluten, dairy, animal by-product meals and GMO free. Cats generally don’t have the same treat-loving reputation that dogs do, but these fish-flavored bites will have your cat begging for their healthy, daily treat.
  • Austin and Kat Dog CBD Biscuits — Austin and Kat started when Kat (the human) wanted to help her dogs (Brady and Austin) live their best lives. Brady was elderly and experiencing pain as he grew older and Austin was a young puppy who could use some help calming down. Kat put her baking skills to the test and started making dog biscuits using CBD until she landed on the perfect recipe. You can get the small-batch, gluten and preservative free treats to try out with your pup.
  • Cured Canine Dog Treats — Cured is a Colorado-based hemp company that strives to create great products for both humans and dogs while destigmatizing the reputation of hemp. These treats have only five 100 percent organic ingredients and contain 4 mg of CBD per biscuit.


Topical CBD products are used atop the skin instead of being ingested. Topical treatments are ideal for animals that have a strain or muscular problem. CBD has proven anti-inflammatory processes that can relieve pain or inflammation for pets with chronic or temporary swelling. Topicals can be applied directly to a troubled area.

  • King Kanine King Kalm Soothe — This CBD-infused topical spray is designed to help dogs who suffer from a variety of skin conditions that result in itchy, dry skin. In addition to CBD, King Kalm includes natural ingredients that soothe and moisturize your pet’s skin like chamomile, aloe vera and tea tree oil. This is a perfect choice in topical product for animals who suffer from seasonal skin allergies and chronic conditions or pets living in dry climates.
  • Pet Releaf Canna Care Topical — For a multi-use topical ointment, Pet Releaf has created an all-natural, plant-based product for dogs that helps relieve symptoms of skin irritation, arthritis, joint pain and inflammation.

CBD Products for Your Pet from Joy Organics

Are you looking for quality? Order your pet CBD products from Joy Organics. And if you have any questions, please contact us today!

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