The main benefits of CBD for seniors

The country’s older generation has now received extended vaccinations, and although their children and grandchildren are still locked up in France for the time being, they can finally enjoy life again. Either way, CBD products have become very popular during the pandemic, and we want to understand how Grandmother and grandfather can really benefit from cannabidiol. There has been a lot of research on this question, but not all retirees need CBD.

After all, the ingredients in the hemp plant are effective in many ways. What are the benefits of CBD for the elderly? Are there specific rules for the elderly?

Why are cannabinoids effective for the elderly?

Everyone has an endocannabinoid system (ECS). Much like lymph or blood circulation, many processes in the body are controlled by ECS. Healing from pain or inflammation and mood depends on a well-functioning system. For example, as usual, the immune defense capacity will weaken with age, and this is where CBD comes in. The ingredients in cannabis are called cannabinoids, which have a biochemical mechanism that can stimulate our ECS system. and grow with precision by consuming cannabinoids and other plant components. We activate the ECS, which will make the body more endurance and thus improve the health of the body.

What are the possibilities offered by the CBD?

In fact, it should be clarified if one is taking medication – CBD lowers blood pressure and should be talked to the doctor before taking it to avoid cross effects. However, older people no longer have to believe everything in the doctor’s office and if the doctor talks about hemp, cannabidiol, and ECS as a narcotic, it is especially worth getting a second opinion, after all, our government is doing everything to ensure that there is as little education as possible about highly effective and well tolerated cannabinoids.

Either way, older people can try CBD for the following benefits:

  • Neurodegenerative diseases : Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are currently the subject of intensive research, and in the future, CBD may increasingly help combat these serious brain disorders, with indications such as Parkinson’s disease possibly be relieved by the very powerful reduction of inflammation thanks to cannabidiol
  • Mental Health : Depression, loneliness and anxiety are sadly part of everyday life for many older people and we have all seen the living conditions in nursing homes that people like Health Minister Spahn scoff at. CBD can improve mood and give more zest for life, especially since some studies show that concentration and cognitive functions improve.
  • Appetite stimulation : Hemp consumers denigrated by the media are well aware of the feeling of hunger after taking marijuana and with CBD something can certainly be done to have more appetite and a regular meal. The elderly are often not hungry, lose weight and weaken the immune system, which can be combated vigorously with CBD hemp.
  • Bone density : Of course, even hemp cannot regrow the thinning bones as in youth, but to at least alleviate painful osteoporosis in all its effects, it is quite possible, and here we are again with the effectiveness of CBD against inflammation and as an aid in cell repair.

We haven’t even talked about overall pain relief, inflammation, stress reduction, and even heart health benefits, but it’s clear: CBD is a versatile product and is generally fine. tolerated, has a mild effect and can be a good help for both acute problems and chronic stress as we age.

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