Everything about CBD chocolate: definition, effectiveness, use

Sweets, oils, cosmetics, sodas, and even games for smartphones: there is nothing that does not exist without its “CBD” version. Enough to get lost in the jungle of products derived from legal cannabis. However, with the arrival on the market of tablets of CBD chocolate and of cannabis infused chocolate, the promise is beautiful: the gluttony and comfort of chocolate combined with the soothing properties of cannabidiol. But that’s on paper. So what is CBD chocolate, what are its benefits, and how do you use it? We have investigated (and tested) for you!

What is CBD chocolate?

In appearance, CBD chocolate is classic chocolate

Since CBD chocolate is a relatively new product, there is no precise definition or specific rule to follow. In a very general way, however, we can agree on the fact that it is simply a question of classic chocolate incorporating cannabidiol in the list of its ingredients. It can therefore be white, dark or milk chocolate, with or without dried fruits, nuts, fleur de sel or other usual ingredient. CBD chocolate also has highly variable cannabidiol levels, generally between 10 and 100mg of CBD per 100g of chocolate. Sometimes CBD oil is added to the fat of the chocolate, other times it is infused with CBD or cannabis, allowing the full spectrum of the plant to be enjoyed.

How does CBD chocolate taste?

The chocolate taste very clearly takes the top, with a more or less pronounced hemp taste depending on the recipe (type of chocolate, percentage of cocoa, presence or absence of other ingredients) and the cannabidiol content. CBD chocolate is thus presented as a effective way to mask the taste of cannabis disturbing some consumers.

What are the effects of CBD chocolate?

CBD chocolate aims tocombine the effects of CBD (relaxation, appeasement, reduction of certain pains in particular) to the properties of chocolate (especially stimulant and antidepressant). However, you need a certain amount of cannabidiol before you feel the effects. Unlike CBD candies which are usually very concentrated, chocolate remains the main ingredient in a bar, even when it is fortified with cannabinoids. So don’t take CBD chocolate as a miracle product that will magically ease all your tensions. By combining the benefits of CBD with those of cocoa, however, it can help to relax.

We mentioned it in our article dedicated to the ideal amount of CBD, there is no officially recommended dosage yet. However, initial studies seem to show that less than a milligram of CBD / day / 5kg slice does not show much. This corresponds to 14mg of cannabidiol for a 70kg individual. For a CBD chocolate containing 10mg per tablet, this amounts to not feeling anything before… a plate and a half (but only 1/7 of a plate with 100mg of CBD / 100g of chocolate)! It is so important to choose your product according to what you are looking for : simple pleasure or effects of CBD!

Be careful though, we all react differently to CBD and cannabinoids. The figures presented here are based on observed averages and do not in any way constitute absolute truth. It is therefore suitable for alllisten to your body and start with low doses of cannabidiol until you find the right amount.

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CBD chocolate can be used on its own or in the kitchen

CBD chocolate is used like any other chocolate. The simplest ? Remove a square from the baking sheet… and eat it. The very basis of gluttony. It is obviously also possible to eat it on bread, in a brioche or any other way to consume the chocolate that makes you happy.

Home-made enthusiasts can also try their hand at cooking with cannabis using their chocolate in baking. Then our easy and irresistible CBD cookie recipe might tempt you!

Whatever method of consumption you prefer, however, a few precautions should be taken:

  • Too high a temperature may limit the effects of CBD, do not exceed 180 ° C (Forget the CBD chocolate donuts… or prefer to garnish them after frying).
  • Ingestion of cannabinoids causes slow effects. If your chocolate is very concentrated in cannabidiol, move away the sockets and wait in any case for the peak of effects before taking a part again.
  • CBD is not meant to be consumed by children or pets, let alone accidentally: keep your CBD chocolate out of reach and ideally in a cool place.

Is the sale of cannabis chocolate legal?

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In France as in the rest of the EU, only CBD chocolate is authorized for sale

It should not be confused CBD chocolate and cannabis chocolate in the broad sense of the term. In the first case, chocolate contains cannabidiol, a cannabinoid with virtuous effects, perfectly legal within the European Union (EU). For the final product to be legal, the light cannabis must have been extracted of certified cannabis plants and containing a THC level (the psychotropic substance of cannabis) of less than 0.2%, with a change to 0.3% planned by the European Parliament. The finished product, our CBD chocolate therefore, should not no longer contain THC at all.

Cannabis chocolate in the broad sense, understand containing THC also exists. The chocolate is then infused with cannabis in its entirety. This chocolate, sometimes rich in THC, then allows completely different effects, and can potentially get high. While it is legal to sell it in some countries, including the United States, THC cannabis chocolate is totally banned in France as well as in the rest of the EU. This is true for its sale as much as for its consumption.

In summary, only CBD chocolate without traces of THC is available over the counter in France.

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