Story of Lawrence Ringo, one of the fathers of CBD


In today’s article you will talk about the figure of Lawrence Ringo, one of the most important characters in the history of cannabidiol (CBD). Through a series of points, some important milestones in the life of this plant visionary will be discussed.

Who is Lawrence Ringo?

Lawrence Ringo (1956-2014) is known for his work in obtaining, stabilization and hybridization of cannabis seed varieties rich in CBD. He was born in 1956 in Orange County (United States), into a middle-class family and enjoying a happy childhood surrounded by his relatives.

To better understand your life, the following will be presented more interesting biographical facts of Lawrence. In addition, below, you can learn more about his life as a researcher, botanist and visionary of Cannabis seeds with CBD. Without a doubt, one of the reasons why Lawrence is remembered.

There is only one thing that Lawrence Ringo liked as much as botany, and this was the song. Lawrence was encouraged by his grandmother to start studying music at just 7 years old and is known for his work as a music composer. The guitar was his favorite instrument and he was even known locally as “Guitar Monster” among those close to him.

Lawrence Ringo’s interest in botany It started when he was only 15 years old. During the 1970s, Lawrence began studying and growing Cannabis plants in his native California. This enthusiasm was translated into passion as he began to stabilize and hybridize seeds. Young Ringo also began to collect pollen, in order to produce new seeds and begin to form a first warehouse of specimens.

One of the cultivation techniques attributed to Lawrence Ringo is light deprivation. This the accidentally discovered during his experiments with outdoor varieties. He inadvertently covered part of his greenhouse for growing plants, realizing that it could interfere with natural photoperiods.

The deprivation of light consists precisely of this: using greenhouses with covers that can block the sunlight, so that the grower can induce a flowering phase (reduction of daylight hours) outdoors. It was a revolutionary measure that changed the cultivation procedures of many growers.

During the 1980s, Lawrence Ringo continued to work on light deprivation. Thus, he used it for sexing the plants ahead of time. It was again a game-changing innovation that allowed growers to work with greater foresight on their plants. Similarly, Lawrence used this premature sexing technique to be able to detect male plants for use in plant-derived products.

During this same decade, Lawrence Ringo acquired 1.5 square km of land to be able to carry out its activity extensively and intensively. Lawrence’s work on the plant was enhanced with the acquisition of this land and he was finally able to make sense of the seed cellar that had taken him so much work to collect.

Varieties of exotic locations, such as Mexico, Afghanistan, and Thailand, popular regions for giving rise to legendary seed varieties grouped under the name of heirloom seeds or heirloom seed varieties. Lawrence Ringo’s work also went through improving such interesting characteristics of plants as the presence of active cannabinoids such as THC.

Reaching the 1990s, Lawrence finds work at Seagate Technologies, which helps him advance his 3 children, in collaboration with his wife. It also allows him to continue his work as a botanist, to the point of building a large-scale research and development facility, from which to continue researching the Cannabis plant.

Lawrence Ringo continued to collect assorted strains from around the world, giving rise to a total of 20 new strains during the early 2000s. It would not be until 2009 that Lawrence Ringo began shaping the Kush Seeds project, which then would lead SoHum Seeds (South Humboldt Seeds), the seed bank that popularized the figure of this visionary of plants.

In 2010 Lawrence carried out research on cannabidiol, detecting that one of its strains was rich in this cannabinoid with possible physical properties. This was the case of the “Sour Tsunami”, one of the first varieties developed in the United States with a high content of CBD.

Lawrence Ringo passed away in April 2014 from lung cancer. Ringo was a heavy tobacco smoker and this addiction ended up producing a severe illness that ended his life. Ringo’s legacy continues in the important research that he and his team carried out on Cannabis seeds. Especially those rich in CBD.

Delving into Lawrence Ringo’s legacy

Historically speaking, it was the cannabis growers of northern California the first to focus on the hybridization of the psychoactive properties of the plant. Lawrence Ringo, who, as mentioned, had been growing Cannabis since he was 15 years old, rehybridized tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in some of their plants, while taking CBD compounds to new heights.

Like many manufacturers delving into the possibilities of cannabis, his intention was personal. He suffered from severe back pain since childhood. With a missing disc between the third and fourth vertebrae, his bone pain required more than what pharmaceuticals could offer.

His widow, Kat Hart, says he also developed Cannabis plant crops for improve your guitar playing, demonstrating the plant’s versatility to go from recreational to medicinal in a single strum, so to speak. As mentioned, Ringo was a huge fan of this instrument.

As demonstrated in his biography, it took Ringo many years to develop the cultures that will help his own back pain, while allowing him to maintain his business life throughout the day. For it, saved the seeds of the plants that offered the most relief and, finally, he hybridized them to obtain the strains that we know today.

For example, plants grown from New York City Diesel seeds, purchased from Canadian Marc Emery, were crossed with the early Sour Tsunami to get the sour diesel that we know today. Sour Tsunami is the most popular and innovative strain obtained by Lawrence Ringo.

In this way, the entire cannabis scene rejoiced on the day when Samantha Miller, one of the high exponent founders of the Pure Analytics laboratory, a California laboratory, informed the SoHum Seeds team that their Sour Tsunami had resulted in more than 11.3% CBD, while retaining between 6 and 7 percent THC.

It was one of the first times that the reputed Dr. Miller encountered high-concentration CBD cultures and the results did not go unnoticed. The biggest news was that Miller informed Ringo that there were eight other strains that also had the potential to be high in CBD.

At the time we knew very little about CBD, but Samantha conveyed her vital importance within the panorama of seeds, having previously almost unknown properties. This was truly the defining moment of So Hum Seeds as we know it now.

Sour Tsunami was the first milestone in the history of high-CBD seed varieties, followed by some of its milestones Harle-Tsu, Canna-Tsu y Swiss-Tsu.

Current cultivars available in their catalog include AC / DC, Canna Tsu, Cheesel O, Harle Tsu, Hula Budda, Kona, Pineapple Tsunami, Purple Diesel, Sour Tsunami, Swiss Tsu, and OG Cheese Dog.

Ringo’s Harle Tsu is a great example as it comes across a 20: 1 CBD ratio that proves over 22% CBD.

In Lawrence’s legacy, there is also room for more awkward moments. Thus, Kat Hart, Lawrence Ringo’s wife, stated that she was upset when a CNN documentary drew attention to Lawrence’s discovery as “a hippie disappointment”, due to the lack of CBD in the plants produced by Lawrence and overlooking the discoveries that Lawrence had made about the Cannabis plant.

This was not enough to detract from the legacy that Lawrence had built. Without a doubt, one of the most important CBD pioneers in history, researcher and activist until his last day. It is thanks to the figure of people like Lawrence that changes take place in the cannabis landscape in many countries.

This has been the whole review of the life of Lawrence Ringo, one of the most important characters in the history of Cannabis of the 20th century. To continue with interesting readings: History of Kush Marijuana and Best Strains and Is it possible to test Positive in THC having consumed CBD?

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