Growing CBD Cannabis in Aeroponics: How It Works and Benefits

Aeroponics : breaking down the word, we quickly understand that this method of cultivation makes extensive use of the virtues of the air. More precisely, it consists in growing CBD cannabis (or other plant) with the roots outside the ground. How does this special system work, what are its advantages and disadvantages and when to use it? This is what we will explain to you right away.

What is the cultivation of CBD cannabis in aeroponics?

Cannabis growers opting for aeroponics hope for better yields, faster

Aeroponics, or aeroponic culture is a so-called soilless cultivation method. This simply means that the plants do not grow in pots or in the ground. The first above-ground system to have seen the light of day is hydroponics, using instead of soil a neutral substrate. In the case of CBD cannabis, the flagship growing environment is usually coconut coir.

In the case of aeroponics, the principle is similar, except that, this time, the roots are directly exposed to the open air. They thus benefit from a maximum oxygen and oxygen (CO2). In return, nutrients must be sprayed regularly directly on the roots to allow the light cannabis plant to feed.

Why complicate things rather than simply letting the soil do its work, you might say to yourself: quite simply because soilless cultivation allows a full control of nutrients and growing environment. With sufficient mastery of technique, she thus allows cannabis to grow faster, by offering a better performance (size and quantity of CBD flowers in particular).

Regardless of the cultivation method, the nutrients are brought directly to the roots of the cannabis
Regardless of the cultivation method, the nutrients are brought directly to the roots of the cannabis

A plant feeds mainly through its roots. In nature, a wild cannabis plant thus draws its nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium mainly) directly from the soil. For a little over a century, the food industry has been inspired by this natural phenomenon and has attempted tooptimize plant yields grown for commercial purposes. It is from this research work that aeroponics was born.

To function, aeroponics requires a sophisticated closed-circuit system, usually installed indoor or in a greenhouse:

  1. The plants are suspended in the air, held by a support: the roots hang below them.
  2. A timer is set to the frequency you want to feed the roots (usually every few seconds).
  3. Below, a small basin contains a mixture of water and nutrients.
  4. As soon as the timer starts, a pump draws the desired amount of water and nutrients.
  5. It is then sprayed directly on the roots which are thus enveloped in the nutrient mixture.
  6. The roots do not dry out, are fed continuously or almost continuously and benefit from an optimal quantity of oxygen. Thanks to the closed environment, diseases cannot develop and the absence of light also prevents the production of algae.

Advantages and disadvantages of aeroponics for cannabis

As we quickly mentioned, the main objective of aeroponics is to allow produce more CBD cannabis buds, in a shorter period of time. However, this is not the only advantage of the technique since it also allowsuse much less water than other cultivation methods. It additionally limits the appearance of diseases, allows more plants to grow on the same surface due to the absence of soil or other substrate and makes moving plants particularly easy: just lift the plant, then replace it in the desired location. Without classic “transplanting”, the plant does not undergo any stress since its environment does not change as long as the same nutrients are provided elsewhere.

In return, you will understand easily, aeroponics is a real work of a small chemist who requires not only special equipment, but also a good dose of knowledge of the plant and its needs. Aeroponics culture leaves little room for experimentation: a dosage error can quickly be fatal !

To conclude: when to favor the cultivation of cannabis in aeroponics?

In soil, cannabis grows slower, but more easily than in aeroponics
In soil, cannabis grows slower, but more easily than in aeroponics

let’s remember that the cultivation of cannabis for a particular use is prohibited in France. This also applies to strains that are high in CBD and legal. However, if you want to get into cultivation professionally or if you are in a country that allows it, it is important to understand when to choose which mode of cultivation. And so when to prefer aeroponics to hydroponics or that good old earth.

TerreNatural environment for cannabis,

Simple and intuitive cultivation mode,

· Ideal for beginners who want to have a first experience.

Presence of insects and other elements that can harm the plant,

· Longer cycle, with plants growing more slowly and with a lower yield.

HydroponieCycle faster than in the earth,

Higher yield,

Less insects,

· Some installations require little maintenance.

Higher production costs (material in particular),

More complex cultivation method,

· Need a minimum of knowledge to understand the nutrient needs of the plants.

· Some solutions require a lot of maintenance.

AeroponicsThe roots receive a maximum of oxygen,

Cycle faster than in the earth,

Excellent performance,

Few insects,

Total control of nutrients,

Uses little space,

Plants easy to move,

· Mode of culture using the least water.

Complex method, rather recommended for growers with experience,

The yield is not as important as with some hydroponics installations,

High cost (not profitable for a simple test),

· Mistakes can quickly lead to the death of the plant.

Thus, the cultivation of cannabis in aeroponics is particularly aimed at cannabiculturalists seasoned, who are willing to invest in quality equipment and nutrients, and spend some time pampering their favorite strains. As a reward for their know-how and their patience, they will be able to count on more abundant and closer harvests.

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