Covid-19 Lockdowns & Smoking in the UK

How have Lockdowns Affected Smoking in the UK?

Despite living in a global pandemic brought on by a highly infectious respiratory virus, the past year has in fact seen a rise in smoking in the UK. In April of this year, market intelligence agency Mintel released a report which suggests that pandemic-related worries are fuelling a resurgence of stress-smoking.

The key takeaway from the report is that current smokers are smoking more, and more ex-smokers have taken up the habit again — of the participants surveyed, 10% were former smokers who had restarted after quitting.

Perhaps most alarmingly, younger age groups have seen a substantial rise in smoking. 39% of smokers aged 18-34 reported that they had been smoking more since the beginning of the pandemic.

Anyone reading this is no doubt familiar with — or at least aware of — the increased stress levels most of us have been experiencing during this pandemic.

Since many smokers view smoking as a form of stress relief, it makes sense that they would be smoking more during times like these.

For a lot of people, and perhaps most notably for younger people, the pandemic has brought about greater financial stress — particularly in regards to unemployment and job uncertainty.

Add to this greater levels of loneliness and boredom as a result of lockdown rules, and it’s easy to see why many have turned to smoking for relief, viewing it as a relatively innocent vice in these times of turmoil.

How To Replace Smoking

We understand that it’s been easy to turn to smoking during lockdown — and we sympathise.

Most of us have probably indulged in a few bad behaviours over the past year, which understandably seem rather minor in the grand scheme of things at the moment. And, with most vape shops having been shut for longer periods during lockdown, cigarettes have no doubt been the easier option for many nicotine users.

The upside is that it’s never too late to make a change for the better.

As we begin to emerge from lockdown — hopefully for good — many retail stores are once again beginning to reopen their doors for customers. Thankfully, that includes our stores too. So, whether you’re a former vape user who fell off the wagon during lockdown, or a long term smoker looking to make that change, we’re here to help you.

Head on over to our handy Store Locator page to find your nearest myCigara branch. Our friendly store staff are on hand to offer you expert advice, custom-tailored to your individual wants and needs, in order to give you the best possible start on your journey toward becoming smoke-free.

Plus, you can reap the benefits of our decade’s worth of industry experience from the comfort of your own home.

Our New to Vaping page offers a useful primer if you’re totally new to this, and we have a range of guides that aim to answer some of the key questions people have regarding vaping. Of course, you’re always welcome to contact us directly if you have any questions.

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