? Natural repellants for cannabis pests

One of the tasks that a grower should never neglect is the maintenance of their plants. Some birds, insects or mammals can be the culprits of the destruction of the crop if the intrusion of these predators is not monitored. Some chemical treatments can cause damage to plants, in addition to producing long-term harmful effects on the people who handle them. For this reason, every grower tries to repel these pests without damaging the plants in the least. In today’s article we show you some natural repellants for cannabis pests that can be used. We see them one by one.

Natural repellants for cannabis pests

Substrates and fertilizers


The substrates of the pots can harbor eggs or larvae of some common pests on cannabis plants. It is very likely that you cannot detect certain problems with the substrate, since there is no effective way to identify them. If you think that a pest is attacking it, you can proceed to sterilize the soil, one of the safest solutions to disinfect it.

The sterilization process can be done at home by following a few simple steps. First of all, you need to bake the earth until it reaches an internal temperature of 180 degrees. At this temperature, any eggs, larvae, or bacteria will be killed. Baking time varies depending on the amount of soil, but this process should take at least 45 minutes. You need to control the temperature during the process to make sure it never goes above 190 degrees. If so, the land will become unusable.

When you’re done “cooking the dirt,” add a little fertilizer before planting. Avoid using fertilizers with slow-release or extended-release formulas. These types of fertilizers work with normal plants, but they are not very effective with cannabis. Look for products that contain a mixture of cottonseed meal, phosphate, wood ash, limestone, and seaweed meal, which are all naturally derived.

Pest control

Pest control

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Natural repellent plants


Inside the cultivation it can be very useful to place some natural repellent plants. Plants like geraniums and the marigolds are some of the plants that can keep insects away. Basil is another plant that will help repel insects.

Plants like geraniums and the marigolds are some of the plants that can keep insects away.

Plant Garlic will also provide a natural pest repellent and inhibitor of mold. There are a variety of diseases that garlic helps prevent. If you don’t have space to plant garlic, you can also choose to sprinkle garlic extract over the plants.

The mint is another plant that has proven to be a natural pest repellent. It has been used to keep insects Y rodents away from cannabis for many years. Its aroma helps to keep the crop free of pests. The mint is a aggressive plant, so you have to watch that it does not grow too much due to the cultivation and ends up drowning the space of other plants.

If you live in an area with frequent rains, planting chili plants may be a good idea. These plants have a root system that helps drain water through the soil, and the roots emit a chemical that helps protect the crop.

Introduce beneficial insects to your crop that help protect your plants


If you grow cannabis plants outdoors it is more likely that a pest can attack your plants compared to the plants that grow in cabinets for indoor growing. In addition to placing some plants that are responsible for repelling insects, you can introduce some beneficial insects that act as pest predators.

The ladybugs they are predators of many of the pests that try to attack your plants. They eat the larvae, as well as the pests themselves. They may also choose to plant pollen-producing plants such as sunflowers to help attract beetles to your crop.

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Using animal urine


Although it sounds crazy, animal urine is an effective way to keep pests away from your plants. If you have problems with animals like rabbits or mice, you can buy urine from animals they fear. Some armories often sell these types of products because it is something that hunters often use to attract animals to certain areas. If rabbits or mice smell the urine of an animal they fear, they will avoid entering that area.

Fences and insect repellants


The fences They are a good option to prevent any animal from ruining your harvest. The wire fences they are an option to keep animals out of reach of your plants. However, if the fence does not have the wires closed enough, it will not prevent smaller animals from accessing through it. Some growers choose to use electric fences, but you have to be very careful when installing and maintaining them.

If you are not convinced by the option of fencing your crop, you can always opt for spray repellent in a circle around the plants. In this way, the repellent will not have contact with your plants and will prevent both insects and animals from having access to your plants.

It is important to test any repellent on a small part of the plant to see if it causes any kind of damage. Some cannabis plants can react differently to insecticides. Give it at least one day to see how it reacts and acts accordingly.

These are some natural repellants for cannabis pests that can help keep some critters out of reach of your plants. Each of the above options is effective against different pests, and you can use many in combination for complete coverage. The fewer pests you have in your crop, the more productive your plants will be. In other words, fewer insects equate to better shoots.

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