Humidity and temperature in cannabis cultivation

When growing marijuana you have to bear in mind that this is a plant with different types of varieties and with very different genetics, everything will depend on the marijuana seeds that we have selected. Perhaps you wonder why we are telling you this, very simple: you have to bear in mind that when growing the temperature and humidity of the environment will not be the same for all plants Since some come from equatorial climates, others from tropical climates, others from Africa, others from Southeast Asia, etc. For this reason, you have to be very careful when setting environmental conditions, especially temperature and humidity.

For example in the hottest countries where it is hardly cold throughout the year, the sativa variety predominates. You can learn more about this cannabis strain in the article in which we tell you everything you need to know about it. sativa marijuana. However, in countries where these conditions do not exist, the indica variety prevails.

This is something that you have to take into account whether you grow indoors or outdoors, but especially indoors since you are creating an artificial microclimate. With artificial microclimate we mean that it could perfectly be 7 degrees below zero in your area and yet the plants are at a temperature of 20 degrees. Therefore, you must take into account another factor when growing: the money you want to spend.

If your area is very cold, no matter how warm your home is, the safest thing is to reach the temperatures that a sativa requires it is very expensive. You always have to take into account the expenses that you are willing to assume so that the investment is profitable for you. However, you may want to sacrifice profitability in order to savor one of the effects of the plants. For example, if you are looking to laugh and have fun, sativa is the cannabis strain you are looking for. If you are looking for relaxation, the best indica variety will be for you, and if you want more information about this variety, you can consult an article on our blog that talks about the indica marijuana. For this reason, maybe you are willing to spend a few more euros not to grow a plant that is not going to cause the desired effect.

All these factors you have to meditate well in order for the harvest to be satisfactory for you. You have to bear in mind that you are going to spend a lot of time and money cultivating so if you are not happy with the cultivation you will quit. And this is too nice a hobby to give up because of a bad result.

The cold in marijuana plants

Humidity and temperature in cannabis cultivation 3When talking about environmental conditions, especially temperature, we must carry out an analysis of how the cold affects cannabis plants. As we have indicated, it will depend on the variety in question, although normally if the temperature is below 10 degrees it is most common for almost all plants to die.

In addition, you have to bear in mind that cold is the main enemy of vegetative growth since it slows down the metabolism. This means that if the plant should grow 10 centimeters in x time, it will do so in 2x, that is, it will take twice as long to do so. But not only is it the number one enemy of growth, it is also the number one enemy of vigor. As soon as you have seen a cannabis plant, you will be surprised how flexible and vigorous they are. Well then, a plant that has suffered the scourge of the cold will be weak and small.

Also the roots do not go deep enough or grow properly. You have to keep in mind that the roots are the ones that provide nutrients to the plants, so a small root is equivalent to a small plant. It can also cause deficiencies in various nutrients.

However, with enough money and patience you can fight the cold. For instance, a tubular heater can be used so that the microclimate temperature is optimal. Another good option is to use thermal cords, which are becoming more and more popular, despite the fact that in our opinion the best option is the tubular heater.

In any case, cold is not always the enemy but also, in the last weeks of flowering, it can be an excellent ally since the plant, when it feels that it can die, changes its metabolism in order to be able to reproduce. You have to bear in mind that for every living being the cycle is the following: being born, growing up, reproducing and dying. If the plant fails to reproduce, it will have failed. Thus, if we lower the temperatures to 16-17 degrees we will achieve an increase in resin and we will improve the quality of the harvest (although we will harvest a little less).

The heat in growing cannabis

Humidity and temperature in cannabis cultivation 4

The main concern of the grower living in a hot climate must be heat, lest the plant suffer the so-called thermal shock. Thus, our main concern should be free

ar to cannabis from heat stress. One of the best indicators of this stress is that the leaves turn yellow or have brown spots.

To protect them, a good option is to use supplements such as seaweed. Seaweed enhances growth by preventing the plant from undergoing heat stress. In this sense, silicon supplements are also very useful.

But nevertheless, the best option will always be to choose a variety with heat resistant genetics, since it is nature itself that has given the plant the necessary elements to combat the heat. For this, the sativa variety will always be better than the indica.

