Errors when germinating cannabis seeds. ✅ Find out!

Today we are going to review some mistakes when germinating cannabis seeds. Mistakes many novice growers make that can be easily fixed with a little information. The following list of errors is a good way to learn what not to do when germinating your seeds if we want to make the most of them.

Errors when germinating cannabis seeds

Let the germination medium dry

Placing any seeds in a moist growing medium will allow the seeds to begin to germinate after a few days. There are different types of media in which to start germinating them, such as jiffys, rock wool or with a simple kitchen paper.


Whatever the substratum whichever you choose for germination, we need to make sure it never dries out completely.

As the seed stops absorbing moisture, it is likely to cease its activity and never finish germinating.

For this reason, it is recommended to check day after day that the medium we use for its germination remains humid, especially if we use a heat source to achieve a higher temperature and a better germination rate.

Heat will make the substrate dry faster, something to keep in mind to avoid unpleasant surprises. In the case of hydroponic cultivation it is always better to germinate in rock wool cubes, which of course must always remain moist.

Letting the seeds germinate for too long

Another mistake when germinating cannabis seeds on kitchen paper or other similar means is to let the seed germinate until the cotyledons appear.

Image of the cotyledon of a germinated seed.

By doing this, the subsequent transplant is very difficult and it is very likely that we will damage the root in the attempt. In addition, the longer the root is exposed to air and light, the more damage it will do, so it is preferable to transplant it before this happens.

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To avoid problems, the ideal is to plant the seeds when the main root measures 1 or 2 cm approximately. This will make the transplant much easier and we will not harm the development of the roots, which can be expanded to the new growing medium without setbacks.

Direct germination in the substrate

This is a common mistake that usually results in lack of germination, especially if the substrate has not been previously watered before sowing. seed, but it is proceeded to water later.


By planting the seed directly into the substrate, we run the risk of it getting too buried when we water the substrate after sowing.

For much better results, it is recommended germinate the seeds on kitchen paper or jiffysThen transplant them directly into the ground or into a pot once the small seedlings have been born.

Temperature and humidity for germination

Cannabis seeds germinate well with relatively high temperature and humidity values.


In some seasons of the year it is necessary to use a source of heat to achieve a temperature of about 26-28ºC.

There are many options on the market for this, such as heating cables or indoor grow cabinets. The latter are particularly interesting because they also provide the perfect high-humidity environment for seed germination.

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Ideally, keep the germination medium at about 26-28ºC and a relative humidity of 70%. Low humidity values ​​will slow germination and less successful results, while higher values ​​can lead to fungal or rotting problems.

Planting the seed incorrectly

If you take a look at near a cannabis seed, you will notice that it is slightly oval in shape, ending in a point at one end and forming a small “crater” at the other end, which is called “Crown”.

When planting your seed you must bear in mind that this crown should always be up, either a seed that you want to germinate or a seed already germinated on kitchen paper that you want to transplant.

In this way, you should plant the seed with the tip facing down and the crown facing up and towards you.

Once the seed germinates, the crown will serve as a hinge, so that the crown will open at the tip and allow the root to emerge. If the seed is incorrectly placed, the main root will grow upwards and the seedling downwards, which should be avoided at all costs because the seedling will probably not hatch.

Planting at the wrong depth

Too often the seed buries too deep, a problem we’ve already seen in case of watering after planting the seed, so the seedling may never emerge.

On the other hand, if we sow too close to the surface, we can see that, although the seed germinates well, the stem weakens, bends and does not allow the plant to develop properly.


To avoid these problems, it is best to sow the seed about 2 cm deep.

Plant several seeds in the same pot

Although it may be tempting, germinating multiple seeds in the same container is often unsuccessful. In addition to the difficulty of correctly planting several seeds in the same pot, once they are born they will compete for the little space available for their roots.

Having restricted root growth is not suited to cannabis plants, which will grow weaker and with greater internodal distance.

We hope this article on some mistakes when germinating cannabis seeds can help you avoid potential problems when germinating them. It is very frustrating to start with illusion in the world of self-cultivation and get into trouble right away.

Feel free to leave us any questions, comments or your own tips in the section below.

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