Moon Rocks – Lift Off On Lunar Orbit 🤩

Moon Rocks – for those times where regular bud is just not enough.

Ever finish smoking a joint and think to yourself, “well, that was a disappointment.” You sat down on your couch with the desire to lose the feeling in your face after a long day of work and instead received a weak high.

We’ve all been there, whether it was from low-quality cannabis a friend handed to us, or from simply not having enough marijuana. Here’s a suggestion the next time you decide to buy weed online: try moon rocks. Add an adequate amount of these rocks into your joints and sit back and relax as you lift off to another planet.

What are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are essentially marijuana buds dipped in hash oil and kief. They are considered one of the strongest forms of cannabis available on the market today with an approximate THC rating of 50%.

Many people in the cannabis community refer to moon rocks as “cannabis caviar” due to their THC potency, so don’t be afraid to ask for some good old caviar at your local dispensary. Some cannabis caviar may not be coated in kief, so be certain that your local dispensary understands you want an authentic moon rock.

What are Moon Rocks Made of?

Many people wonder how moon rocks can yield that high of a THC rating (~50%), and the answer stems from a series of different ingredients being added to normal buds, such as hash oil and kief.

The oil is extracted from cannabis and is considered a form of cannabis concentrate. Hash oil comes in both THC and CBD varieties and at all different levels of consistencies, but for the case of moon rocks, they’re the epitome of a liquid honey consistency and are utilized as a coating for the cannabis bud.

As for kief, it is crystals that are extracted from marijuana leaves and come in the form of powder. Kief is highly concentrated and can be heated to create hash oil. If the kief is consumed in its crystallized form (powder), the user is guaranteed to experience an amplified high.

Sprinkling the kief onto the cannabis bud in addition to the hash brings up the THC potency significantly and is not for the faint of heart as regular marijuana buds are sufficed for most recreational users. As for the bud used, moon rocks came to light initially from using the popular strain “Girl Scout Cookies,” but can be made with any strain.

How to Make Your Moon Rocks?

If you are looking to smoke moon rocks, one of the most decorated moonrocks on the cannabis market today, Dr. Zodiak, yields some of the highest THC potencies. Their branded Moonrock Ice carries a staggering THC rating of 99%, but can be quite pricy and extreme if it is your first time with moon rocks, so here’s an alternative: make moon rocks at home!Here’s what you will need:

Here’s what you will need:

  • Cannabis bud (any strain works)
  • Cannabis Concentrate/hash oil
  • Kief for coating
  • Grabbing utensil (ex. tongs)
  • Liquid dropper

Step 1:
Heat your concentrate until it turns into a liquid consistency similar to honey. Usually, the oil will have a thicker and more solidified consistency, therefore liquefying it is crucial to allow it to have an easier time coating onto your bud. Set aside the oil in a small bowl and grab your bud of choice.

Step 2:
Use a liquid dropper to coat the bud generously. You can also drown your weed in the oil if you do not have a liquid dropper, but doing so may result in oversaturation, which would require more time for the moon rocks to dry.

Step 3:
Once the bud is fully coated, use your grabbing utensil to roll it in an ample amount of kief and make sure that the entire nug is covered fully.

Step 4:
Wait for your moon rocks to fully dry before smoking them. Enjoy!

How to Smoke Moon Rocks?

Most of you are probably looking into moon rocks as an alternative method to greatly intensify your cannabis high, so let’s break down how they’re consumed. For starters, moonrocks come as decent-sized marijuana buds and can be smoked from joints, pipes, and bongs.

It is recommended that you break the moon rock with your hands instead of tossing it in your grinder because you will most likely clog up your grinder and remove a good chunk of the kief coating. If you are adding moon rocks to a joint, simply sprinkle a generous amount on top of your normal bud, roll, light, then smoke. I guarantee that the high from your moon rocks joint will be incomparable to any regular joint you have consumed in your lifetime.

A quick tip when packing a bowl of moon rocks is to avoid packing it too tightly since it would be incredibly difficult to light the bowl. All in all, smoking moon rocks should be the only method of consumption and it is not recommended that you eat them, no matter how desperate you are!

Pace Yourself

Moon rocks are much stronger than regular Indica/Sativa strains, therefore you want to start slow and take smaller hits, as the high can hit you all at once and induce anxiety/paranoia. Once you’re more comfortable with these products and have identified your tolerance level, you can tread into deeper waters, but moon rocks are not to be taken lightly.

Final Words

By now, we all know that the high from a moon rock can elevate your cannabis experience, or leave you wishing you didn’t consume the entire nug all in one sitting!

Use these moon rocks wisely and host a smoke session with your buddies to see what their thoughts are of these products! Buy weed online and check out the full selection of moon rocks !

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