Legalize Missouri – Cannabis Advocates File a Petition to Legalize Marijuana in Missouri

What a time to be alive!! The news of cannabis getting legalized in different states almost simultaneously or efforts in that direction is a thing of joy for the marijuana community. The state of Missouri has joined the league of states waking up to the impactful possibilities of cannabis. 


The Fair Access Missouri’s legalization effort

Thanks to a petition by Fair Access Missouri, the state is set to legalize cannabis soon. The focus for the state is on “Adult-use” marijuana which is also from the petition filed by the local coalition asking for an “Open-use market.”


The group believes that legal cannabis will boost the state’s economy and create jobs, thus enabling prosperity and long-term revenue generation. Fair Access Missouri is set to file the petition at the Secretary of State’s office later this week. 


Members of the advocacy group have worked on this legalization pathway for many years seeking to establish an open market in Missouri with fair rules for all cannabis users. In addition to cannabis users, they also want fair laws for patients (those who use medical cannabis) and entrepreneurs who create marijuana products. 


The filing is the next step of the fight for a legalized marijuana state, and Fair Access Missouri is excited about the progress made thus far. They assert that they have seen how intelligent rules and an open cannabis market helps other states with their legalization process and want to apply the same direction to Missouri. 


Medical and recreational cannabis for the state of Missouri 

Although it seems like the group is solely focused on recreational marijuana, that isn’t the case. They also want a revised amendment to the Missouri state constitution, allowing physicians to get state licenses to recommend cannabis for medical issues. 


The amendment will allow such physicians to offer marijuana to patients with severe medical conditions. This is a vital piece of the kind of legal industry they want in Missouri. 


If medical marijuana becomes legal in Missouri, patients of qualifying conditions will get the marijuana they need to treat their illnesses. Some of these qualifying conditions include glaucoma, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, cancer, migraines, and other diseases that are unresponsive to regular treatment. 


The inclusion of medical cannabis in the legalization petition signifies that the group is ready to develop a comprehensive cannabis industry in Missouri. Yes, recreational cannabis in the legalized system is excellent but including medical marijuana in the mix shows the group’s commitment to an inclusive cannabis society. 


Changes to the Missouri amendment 

The petition by the Fair Access Missouri group will include a section to the amendment that permits for safe and legal use of marijuana. If the amendment is approved: 





  • Those eligible for marijuana use will be permitted to grow up to 25 square feet of marijuana. They can do this if they own the space or if it is on the current lease. The restriction to this amendment is that the area should be far away from anyone under 21, and it must be a secure location. 




The people of Missouri want a legalized cannabis market 

Fair Access Missouri isn’t the only group seeking a legalized cannabis market in the state. Another group, Missourians for a New Approach, has also urged the state’s people to sign a similar petition. They have encouraged residents to give the topic the votes and attention required to make it happen. 


When this move was made in the past, some law enforcement agencies were not supportive of the legalization movement. They stood against it, and it still isn’t clear if they will stand against it this time around. 


However, we can say that things are not the same anymore, and this is because of the overall change in the perception of marijuana. American citizens all over the country are not as skeptical as they used to be about cannabis, which has given more credence to petitions like the one currently floated in Missouri. 


It is unclear the extent of success Fair Access Missouri will experience with its petition because it is still at the initiative phase. It could take an additional 65 days before they receive an answer or know if the coalition will get the correct number of signatures to get the topic on the ballot. 


Despite these uncertainties (which are standard practice with all states making an effort to legalize cannabis), the call in Missouri is loud and clear. Change looms on the horizon as more and more discussions on decriminalizing and expanding access to medical marijuana continue online and offline. 


Missouri Major Quinton Lucas in Kansas City is already set to pardon previous municipal convictions for marijuana possession. The state is going into a new phase of cannabis exploration for recreational and medical purposes, and it will be an exciting time for cannabis enthusiasts.


Bottom Line 

The Fair Access Missouri Group has taken a much-needed bold step in the right direction, and their boldness will launch the state into a new era where marijuana access is no longer prohibited. The entire perception about marijuana is changing globally, especially in Missouri, as residents have expressed their desire for a regulated but legalized market. 


Sometimes it only takes one organization to stir the state in the right direction, and in Missouri, we see how possible it is to get it done. Yes, it is still a petition, but it holds much promise for a bright and beautiful marijuana future in Missouri.

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