Marijuana butter for vegans with coconut oil

Here we leave you another great preparation for our “cannarecetario”. In this case, we want to tell you how to make delicious marijuana butter without using animal products. So our friends growers vegan or lactose intolerant they will be able to continue enjoying a rich marijuana butter of vegetable origin.

We could think about following the necessary ingredients and steps seen in our article this is how marijuana butter is prepared, perhaps substituting animal-based butter for vegetable-based margarine. But the truth is that it is not advisable, since the final consistency and flavor of the butter would be affected. Using margarine instead of coconut oil the result will not be what you expected and the preparation will most likely end up in the garbage can. So if, we will change the animal fat but as we said, we will make the change by coconut oil.

Ingredients for making vegan marijuana butter

For this elaboration only we are going to need half a liter of water. As in all pastry recipes, sweets, etc., the amounts of both liquid and solid ingredients are vital for the success of the result. Therefore, we advise you to carefully calculate the amounts to add. If you do not have a measuring cup, you can use two conventional glasses of water, which will add up to the necessary 500ml.

Marijuana butter for vegans with coconut oil 3

As we explained, instead of using butter of animal origin, in this case we will use coconut oil. For the half liter of water, A quarter of a kilo of coconut oil will suffice. This vegetable-based fat can be purchased in most markets or supermarkets, so it should not be difficult to get the 250gr necessary for our vegan recipe.

Marijuana butter for vegans with coconut oil 4

It will not be here where we are going to explain how to obtain this ingredient, we trust that if you are already an expert grower, you will know how to supply yourself within the limits of legality. The great thing about this type of elaboration is that they will help us to take advantage of remains of our beloved plant. Combining them with some of its precious flowers we will give way to some stems, leaves and remains that we would end up discarding. Between 30 and 50 grams in total will be more than enough for this preparation.

Steps to take, vegan marijuana butter

We now tell you the simple process of making marijuana butter with coconut oil step by step. You will see that extensive experience in the kitchen will not be necessary to carry out this easy, fun and tasty “cannarecipe”. We hope you like it as much as we do!

  1. We put boil half a liter of water in a pot or saucepan to use. It is best to start with a high heat until it reaches the boiling point to begin adding the ingredients at the right temperature.
  2. When the 500 milliliters of water have boiled, we will add the 250 grams of coconut oil along with the 30-50 grams of marijuana (mix discarded leaves and stems with some small bud)
  3. In a few moments we will see that the mixture will regain temperature again, so we will lower to medium heat and we will not stop stirring well but gently for at least 30 minutes. In this way, THC will combine perfectly with oil and water, dissolving and preventing deterioration.
  4. After that half an hour, we will go to strain all the mixture obtained. In this way, we will eliminate all the remains that may have been detached from the added marijuana, avoiding annoying leaves or sticks in our final preparation. We will thus obtain a nice greenish-golden liquid without remains that we will cool for at least 6 hours in the fridge.
  5. After 6 hours of refrigeration, we will see how the butter has solidified perfectly for consumption. We will remove the excess water and we can save our vegan marijuana butter in the fridge in a separate container for your enjoyment.

We hope you like it and that you share with us your experiences with the final result. In addition, like all butters, this one offers us endless culinary possibilities. If you animate them, you will get some delicious cookies of marijuana with this preparation 😉

Marijuana butter for vegans with coconut oil 5

As always, we recommend you have be careful with the doses consumed at first. Consumed, marijuana causes its effect much faster, so it is advisable start small of butter and if desired, add in future meals.

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