How to make marijuana brownie

Who doesn’t love a delicious chocolate pecan brownie? What if we also “cheer up” this rich and American dessert, turning it into a daring marijuana brownie?

It is known to brownie like that incredible dense and dark sponge cake, true to the origin of its name, ideal if it is prepared with some rich and aromatic dried fruit such as hazelnuts or walnuts. In addition, and as not dear growers, surely we have all tried this cake seasoned with the special magic of marijuana. Here we tell you how to do it at home step by step if you want to try it.

Ingredients to make marijuana brownie

The ideal thing to make any type of traditional brownie is that we can use a quality dark chocolate. If possible, it is best to use a tablet as such of dark pastry chocolate to melt, without milk or added sugar. With 200 grams it will be more than enough for this preparation. We can complement with more flavor and intensity to taste, also adding a pinch of powdered pastry cocoa.

And, of course, we can try to innovate by making up to three colors of brownie: dark chocolate, milk chocolate or even white chocolate. Encourage you to try using different types of chocolate to taste, to make this recipe for marijuana and chocolate brownie as you prefer.

  • Homemade marijuana butter 125gr

How to make marijuana brownie 3This is when we incorporate the main ingredient in this “cannarecipe”. Instead of extracting the THC from the marijuana to add it to the recipe with elaborate and complicated processes, or even adding the marijuana directly to the dough, what we will do will be much simpler, cleaner, richer and easier. We will need only 125gr (a cup or half a glass to use) of homemade marijuana butter. In this same blog you have the recipe to make yours simply at home in our articles This is how marijuana butter is prepared Y Marijuana butter for vegans with coconut oil.

How to make marijuana brownie 4In most pastry recipes, we will add an almost insignificant pinch of salt, enough and totally necessary to perfect the final flavor and enhance the sweet taste of our sweets. How do we tell you just a “pinch” of salt will be necessary, which will be like a quarter teaspoon of coffee or tea and it will not exceed 4 or 5 grams.

How to make marijuana brownie 5Of course, we will need 4 chicken eggs for the basic preparation of the sponge cake.

How to make marijuana brownie 6If you have access to natural or whole cane sugar, the final flavor and consistency will improve. If this is not the case and you only have refined white to use, of course it can be used without fear and It will be enough that we have 120 grams of sugar in total.

How to make marijuana brownie 7One of the essential touches of the chocolate brownie It is that final vanilla bouquet, which is deliciously marked on the palate when we taste it. For this recipe we can add this rich flavor in three ways: with a teaspoon of vanilla or vanilla sugar coffee or tea, with the same amount but of vanilla essence or by adding the scraping of a natural vanilla bean. As you prefer and it suits you better but if we use pure essence or vanillin, do not add more than 20 grams or the content of a pod at the most.

How to make marijuana brownie 8Brownies are a cake, so as a rule, they would not need yeast of any kind to raise in the oven. The success of a good sponge cake will always be to give the dough all the necessary air during its preparation, so that it rises properly in the oven later. For this elaboration we will need only 85 grams of wheat flour conventional, but if we can use commercial cake flour, it usually incorporates a small amount of yeast that will make it easier for our brownie to rise in the oven as we expect.

How to make marijuana brownie 9Actually the flavor and quantity of ice cream per serving can be to taste. The traditional American recipe for chocolate brownie is accompanied with a scoop of vanilla ice cream per person. The truth is that it is very rich because of the contrast with the hot, thick and dense cake, but as we say, we can choose flavor, quantity and even whether to add it or not. We personally love it, either with this our “seasoned” brownie or with a more boring one 😉

To crown ourselves, we can finish the individual portion of marijuana and chocolate brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a little chocolate coating on top, which will harden and form a thin crunchy layer.

How to prepare marijuana brownie 10As we told you at the beginning of the post, the usual is the use of walnuts to add a finishing touch to the brownie. From our experience, We advise you to try with hazelnuts also. You can choose one option or the other, or even combine with both. As you like, 100 grams will suffice in any case.

  • Chocolate chips 30gr

How to make marijuana brownie 11The final touch and totally to taste. You can acquire the pastry dark chocolate chips in any market or supermarket to finish off this rich preparation; or, grate or chop the leftover dark chocolate bar that we will use to make the dough. We will need a maximum of between 25 and 30 grams.

How to make marijuana and chocolate brownie step by step

Let’s get to work then!

we explain them how to make our rich recipe for chocolate brownie with marijuana butter.

If you have already prepared some type of brownie at some point, you will see that this “cannarecipe” is really simple and it will be enough to replace the traditional butter with homemade marijuana butter.

If in your case you are inexperienced “canna cooks”, we hope to guide you with this complete step-by-step explanation, so that you learn how to cook a rich chocolate brownie with our beloved plant as “special spicy”.

  1. We started by integrating the chocolate with the marijuana butter in the bain-marie. We take our dark chocolate confectionery tablet and chop or grate the 200 grams that we will need for this recipe in a glass bowl. We add the 125 grams of homemade marijuana butter to the bowl along with the chocolate and we take it to the water bath. The simple technique, we will place the bowl with the chocolate and our “cannamantequilla” on a saucepan with boiling water over medium / high heat. We stir for 5 or 10 minutes until we see a uniform mixture and remove everything from the heat.
  2. In another separate bowl, we are going to beat the 4 eggs necessary for this recipe with energy. Once they are well beaten, We will add the 120 grams of sugar, the pinch of salt and it will be time to add the vanillin if it is the format chosen to flavor the brownie. We stir well to integrate everything.
  3. With the mixture of the egg, the sugar and the aromas ready, it is time to incorporate the 85 grams of wheat flour. The most important thing in this step will be how we mix the liquid ingredients with the solid ones. We will have to gently but firmly stir all the preparation to avoid lumps and, at the same time, provide it with the necessary air. The most comfortable is to use a silicone kitchen tongue for this step, but we can also help ourselves with a metal rod by using it slowly. If we choose the vanilla bean or the essence to add The fragance, and / or supplement with a little black cocoa powder, it will be time to add them as well.
  4. It is now when we will mix everything with the contents of the first bowl that we had put aside. The glass bowl will have kept the heat and the chocolate and butter must remain integrated, we stir again and add to the bowl of the preparation of the dough, mixing it very well with the same method as before. Help yourself with some slight circular movements, from the center of the bowl outwards, with the paddle or rod; as before, with slow but firm movements and lifting the preparation.
  5. When we see that everything is perfectly colored by the chocolate mixture, we will add the nuts and the chocolate chips to taste to finish passing the dough with everything to a cake mold, preferably rectangular. Do not forget us pre-grease with butter and sprinkle the bottom of the pan with a little flour to prevent the brownie from sticking and to be able to unmold it easily when finished baking.
  6. We preheat the oven 200 degrees for 2 or 3 minutes. Once hot, we lower the temperature to 150 degrees and we introduce our marijuana brownie for up to 45 or 50 minutes. Let’s not forget to control the baking by slightly poking the brownie with a wooden toothpick towards the end of cooking, to ensure its condition and remove it from the oven at its exact point. You know, when the toothpick comes out clean … we have our brownie ready!
How to make marijuana brownie 12
Final result marijuana brownie

As always, this recipe involves consuming ingested marijuana, so We recommend caution with the first experiences.

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As you already know, marijuana consumed in this way has a more powerful and faster effect than with any other form of consumption. THC is fully absorbed and enters the bloodstream quickly, so like everything in life, let’s be careful, testing and expanding the ration as we see fit.

Enjoy it!

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