The Best Documentaries on Cannabis

If you are attracted to the world of cannabis, both from the point of view of cultivation and from its history, consumption and properties, you will surely be interested in being well informed on the subject. There are many studies in this area, but sometimes reading essays about it can become a bit boring, if not too complex for a reader without enough knowledge in science or botany to understand what they are telling them.

Luckily there are other alternatives to approach the world of cannabis from a much more playful and entertaining perspective: the documentaries. In today’s post we are going to comment on a list of must-see documentary films about marijuana for cannabis growers and consumers, but also for the general public who wants to expand their knowledge on the subject.

Learn more about cannabis with popular films

It is not just something flashy or curious. The power of the films that we cite below is intended that people outside this world can understand some of its characteristics.

Documentaries about marijuana tend to focus on several aspects:

  • Historical issues: When did you start using cannabis and why? You will be surprised to know that this herb has been consumed since time immemorial and that its evolution throughout history has been somewhat discontinuous. You will know the work of the breeders, the appearance of new varieties and how the proliferation of seed banks and online stores that sell them together with other products for their cultivation has been possible.
  • Social and cultural issues: To approach marijuana from a social and cultural perspective is to get into contentious issues. But it is very interesting to see how the use of marijuana has always been present in many cultures without having negative repercussions. The prejudices and restrictions imposed around this substance are incomprehensible compared to the treatment given to it in certain cultures and areas of the planet.
  • Medical issues: The topic of the therapeutic use of marijuana is on the rise and we have already commented on it in previous posts on this blog. Policies are becoming more flexible and tend to adapt to new times due to the evidence that cannabis has many beneficial properties for health.

5 documentaries about cannabis you should watch

best marijuana documentaries

The Top five of the popular films about the world of marijuana that you cannot miss are:

1. 420 – The Documentary, 2013

In 2013, filmmaker Amy Pova decided to shed light on the absurd prosecution of marijuana in totally unjustified circumstances. In this film Pova collects the testimonies of people who regularly participate in 4/20 events (popular name by which marijuana use is known in the United States, especially on April 20, International Cannabis Day) and the of other consumers who without participating in this type of celebration have suffered in person the arrests and assaults of the police for being in possession or consuming this substance. The abusive application of the law, which has sometimes led to death, is the main theme of the film.

2. When we grow, this is what we can do, 2011 (When we grow up, this is what we can do)

It is a film directed by Seth Finegold and set in the United Kingdom, which is already quite striking because most of the documentaries on this subject are based on the experiences of the United States. In When we grow up the issue of the evolution of cannabis is addressed starting from industrial hemp until the appearance of grow shops and the prohibitions with which marijuana has been found over the years. One of the strengths of this documentary is everything related to the most advanced systems for growing cannabis and the research that has been carried out to verify the benefits that this plant has for health.

3. What if cannabis cure cáncer?, 2010 (What If Cannabis Cured Cancer?)

Another interesting example of the research that has been done around the medicinal properties of cannabis. This documentary directed by Len Richmond explores the therapeutic potential of marijuana and sets the spotlight on the treatment of cancer. The theory that cannabis can be used as a natural alternative in tumor regulation is supported by internationally renowned scientists who appear to contribute their professional vision in this documentary.

4. Indoor cannabis. You have the key, 2007

It is a documentary divided into two parts that addresses everything related to cannabis cultivation, allowing anyone interested in growing their own plants at home to have it much easier. There are more than four hours of footage in which master classes on germination, plant care, harvesting and drying and manicuring procedures are interspersed with the opinions of well-known figures who defend the legalization of marijuana, many of them belonging to the International Activism group (José María Mendiluce, Fernando Sánchez Dragó, Kepa Junkera, Manu Chao, Ska-P, Tonino Caratone …).

5. In pot we trust, 2007 (We believe in marijuana)

Winking at the famous phrase that appears on dollar bills (In God we trust, We believe in God), Aaron Hill signs a documentary based on the experiences of several people who have been treated with marijuana to overcome their medical situation. The documentary revolves around the confrontation between two radically opposite positions. On the one hand that of Marihuana Policy Project, which tries to convince the Government of the importance of legalizing cannabis for therapeutic purposes and, on the other hand, the peculiar story of a member of the DEA who has dedicated his life to the destruction of marijuana crops. The film also intersperses the overwhelming testimonies of terminally ill people who only find relief and hope in cannabis.

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