History of Kush Marijuana and Best Strains


Kush is one of the most popular Cannabis families and appreciated by seed enthusiasts. This is a type of variety that is all the rage among collectors for reasons that will be revealed throughout this article.

Then they will be given relevant facts about the place of origin of the Kush family, the characteristics that define the varieties of this family and a selection of the best varieties of Kush seeds. To know everything about this family of Cannabis, it is necessary to continue reading 🙂

Origin and history of the Kush family

The history of the Kush family is situated in the mountains of the Hindu Kush, an exceptional place although marked by confrontations. This area is known for its high quality hashish, which testifies to the good environment for growing plants in the area. This area is attached to the Himalayas and includes 3 countries: India, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Hindu Kush region, belonging to a mountainous area, is located at high altitude, up to more than 800 metersTherefore, the varieties of seeds of this family have a special adaptation to this type of climate. They are hardy varieties, which thrive best in relatively cold summer climates.

In ancient times, this region was popular for serving as common link between traders in the Asian area central, western and eastern, whereby populations from different parts of the continent converged to give rise to a very busy area. The oldest cannabis traditions were also brought together here, for the varieties of Cannabis that naturally thrive in the Hindu kush.

The Kush marijuana story continues. Later, reaching the middle of the 20th century, the movements countercultural youth flocked to this area attracted by the varieties of Cannabis of the Hindu Kush and the mysticism that was breathed in the area. These young men brought the original Kush seeds back to the United States and Europe, which were later crossed to give rise to some of the most interesting milestones within the world of the Kush family.

In many cases, these pioneers of hybridization of Kush varieties, used Sativa genetics, from regions with climates different from that of Hindu Kush, resulting in strains with novel characteristics and nurturing the primitive wineries of what would be the best seed banks in the world.

These hybrid varieties, according to experts, have better behavior in milder climates such as European and North American, so they could be grown in these areas, in addition to increasing the potency and physical sensation so recognizable of the Kush family. From this point on, California has become the cradle of stabilization of Kush strains.

The Best Strains of the Kush Family

Once the history of Kush marijuana has been reviewed, it is time to provide information on some of the family’s seed strains Most popular and collected Kush in the world.

Bubba Kush

One of the queens of the Greenhouse Kush family is the version feminized Bubba Kush. This strain comes from a prodigious genetic stabilization of a classic American Kush from the 90s. It is an Indica-dominant strain, often considered one of the best of this Cannabis subspecies.

One of the characteristics that stand out most of this strain is the production of resin, a trait that defines the Kush family. Cannabis plants produce a greater amount of resin as a method of protection against inclement weather, such as cold, common in the mountains of the Hindu Kush.

It is a seed that according to the manufacturer gives rise to plants of compact size, with much branching and short internodal distance, and also reports that it produces abundant harvests of large buds. Despite being a Kush variety, it is a stabilized strain in California, which makes it better able to withstand temperate climates.

The file tells how this strain has the typical aroma of Kush, spicy, with touches of earth and coffee, which make the organoleptic properties of this variety one of the most desired by enthusiasts of the Kush family. The yield of this strain is excellent and despite its small size it can produce up to 500 grams per square meter indoors.

Kosher Kush

La Kosher Kush de DNA Genetics She is one of the champions of the Kush family. It is a seed that has won up to 3 awards in different cannabis cups throughout the world. It is also one of the crown jewels seed bank DNA Genetics, which used original Kush specimens stabilized off the Californian coasts with exceptional climatic conditions.

According to the manufacturer, Kosher Kush is easy to grow and has resistance to pests and fungi. Josher Kush seeds give rise to short plants. This is another of the traits that best define the structure of the seeds of the Kush family: low plants, short internodal spacing and perfect for crops where there is not much space available.

The Kush family marijuana legacy

As reported by the seed bank, Kosher Kush also produces like a champion, especially in outdoor crops, where plants of this variety can produce up to 800 grams per plant. Indoors, this strain responds great and can also produce up to 500 grams per square meter.

