[GUIDE] The Effects of Marijuana on Your Body – Medicinal and Recreational

Marijuana or cannabis is a substance that has been used by humans for centuries and various purposes. Even so, today many people do not know the wonderful effects of marijuana, among them, there are many, both medicinal and recreational.


  1. Why does marijuana produce different effects?
  2. Effects of marijuana for recreational or recreational purposes
  3. Effects of marijuana for medicinal purposes
  • Palliative effect in migraines
  • Effects of marijuana for medicinal purposes
  • Palliative effect in migraine
  • Marijuana strains that cause a reduction in the frequency of migraines and relieve neuropathic pain: Palliative effect on menstrual pain
  • Marijuana strains that produce a palliative effect on menstrual pain:
  • Palliative effect against depression
  • Cannabis strains that produce an antidepressant effect:
  • Effects against high appetite and nausea
  • Varieties that stimulate appetite and prevent much of nausea:

Why does marijuana produce different effects?

Before we go on to list and explain the effects that marijuana produces, let us first have a little history.

Marijuana has been cultivating for a long time. For centuries this wonderful plant has been spreading throughout the world and acclimating to each region where it was cultivated, producing what we call different phenotypic expressions. Each Cannabis variety is susceptible to changes depending on where it has been cultivated, especially if the descendants continue and the plants begin to adapt to the environment, which over time has led to different varieties of cannabis being produced.

Cannabis has been cultivated for different reasons and each one of the people who used it destined it for a specific use, thus obtaining almost unique deals in each region. However, since the global ban became effective with the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961, many varieties of marijuana began to disappear and with them their unique effects. With this reform, the biological wealth hidden by some of these varieties has been destroyed, however, some pharmaceutical companies, seed banks, and some cannabis circles still conserve this genetic material.

In this article, we are going to explore a little bit about the effects of marijuana. Many people have never consumed and do not know what to find. We will discuss the most suitable varieties for each effect so that you can experience the effects yourself. Marijuana does not have the same effects on all people, but there is a general pattern of how marijuana works for most people, and that is where we will focus on this article.

The pot can produce a variety of effects. This is because each effect corresponds to a specific chemical profile of cannabinoids (active ingredients in marijuana) and terpenes (odors of marijuana). Marijuana is a special substance. Terpenes and cannabinoids are found in their resin, so they share the same pathways to our neuroreceptors, producing a synergistic effect, this is a unique treatment of cannabis.

Now we will classify the effects according to their function so that you can find the variety and information necessary to make an informed choice:

Effects of marijuana for recreational or recreational purposes

Relaxing effect

One of the most sought after effects in marijuana is the relaxing effect. Normally, the most Indica dominant varieties are those that contain the most CBN. CBN is the substance that usually produces this relaxing effect, although there are also Sativa and hybrids that produce this effect.

This effect is usually sought by people when they want to disconnect or when they need to rest.

Cannabis strains that produce a relaxing effect:

  • Northern Lights X by Genehtik Seeds
  • White Widow by Dutch Passion
  • Double Glock by Ripper Seeds

Energizing effect

Sativa marijuana often produces a more energizing effect than Indica or hybrid varieties. This is due to the chemical profile of Sativa. These do not usually have CBD that counteracts the effect of THC, nor much CBN so its effect is more active, these varieties are not recommended for people with stress or insomnia problems.

Cannabis strains that produce an energizing effect:

  • Jack Herer from Sensi Seeds
  • Delicious Seeds caramel
  • Super Silver Haze by Green House Seeds

Euphoric effect

Many varieties produce an effect that we call euphoric. This effect is an externalized feeling of optimism and well-being that some drugs usually cause. A combination of high CBD levels and moderate THC levels are responsible for this pleasant sensation. We will find Sativa, hybrid and Indica varieties that produce this effect.

Cannabis strains that produce a euphoric effect:

  • Kritikal Bilbo x AK47 from Genehtik Seeds
  • Moby Dick from Dinafem Seeds
  • Green Poison by Sweet Seeds

Concentration effect

Today there are many people with what is called attention deficit disorder, this is normal given the constant stimuli that we face as children and that can lead to a problem of attention.

CBD is known to have antipsychotic properties, and many varieties produce great relaxation as well, making our brains not over-active and better focused on a single task.

Cannabis strains that produce a concentration effect:

  • Dinamed CBD Plus from Dinafem Seeds
  • Sweet Pure CBD from Sweet Seeds
  • Buddha Seeds Medikit

Creativity boost effect

Marijuana effects.