In order to carry out a correct measurement of the growing environment, it is advisable to use a Thermohygrometro con sonda. This will return both the temperature and the humidity in the crop.

How does humidity affect the crop?

Humidity and temperature in cannabis cultivation 5Like everything in life, not too much Nor does the lack of humidity help in any way that the conditions for growing cannabis are optimal. For this reason, we are going to give you a series of tips or advice to avoid problems with humidity.

For instance, you have to be careful with lamps because if they emit a lot of heat (which dries up the environment) if they are not calibrated properly they can lead to conditions of lack of humidity, they can turn your crop into a real dry land. To solve this problem, in addition to calibrating them in an optimal way, we can opt for using air extractors. In fact, the best extractors have devices that control the humidity of the environment, activating when it falls below the previously defined percentage.

Another of our best allies will be a good humidifier. The main mission of humidifiers is to prevent the humidity of our plantation from falling. Of course, we have to calibrate it in a suitable way so that we do not expose our plantation to an excessive degree of humidity.

On the other hand, that is, for those who live in an excessively humid climate, there are dehumidifiers that extract excess humidity from the environment while releasing heat. They are optimal for cold and humid places, such as Galicia or most of northern Spain.

But if you really want to be an expert grower you have to take into account the vapor pressure deficit. This deficit is characterized by measuring the difference between the total amount of water vapor that the atmosphere can support and the relative humidity it has at a given time. Relative humidity is the amount of vapor in the environment.

To have an adequate index you have to manage the relationship between temperature and humidity well, which is not something easy, however, if you get it, your harvest will be splendid. You have to bear in mind that if the value of the index shoots up, the plants will begin to perspire, that is, they will carry out the photosynthesis process more. That is, they will perform more of the process that allows them to grow.

On the contrary, if the index turns out to be too low, the plants will stop perspiring so as not to dehydrate. This has the consequence that they will carry out the photosynthesis process less, so the growth of your plant will stop almost completely.

Humidity and temperature in cannabis cultivation 6For this reason, this index is of vital importance since if it is not adequate, our plants will not grow. We could say that together with the photoperiod they are the two most important values ​​when growing cannabis. We also talk about this on our blog and you can check the entry about it photoperiod in indoor growing.

For this reason, you have to know that both humidity and temperature are two parameters that are closely related. For this you must be guided by this maxim: hot air holds more vapor than cold air. This is due to a fundamental principle of physics and that we must specify, we must answer the question of what temperature is.

Heat is the movement of atomic particles. At absolute 0, not to be confused with 0 degrees Celsius, the particles are still, so there is no temperature whatsoever. As we increase the temperature, the particles move faster and the interparticular space is greater. As this space is larger, more atoms can be stored in the same space. As more atoms can be stored, the combination that forms water, that is, H2O, has room in that place. However, in cold areas the particles are closer together so that not so many atoms can fit.

For all that has been said, although it seems unintuitive, you have to know that the hotter it is, the more normal it is that there is more relative humidity. This idea can clash since the maximum expression of heat on our planet are deserts and in them the humidity is almost 0%.

Point out that the environmental conditions will also depend on the season of the crop in which we are. For instance, in the germination stage the humidity must be very high so that the seed can make the root grow.

In a second stage we must reduce the humidity since it is not necessary that this is so high. The reason is that the root absorbs more water and evaporation from the leaves (which generates more moisture) serves to cool the plant. If there is excess humidity, this evaporation cannot take place. In the flowering period we have to take into account that the humidity must be lower as well, as well as we must avoid high temperatures.

Humidity and temperature in cannabis cultivation 7

With all these tips you will achieve the perfect balance between temperature and humidity. In addition, as you may have seen, we have given you a series of tips to help you fight the cold and heat so that you can achieve the ideal vapor pressure deficit. You must not forget that this is a fundamental concept to achieve the best results in your harvest. You have to keep in mind that controlling the temperature-humidity relationship is vital to obtain good results, but If to this you add cultivation techniques that maximize production, such as the SOG system or the SCROG system, the result can be excellent.. One of the most important factors in the inexperienced grower is that his first harvest is good so that he does not get frustrated and continue to cultivate this precious hobby.

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