France: a deputy waves a joint and calls for legalization

In the Assembly, a deputy brandishes a joint and that does not please Darmanin

During a debate in the French parliament, deputy François-Michel Lambert waved a glass with a drawing of a cannabis leaf from which he drew a joint. He called for an end to the persecution of cannabis users and the regulation of a legal market and called for a settlement. President Macron did not cooperate …

French MP François Lambert ostentatiously showed a joint yesterday (Tuesday) during a parliamentary debate calling for the abolition of the criminalization of cannabis users and calling for a change in government policy.

“It’s a complete failure,” he said. “Legalization will stop illegal trade, generate tax benefits and create jobs. After his remarks, he presented a glass with a design of a cannabis leaf on it, and immediately after, he also waved the joint.

Other countries have chosen to tackle the problem and not put their heads in the sand, ”he added. The interesting performance was produced the day before the presentation of a report initiated by several parties in parliament and advocating the regulation of a legal cannabis market.

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The president of the French National Assembly immediately silenced Lambert and called for a settlement against him, which could lead to a fine against him according to the practice in France, according to a media report.

gérald darmanin “I will not abandon the police”

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin criticized what he called a “little demagoguery” on Lambert’s part, arguing that criminal organizations now involved in the illegal cannabis trade and earning 60 to 100,000 euros per week will not suddenly start operating in the legal market where they will. have to pay taxes. “Don’t be naive,” he said, “fight drugs and don’t give up”.

Alongside Lambert was Caroline Janvier who declared: “For 50 years, the ban on cannabis has adopted a goal that is impossible without having the means to achieve it. “Regulating a legal cannabis market is the most effective way to regain control of the market and protect the French people”.

Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron rejected the call for legalization and instead called for a broad national debate on the issue of drug use and its impact.

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