One of the most wanted effects of marijuana is that of creativity. Marijuana is capable of promoting divergent thinking, a more abstract type of thinking that allows us to see things in different ways to try to tackle a problem. This characteristic of marijuana is given by THC molecules. Shakespeare called marijuana in the 16th century as an inspiring herb.

Cannabis strains that produce an increase in creativity:

  • Jack 47 by Sweet Seeds
  • Kali Mist from Serious Seeds
  • Barney’s Farm LSD

Happiness effect

Marijuana can have a happy effect, sometimes described as euphoria. This is due to the effect of THC, which has the same effect on our brain as anandamide, a neuroreceptor that regulates the feeling of well-being and amplifies pleasurable sensations.

Varieties that produce an effect of happiness:

  • Skunk # 1 by Sensi Seeds
  • Sugar Black Rose by Delicious Seeds
  • Lemon Skunk from Green House Seeds

Appetite stimulating effect

Marijuana can stimulate people’s appetite thanks to CBD, this substance can interact with the neuroreceptor AG-2 that controls the appetite moderation, when CBD interacts with this neuroreceptor it can stimulate our appetite, even in Heavy use cases can produce the opposite effect.

Cannabis strains that increase appetite stimulation:

  • Strawberry Banana by DNA Genetics
  • Dinafem Seeds Super Silver
  • Tangerine Dream from Barney’s Farm

Effects of marijuana for medicinal purposes

Marijuana and its medicinal effects

  • The palliative effect in migraines

As for chronic headaches or migraines, not enough scientific rigor studies have been done to support marijuana use against migraines, however, there is enough anecdotal evidence and other preliminary results that it may have a positive effect.

As early as 2016, a study was published that sought to identify patterns among the data recorded in recent years, following up on 121 adults with migraines who were recommended by their doctor for medical marijuana. This study showed how the frequency of migraine attacks fell from an average of 10.4 to 4.6 per month. However, the varieties of marijuana used varied and we also don’t know much about how the doses were administered.

Marijuana strains that cause a reduction in the frequency of migraines and relieve neuropathic pain:

Painkiller by Dr. Underground

LA Confidential by DNA Genetics

White Label Master Kush

  • Palliative effect on menstrual pain

Menstrual pain is largely caused by hormones called prostaglandins. When the period comes, these hormones are released onto the lining of the uterus, causing the uterus to contract. We also know that these hormones are also responsible for part of the inflammation that occurs in the uterus, something that makes the pain more acute.

Marijuana is very effective in controlling menstrual pain, however, there is only one study explicitly dedicated to this topic.

Marijuana strains that produce a palliative effect on menstrual pain:

Chronic by Serious Seeds

Critical + by Dinafem Seeds

Fruity Chronic Juice by Delicious Seeds

  • Palliative effect against depression

Marijuana is widely used to combat depression. A study was published in 2007 stating that low-dose marijuana is a powerful antidepressant, however, its use in high amounts can worsen depression.

It must also be said here that it is advisable in some cases to substitute marijuana for standard medication for the treatment of chronic pain (opioid analgesics) and the treatment of anxiety. Continued use of opioid-type pain relievers can usually cause depression and high physical addiction. Anxiety medications often generate more anxiety, so there comes a time when you cannot live without taking the medication with you, leading to heavy dependency.

Cannabis strains that produce an antidepressant effect:

  • Green Poison by Sweet Seeds
  • Prozac by Medical Seeds
  • Gorilla by Dinafem Seeds

Effects against high appetite and nausea

Lack of appetite and nausea is a problem faced by many sufferers, especially in people who have been treated with chemotherapy and people with depression.

In the case of chemotherapy, 3 episodes are usually given:

1) Acute nausea that occurs after chemotherapy administration

2) Emesis or nausea that arises or persists 24h after chemotherapy

3) Vomiting or early nausea that occurs when the patient is re-exposed to the toxin signals.

Cannabis combined with medications affects CB1 neuroreceptors, reducing nausea and vomiting in the first treatment by 70 – 90%.

Varieties that stimulate appetite and prevent much of nausea:

Kritikal Bilbo from Genehtik Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies from The Cali Connection

MK Ultra by TH Seeds

So far all the known recreational and medical effects that marijuana produces, surely over time more will appear and we will be here to tell you about them.

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