Grotek IMPACT grow chart

The growing marijuana plants They can be done naturally, with some simple care. However, on certain occasions, it is necessary that we complement the care of our crops with certain elements such as specific fertilizers, fertilizers and nutrients, that will guarantee maximum growth and vitality of our planting.
Here we give you details of the Grotek IMPACT grow chart.

In this case, Grotek brings us a wide range of products with its line IMPACT, with which you can guarantee that your marijuana crops be a resounding success.

In many cases, people do not know which products to use at each stage of the plant growth nor the amounts they need at certain times, so they can end up damaging their crops.

To avoid this, they are created crop tables, which are used as guides to control the application of said products in crops and thus guarantee the best use at each stage of the crop.

Grotek IMPACT products. Grotek IMPACT grow chart

The products that make up the line Grotek IMPACT for marijuana crops are:
IMPACT Grow A+B: This growth stimulator is a two-part formula specially designed to contain all the necessary nutrients for a correct growth phase of the production.

IMPACT Bloom A+B: it’s a growth stimulator mineral composition applicable in the flowering phase of your crop. Same as him IMPACT Grow, It is a two-part formula, each with a different concentration application.

Vitamax Pro: it’s a vitamin complex that improves the development of plants and improves their resistance, resulting in a stronger and more resistant plant in all its growth stages. This complex is organic origin and its use is specific for land crops, being used in the stage of growth and flowering.

Bud Fuel Pro: it’s a flowering stimulator that improves the development of the buds during the first weeks of flowering until the consecration of the stage. Improves the capacities of the plant to cope with periods of stress and provides the plant with a more abundant flowering.

Monster Bloom: used in the stage of fattening of the buds, its high concentration of minerals allows the formation of bigger buds and strong, resulting in an increase in final production.

Heavy Bud Pro: is he flowering stimulator that accompanies Bud Fuel Pro. Its function is to fatten the buds and increase resin formation, resulting in a product with a more intense aroma and flavor.

Pro Silicate: used to improve the crop resistance under stress, for example, in conditions of excess or lack of irrigation and extreme cold or heat.

Cal Max: it is an additive used to prevent deficiencies of certain minerals in plants, minerals such as Calcium, Iron and Magnesium. In certain cases it is also used to cure deficiencies, instead of preventing them.

Carbo Max: its carbohydrate formula helps gain weight, aroma and flavor of the buds of the crop.

Final Flush: help in root cleaning, and to eliminate the excess salts accumulated in the growing medium of the plants. It is used in the final phase of cultivation.

Grotek IMPACT usage chart.

Grotek-Hydroponics Blanes IMPACT grow table

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