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With so many vaporizers on the market, G Pen didn’t reinvent the wheel with the G Pen Micro +. They simply took its predecessor, the G Pen Micro, and made a few tweaks to modernize it and created the Micro+, delivering flavorful concentrate draws with the tap of a button. Let’s find out how the G Pen Micro + competes with a large number of vapes out today.

G Pen Micro+ Design

Upon laying your eyes on the Micro+, you’ll notice it looks like your typical vaporizer, which is intentional. G Pen designed the cartridge vape so it doesn’t make a statement or be eye-catching. Its new sleek design is perfect for on-the-go use while still delivering a smooth and flavorful vaporizer experience wherever you go. G Pen also threw in a hemp travel case to complete the portable experience.

G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer,  Hemp Travel Case, USB-C Charging Cable, Keychain Tool

G Pen Micro+ Notable Features

The G Pen Micro+ has a standard 510 thread, but what’s unique about this vape is the cartridge recognition technology. This is great for consumers because this technology recognizes and adjusts between G Pen’s proprietary cartridges and traditional 510 cartridges, giving you the flexibility to fill your own cartridge. Powering the Micro+ is a 850mAh Li-ion battery that has three temperature settings to choose from to fit your vaping needs. It has a low, medium, and high-temperature setting ( blue:2.5v, green: 2.7v, red: 3.0v). If you’re looking for a convenient session, you have the option to choose between manual or session heat mode.

USB-C Charging

The Micro+ vape utilizes USB-C charging. This is great because you can fully charge the vaporizer in as little as 90 minutes. While more electronics switch to USB-C, this also makes it easier for you to charge the device as you can connect it to other devices like a laptop, power bank, and so on. Also, unlike the G Pen Micro+’s predecessor, the Micro, this vape has pass-through charging technology, so you can enjoy a vape session while the vaporizer is charging. We can confidently say that G Pen made the right choice to opt for USB-C.

G Pen Micro+ Delivers Flavorful Vapor

If you’re a flavor chaser, the Micro+ will deliver. The mouthpiece is made from food-grade silicone so it won’t taint your vapor’s flavor. The G Pen Micro+ also features a quartz liner airpath for optimal flavor profiles and a ceramic plate heater for consistent heat application. And for maximum insulation and cool vapor, the vapor path has a dual-channel airflow.

How To Use The G Pen Micro+

To start using the G Pen Micro+, start by removing the mouthpiece. Grab your cartridge and screw the tank into the Micro+ battery. Then, grab your preferred essential oils or concentrates and load your cartridge. Once you load your cartridge, reattach the mouthpiece onto the battery. To turn on the G Pen Micro+, press the power button five times. Once the battery is on, press and hold the button, and draw.

Who Is The G Pen Micro+ For?

You might be wondering whether the G Pen Micro+ is for you or not. Well, if you’re looking for a cartridge vape that’s easy to transport and looks great, you should consider the Micro+ vape. Its sleek design and compact form factor make it great if you’re always going out the door. Also, it’s a great vape for all experience levels. Whether you’re a first-time user or have used a vaporizer in the past, the Micro+ is easy to use.

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