How to make a Marijuana Coffee Shake

If you are one of those people for whom the day cannot begin without a good cup of coffee, today we bring you a recipe that will make you very happy. We assume that what has brought you to this blog is not your love for caffeine but your passion for marijuana, but if it turns out that there is a way to combine the two in a delicious recipe, would not you dare to do the proof?

This idea of ​​a marijuana coffee shake is great to start the morning with energy, to recharge your batteries in the middle of the afternoon or simply to kill the bug when you feel like having a refreshing drink and with very particular effects that you will not find in common coffee. Do you dare to try it?

Ingredients and preparation

This from the shakes or hit It is very fashionable, so the recipe that we bring you is not for you to prepare a drink alone but for you to experience this pleasant mix of stimulating flavors in the company of three or four friends. You already know that shared fun has a much sweeter and more satisfying aftertaste.

What do you need to delight your guests with this culinary surprise? Let’s say that the shake itself could have two versions: a strictly artisanal one, in which you even make the vanilla ice cream part, and a slightly less elaborate one in which we skip this step and get straight to the point.

In this case we have preferred to ignore the issue of making ice cream because, after all, this is not Arguiñano’s kitchen but a blog dedicated to marijuana, so let’s go to what really interests us. Of course, do not racane with the vanilla ice cream and buy something that is of good quality. Since you are going to put a selection of your best maria, make the result of the combination rise to the occasion.
Do you already have a pen and paper? Aim. This is all that you will need to carry out this recipe:

  • 250 ml of milk (preferably whole, since we are going to put fineLet’s do it with all the consequences.
  • 400 ml of vanilla ice cream (at least buy the second least cheap you find in the supermarket, stretch a little!).
  • 20 ml of coffee or decaffeinated (according to your preferences).
  • 2 g of marijuana in buds.
  • One tablespoon of vanilla extract.

Let’s do it

marijuana coffee

As a good marijuana grower, you already know that patience is the secret to success. This maxim is also repeated in the kitchen, so there are some points in this recipe that it is better to do well in advance. From one day to the next it will be enough.

The key point is the mix between marijuana and milk. Once you have crushed your buds well, it is best to let the result, that finite chopping, remain soak in milk at least overnight. What have you forgotten and are your guests arriving today? Nothing happens as long as you have a margin of about two or three hours. The point is that the milk is well impregnated with the substances released by the cannabis. It is what will please the recipe.

This is the base mix of the marijuana coffee shake. Really from this point on, all you have to do is use a blender (a better blender, if possible) to add the rest of the ingredients that compose it one by one: ice cream, coffee, vanilla extract. and the mixture of cannabis and milk. Once again, patience. Let everything stay well mixed until it forms a dense, homogeneous liquid.

Now you just have to serve it in the glasses or glasses you have chosen for the occasion and work a little on the presentation of the shake so that, apart from being really appetizing, it has a truly attractive appearance. Any tips when it comes to serving? If you have a sweet tooth and nobody cares to skip the diet a bit, add a little cream, chocolate syrup and a tasty topping of peanuts to finish off the play will make it a round recipe.

Properties of coffee with marijuana

As you have already seen, preparing a coffee shake with marijuana does not have too much complexity, but you can take the opportunity to give it to yourself. cultureta with a little knowledge about what you are up to and liven up the preparation process with these wise comments about the properties of coffee with marijuana.

First of all you should warn your guests that the marijuana coffee shake should be savored slowly, enjoying the flavors calmly. The effects of this combination do not have to be noticed immediately and it is convenient to go little by little to see how it feels because, especially if you are not used to consuming cannabis, the pitch it can come unexpectedly.

Coffee and marijuana in smoothie form are a perfect combination for those looking for a fun and refreshing source of energy. Slight high that far from making you feel tired seems to put the batteries, open your mind, make you alert. Both caffeine and cannabinoids are fat soluble and have effects on inflammation in the body and on neurotransmitters, each in its own way.

As they are certainly somewhat contradictory, it is important to take this delicious combination with balance and the shake that we propose is a clear example of how to do it correctly. With this small amount of coffee (which can also be decaffeinated), the only thing we will be doing is adding flavor to the mixture to enhance the qualities of the variety of marijuana that you have chosen for your cocktail.

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