Kosher Kush is a strain with complex, exquisite organoleptic properties and a varied terpenic profile. Another of the strengths that DNA highlights about Kosher Kush are its powerful and sedative effects. This is a defining characteristic of the varieties of the Kush family and that makes them a favorite among indica seed enthusiasts.

Critical Kush

Within the Kush family there is also a place for those varieties with unique fragrances. This is the case of the Critical Kush, a seed prodigy provided by the Barneys Farm seed bank, another of the great American banks. It reflects the interest of cannabis institutions on the American West Coast in the Kush family.

To obtain this variety, a double crossing of a variety was used Critical Kush, con una Ocean Grow kush original. The result is a pure Indica strain with a delicious earthy, herbal aroma and hints of gasoline. This seed, according to the manufacturer, has many more advantages, such as excellent resin production and relatively fast flowering.

History of Kush marijuana

Due to her indica heritage, Critical Kush has a short size, which can reach up to 110 cm. It is a variety of the Kush family with characteristic features of western strains. It is a perfect example of the hybridization processes that were carried out during the last century in order to introduce varieties with new characteristics.

Critical Kush production is also inherited from the Kush family, as stated by the manufacturer. Thus, according to the manufacturer, outdoors this strain can offer up to 1 kilo of harvest per plant, impressive results for a plant that exceeds average expectations. The manufacturer finalizes the characteristics of this variety informing that it has very active cannabinoids.

Pink Kush

Within the Cannabis Kush family there are also colorful and showy varieties such as Pink Kush. It is a Barneys Farm proposal that was worked on stabilizing and selecting OG Kush specimens, possibly the variety of the Kush family most appreciated for its effects, resistance and flavor.

In addition to the OG Kush, this seed bank has worked with other excellent genetics of the Kush family, such as the Critical Kush, which provides performance, and Peyote Purple, which adds color and power to Pink Kush. The result is brutal when it comes to performance and potency, according to Barneys Farm.

History of Cannabis Kush

The data sheet indicates that Pink Kush feminized seeds give rise to plants of compact size, which will not exceed 120 cm in height. Its structure is typically Indica, by having 80% of this genetics. In this way, it develops a large central branch with large, dense, large and resinous buds. The bank reports that the performance of this variety varies from outdoor to indoor. In the first case, up to 700 grams per plant outdoors, in the second case, up to 650 grams per square meter.

According to the laboratory tests offered by the bank, it is a strain with very active cannabinoids. Pink Kush can concentrate up to a 24% THC and 1.4% CBD. The Indica potency of this strain is designed for lovers of high quality Indica seeds. Finally, this strain has a sweet, intense flavor with hints of vanilla.

Bad Azz Kush

With Bad Azz Kush from Barneys Farm the list of best strains of the Kush family. Bad Azz Kush is a strain that comes from a triple cross of Afghan Kush, Urkel and OG Kush. The quality of this cross is reflected in the seeds that give rise to Indica-dominant plants.

It is therefore a strain with compact structure and short flowering, so it works great in climates with short summers. Despite these characteristics, Bad Azz Kush has extraordinary yields, reaching up to 650 grams per square meter indoors and increasing performance outdoors.

The legacy of the Cannabis Kush family

The manufacturer claims that it has powerful psychoactive effects, favored by concentrations of THC that reach 23%. In addition, this strain of the Kush family also has CBD, up to 1.2%. The flavor of Bad Azz Kush is also appreciated for having floral, intense and highly aromatic touches.

Kush strains are a connoisseur’s favorite in the seed collecting world. It is a strain that comes from Central Asia but its cultivation and stabilization have been extended to the American west coast. Therefore, it is a very heterogeneous family, in which seeds of very different characteristics can be found.

This has been all about the history of Kush marijuana, to continue with interesting readings. Is it possible to test Positive in THC having consumed CBD? and Trichoderma Harzianum mushrooms for growing marijuana.

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