How Do You Grow Mushrooms at Home

Anyone who is enthusiastic about mushrooms and exploring psychedelics is only bothered about one thing: Sprouts!! In addition to getting sprouts, they also want to know how to start right by discovering where to buy mushrooms or how to get a safe and reliable supply of wild psychedelic mushrooms. 


But after getting the mushrooms, how can you ensure that you plant and grow them the right way? Thinking about how to grow mushrooms can be very complex, hence why some people give up a few weeks after trying for the first time. The constant disinfection process and the inconveniences of searching for different supplies make it an intimidating experience. 


The solution? Get a mushroom to grow kit!! The grow kit is convenient; it makes it easier for beginners to get into the mushroom growing world without too many hassles. With an affordable price point, you get a lot of value with the grow kit making cultivation fun and effective. 


Mushroom grow kits have taken over the market, with numerous brands offering unique details that attract new buyers. However, the availability of these options makes it difficult for new buyers to decide on what to buy. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered as this article will break down the top five mushrooms grow kits you can use at home. 


The features of a quality mushroom growing kit 

The different mushroom growing kits available in the market have additional gears, but a primary one is a container that could be a bag, jar, or even a box. The kit should also have a substrate (like soil for fungi), the platform on which you plant the mushroom, and this substrate provides nutrition for your young mushrooms. 


You should know the mushrooms do not sprout from the substrate; they sprout from mycelium when they are ready. Mycelium is a white substance that is also the mushroom’s root system: just as your other plants have roots before flowers grow, the mycelium grows first before the mushroom sprouts forth. 


Okay, don’t get confused now; these are the most important things all mushroom growing kits should have:


  • A container

  • Substrate 

  • Mycelium 


With these critical things, your growing kit will be very useful in helping you attain well-spouted and beautiful mushrooms. You will also need spores which are a kind of seed for the mushroom. The spouts are not sold with the growing kits, which means you have to buy them separately. 


The top five mushroom growing kits for your home


When shopping for a mushroom grow kit, you also want to get a kit from a reliable and trustworthy company, which makes Wholecelium so unique. They have been in this industry for 15 years offering kits that produce several harvests, and when you place an order, you can pick from a variety of species you prefer. 


Interestingly with this grow kit, you don’t need to buy spores because the mycelium is pre-grown. They ship worldwide, have received 82% of positive ratings with 2,000 reviews. These statistics are a sign that they are getting something right!


Myctyson’s Reishi Grow kit

If you have a love for reishi, then the Myctyson Reishi grow kit is an ideal choice. This grow kit is often described as a “Plug and play grow,” which is not only for a specific type of mushroom but is also easy to use long-term. 


Did you know that reishi mushrooms are used to boost immunity against diseases? Yes, it does! It is a valuable mushroom used to combat depression and fatigue: most people take them as capsules or as a tincture. Since they are costly to purchase with this grow kit, you will get a natural one from your home. Did we mention that reishi’s are very beautiful? Get this grow kit, and you will see its gorgeousness first hand. 


North Spore

Looking for the most reliable grow kit for mushrooms, get? You’ve got to get the North Spore spray and grow kit. Anyone can use this kit as all you have to do cut the box, cut a part of the box, and pour some water a few times daily. After two weeks, you will see your nicely sprouted mushrooms that are ready to be harvested. 

These kits also come in various beautiful and medicinal mushrooms that include Golden Oysters and Pink Oysters. If you are always busy and don’t want to grow the mushrooms from scratch, this kit is a must-have. 


Midwest Grow Kits

This business has been in the fungi cultivation market since 2004, offering a highly rated grow kit with compact packaging and a video mushroom growing guide. Their impeccable customer care service also ensures that you can quickly get help should you encounter any issues (which is most unlikely). 


You can purchase this grow kit from anywhere you are in the United States as they accept all credit cards and payment options. Remember that grow kits in the United States don’t come with spores, so you will have to buy your own spores. 


Maximumstore simple magic mushroom grow kit. 

The simple magic mushroom grows kit is the best choice for anyone on a budget as it comes with everything you will need for your first grow experience. Here’s what you get: 6 sterilized and premixed substrate jars, humidity gauge, perlite, which is the soil for your mushrooms, and a fruiting chamber for the mycelium. You also get a grow light with this kit and all of these at $70!! 


If you were to buy these supplies separately, you would have to go to different stores and spend even more money. Buyers save time and money, which is simply amazing. 


Bottom line 

There you have it!! The top five mushroom growing kit that empowers you to increase your mushrooms with ease at home. Growing mushrooms is fun and a very fulfilling process, and with grow kits, you have a convenient way of achieving all your mushroom’s goals. The next time you go shopping, remember this list, buy the best choices, plant, and reap tremendous results with your mushrooms at home.









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