How to prepare the green dragon, tincture of cannabis

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Image of a bottle decorated with a green dragon containing cannabis infused liquor.

The green dragon tincture is a tincture made from alcohol and cannabis flowers with a high concentration of THC.

This preparation can be made with 1: 1 ratio CBD buds, for example, for use in medicine; It is also possible that an alcoholic beverage with a high alcohol content will be used as a base for recreational consumption.

In order for the process to take place, the cannabinoids must be dissolved, and this is achieved when the marijuana is heated with high quality alcohol. What we have need is for THC to be psychotropic.

To do this, a decarboxylation is carried out, that is, a process in which carbon dioxide is released. At the same time, the carboxyl is removed. When this method is used on cannabis, what happens is that the THC molecule is activated.

In order to make this great and potent mixture there are two ways, the short one where you need a container to heat in a double boiler, and the long one where you need to let the mixture sit in a bottle for a while. two long weeks.

Indeed, here we will learn how to do it in a simple way. Why complicate us, right ?.

👾 What do you need for the cannabis infused liquor?

In order to mix it with our favorite drink, it is necessary to make the green dragon drink and thus be able to include it in the cocktail of choice. So let’s see what ingredients we need.


  • Alcohol, vodka
  • 2.5 to 3.5 gram marihuana
  • Grinder
  • Container for heating

You need several tools to complete the process:

  • 1 mixer that can tolerate the heat produced by a liter of liquid
  • 2 nitrous oxide chargers


  1. The first thing we are going to do to get your alcohol infused weed, is to add the alcohol in the blender, I advise you to use the whole bottle. Then add the cannabis, as you will have it in bud, use your grinder to grind it and then put it in the blender with the vodka.
  2. The second thing you are going to do is release the gas, to do this you need to connect the nitrous charger, this step will have to be done twice. When you’re done, wait a few minutes, then open the blender.
  3. The following is the decarboxylation, for that, he is necessary to do the bain-marie. In order for the cananbis to have an effect, it must be heated, that will activate THC. Therefore, place the liquid in the container, where the water will remain below heating to a temperature of about 200 degrees.
  4. When you add the liquid to the container where it will be heated, you might be surprised because it will have a greenish appearance. But beware, it still needs to warm up for the THC to activate.
  5. Leave everything on the heat for 45 minutes to an hour, this will be enough for it to be ready. It is normal that after the process the amount of alcohol is minimized a little.
  6. It is also possible to make a green dragon tincture more intense, for this it will be necessary that the quantity of liquid is reduced. When this is done, it is possible to use it for daily consumption, especially when you don’t feel like smoking or when it is for medicinal purposes. Its consumption is done by the sublingual route.
  7. Turn off the heat when it has boiled, then you must filter the product to remove cannabis particles. You can save the marijuana you filter and reuse it or just throw it away. You will put all the liquid in a preferably glass bottle for better conservation.
Procedure for making the green dragon recipe
Procedure for making the green dragon recipe

You already have your alcohol infused weed and it’s ready to be used as an alcohol base in your favorite drink. So you easily have an effective, potent and productive alcohol substitute for a fun night out.

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🧐 Suggestion

Its flavor is impressive and goes with the drink you want, a good alternative is to use as a base liquor combined with:

  • Lemonade
  • Fresh lemons
  • Ice cubes

You can add as much green dragon as you want, my suggestion is to start with caution and don’t add too much. All you have to do is take a large jug, put the ice cubes in, add the amount of green dragon tincture as you deem appropriate, then lemonade and placing fresh lemon slices in the drink, that’s it.

It may seem that the effect does not happen, but we already know that by consuming it liquid or in food, its effect takes a little longer to be present. So you better try, feel its effects and to adapt the quantities according to your experience.

The idea is to have a good time, in moderation to enjoy it, so measure the amount of alcohol.

⚠️ Conclusion

It’s that simple, you have a cannabis liqueur base that you can use in your drinks, ideal for an afternoon with friends or perhaps a day to relax after a long day at work.

Tell us what you have prepared and how the experience went. Help us get this information out to more people, share it!

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