The Top 10 Vape Batteries for 510 Oil Cartridges

Vaping is an exciting way of enjoying cannabis, and users are ensuring that the vape market explodes through the increasing consumption of CBD oil. In cannabis-friendly states like Washington and Colorado and countries like Canada, the use of CBD and THC oils is becoming a norm, and it has positively affected the vape battery market. 


As the demand for vape pens increases, so does the demand for batteries because the battery powers the vape pen. You’ve got to know the kind of batteries available in the market and seek out the best batteries for your oil cartridges. 


Your battery should match your choice of vaping device and the way you enjoy vaping. It would help if you considered certain factors such as long-running capacity, high power, and durability. Here are the top ten vape batteries which will be highly helpful for your oil cartridges. 


O.penVAPE 2.0 Vape pen battery

This battery is made by a company that has been in the business since 2012. With over a decade of selling vape pen batteries, they have released the O.penVAPE vape pen battery. With this battery, you get to experience the most effective 510 battery made for cartridges. O.penVAPE comes with different color options ranging from blue to rose gold, purple, and silver.


The Pipe vape battery

If you seek a classic battery design, then the Pipe vape battery should be a top choice. It is shaped like an old pipe with a 510 thread battery that outlives other batteries in the market. You don’t have to recharge this 900mah battery too often, and it can be used on the heaviest vapers while on a long trip. 


It comes with three voltage modes, including a preheat option that lasts for 10 seconds. You have lots of battery life to enjoy vaping sessions: it is compact, long-lasting, and very portable. 


SILO battery from CCELL

CCELL is known for producing some of the best CBD cartridges, and now they have an exciting battery line. This is a high-quality 500mAh battery made with aluminum alloy and can be charged using a USB. You can use it for up a week between charges; it has a draw-activated feature with a self-adapted heat setting. It comes in pink, silver, black and blue colors. 


iStick Amnis 2 

The iStick Amnis 2 is not an ordinary or regular design. Its rectangular-shaped design gives it a unique look, and it comes in different colors such as silver, red, green, and black. The battery uses a Type C charger (which is becoming a user-favorite), and its battery indicator makes checking battery levels easier. 


Find the perfect performance mode that works for you with its five power modes that make vaping an exhilarating experience. You are advised to avoid going beyond the medium level; you may burn the CBD oil. You wouldn’t have to recharge too often; it is portable and easily accessible. 


Puffco Plus Battery 

Sleek design, three power modes, and 520 mAh capacity are some of the benefits you will get with the Puffco Plus Battery. This battery is sold in black color; it is portable and suitable for vaping your CBD oil on the go. It is also button-operated so if you want to take a hit, hold down the button while drawing in. 


When you click twice, you will experience the sesh-mode, and clicking four times helps you cycle through temperatures. You can turn it on and off by clicking it five times. Its updated version comes with a 15% extended battery life, which means more vaping time with an excellent battery. 


AVD Slim Draw cartridge batteries

The AVD Slim draw is yet another compact thread battery with which you don’t have to worry about pressing any button when drawing; it simplifies the vaping process. The AVD Slim Draw is one of the most affordable options in the market, with its impressive chipset extends its life span. 


With an extended lifespan, you can vape your CBD oil for longer. It also has two similar options: The AVD slim draw and AVD clone. While Slim has two voltage selections, the clone has only one. 


Airis Mystica II 510 thread battery

Convenience is the best word that describes this battery. It comes with different voltage options and is the most compact vape battery you will find on the market. With a 450mAh feature, you wouldn’t have to worry about the battery quickly dying. It has an oil level window with a preheat mode for user convenience and is an incredible deal for CBD oil users who enjoy vaping.


Formula by Vessel (in white or black)

It’s slim, built to protect the cartridges, and decently priced. The Formula by Vessel has a silicone grip which makes the battery easy to hold. This battery also has three power modes that include a 3.6V mode for vape users who require an advanced setting. 


This vape battery brand comes with different accessories such as a carrying case and a unique base charger. If you want to vape CBD oil nicely and require additional accessories, this should be your go-to battery.


Raw Garden (The branded battery kit)

This is another affordable draw-activated 510 thread battery with its signature sleep design inspired by the shape of a pen. This battery is excellent for cannabis oil cartridges and all kinds of vapers. If you want to enjoy a quick vaping session, you are better off with the Raw Garden. 

The battery comes with an easy to charge USB adapter; it is graciously sized at 350mAh and wouldn’t die on you while in use (if fully charged0. 


Universal battery (Dabber Blue)

If you want an affordable 510 thread battery with three heat settings, then this is the one! This battery is inexpensive, sleek, and slim and comes with a preheat mode activated after 1 second. The battery can also be used up to 40-50 times before requiring a recharge which is enough to finish off the CBD oil in your cartridge.


Everyone wants a reasonably priced vape battery which means everyone needs the Universal battery. This isn’t a wrong choice for those who want a sleek, affordable, and robust design. 


Bottom Line

What is the essence of getting a good vape to enjoy your CBD oil without a sturdy and practical battery? The battery is the soul of the vape, get a good battery, and you will have a beautiful ride vaping your CBD or THC oil.









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