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Typically, cannabis growers grow their plants by removing some cuttings from the mother plants. By converting these cuttings from the mother plant into clones they speed up the growth time of the plants and can predict the results more accurately. However, that is not the only reason mother plants are important for growing cannabis. If you are not familiar with what a mother plant is and its benefits, we advise you to continue reading our article today, in which we will answer the question that some less experienced growers ask themselves; What is a mother plant in marijuana cultivation?

What is a mother plant?


A mother plant is a plant that is specifically grown for later cloning. These mother plants are kept in a constant vegetative state and never go into the flowering stage. Cannabis plants are especially attractive to use as mother plants, since they are easy to clone and resistant to the minor stresses that accompany plant cuttings.

Advantages of using a mother plant in growing marijuana


There are many advantages to growing a mother plant. The first of them, and as we have commented previously, is to grow new plants from the cuttings of the mother plant. With them, in addition to saving time waiting for the seed to germinate, we will avoid any genetic failure or the possibility that the plant is hermaphroditic.

Although perhaps the best reason to keep a mother plant, is because clones taken from a mother are identical genetic copies of each other.

A plant can produce around 10 clones in a single cycle, in which all of them will grow and reproduce the same qualities of the variety. Not only that, but clones taken from a female plant will also always be female (unless pressured to become hermaphrodites), so you never have to worry about males pollinate their females.

Another great advantage when it comes to growing cannabis from mother plants is the confidence inherent in growing the same crop over and over again. Because the clones are exact copies of their mothers, their growth patterns and nutritional needs will match as well. Not only does this help novice growers perfect their growing process, it also helps more experienced growers experiment with different growing techniques and growing media. By comparing the growth cycle of genetically identical clones, growers can learn which techniques produce optimal yield and which ones are best left as is.

Tips for maintaining a strong and healthy mother plant


Once you decide to use a mother plant, the first thing you will have to do is grow one. We recommend that you start growing the mother plants from seeds because the seeds develop much stronger and deeper roots, and they are very important both for the absorption of nutrients and for the structural integrity of the plant. We also suggest buy cannabis seeds of good quality and do not go lightly using any type of seed.

After germinating the seeds, grow them under a vegetative light cycle until they begin to show signs of their sex. Male plants will begin to develop seed sacs at the nodes, while female plants will develop bracts and eventually hair-like stigmas intended to collect male pollen. Alternatively, a cut can be forced by placing it on a light cycle of over 18 hours for a few weeks. The males must be removed immediately, while the females can flower or be used as mothers. Remember to also keep your mother plants in the vegetative light cycle to reduce stress and the likelihood of them becoming hermaphrodites.

Losing vigor


All mother plants will lose vigor over time, even with the best care. When it comes to preserving your mother plant for as long as possible it is advisable to always use a substratum good quality, organic nutrients and pesticides. Over the generations, your plant may develop a resistance to nutrients and synthetic pesticides, thus reducing its ability to withstand stress.

Finally, it is necessary to know when it is time to put your mother plant to rest. Even with the best care, your mother plant will begin to show signs of age after a year or two. Growth will be less vigorous, clones will produce less weight, and signs of stress may become apparent. Therefore, we recommend that you store the seeds of your favorite plant so that, when it is time to let your mother plant rest, you are ready to start over.


Mothers are truly special; They give us life, feed us throughout adolescence and instill values ​​and personal characteristics in each one of us. The mother plant in growing marijuana is no different. Using a mother plant to grow cannabis is easy and extremely rewarding, giving us more reasons to love the mothers in our lives.

Have you had the opportunity to grow mother plants? Do you have any tips for the development and maintenance of mother plants? Share them with our community in our comment section.

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