CBD to fight osteoarthritis and joint pain

L’osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease, but also one of the least understood. So much so that at present, we only treat his symptoms (mainly pain), without really understanding the mechanisms or being able to cure it. Renowned for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is therefore the center of hope for both some health professionals and people with joint pain. So, Can CBD Relieve Osteoarthritis ? What do we know about their association and what opportunities do cannabinoids offer to those who experience pain associated with the progression of osteoarthritis? This is our topic of the day.

What is osteoarthritis?

With age and effort, the joints welcome osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, or osteoarthritis, is a form of rheumatism. More precisely, it is the most frequent form of rheumatism since it affects one in two people after 50 years and 80% of those over 80 years old. It is often wrongly presented as wear and tear on the cartilage, linked in particular to age. This is indeed what we believed for a long time, but research has now clearly proven that it is indeed a destructive and inflammatory pathology. It therefore leads to a degradation (not wear and tear) of cartilage in the joints, degradation accompanied by inflammation and therefore pains.

All joints can be affected by osteoarthritis. However, it particularly attacks:

  • Lumbar (dorsolumbar),
  • Knees (knee osteoarthritis),
  • Thumbs (rhizarthrosis),
  • Hips (coxarthrosis),
  • Cervicals (cervicarthrose),
  • Shoulders (omarthrosis).

Current treatments for osteoarthritis

Currently, the management of osteoarthritis is based on two main pillars: prevention and thepain management. Both are primarily intended to allow those affected to live in the best possible conditions, but not strictly speaking to treat the cause of osteoarthritis. Indeed, once the cartilage has deteriorated, it is no longer possible to go back. A regular physical activity and physiotherapy sessions can thus participate in the reduction of risks as well as in the avoidance of the aggravation of an existing arthritis.

In the event of joint pain associated with osteoarthritis, the implementation of more substantial means is sometimes necessary:

  • Analgesics: paracetamol for mild seizures, morphine derivatives in the most severe cases,
  • Anti-inflammatory: in the form of gel, ointment (local application) or orally (tablets),
  • Infiltrations: cortisone or hyaluronic acid,
  • Surgery: for the most advanced forms of osteoarthritis, which fortunately remain a minority of cases (around 10%).

These treatments all have the main objective of reducing pain and regaining maximum mobility. However, they are more or less heavy and have certain limits, in particular because of their Side effects. Cortisone, for example, can lead to weight gain, fluid retention, or changes in behavior. Taking certain anti-inflammatory drugs is sometimes accompanied by digestive disorders or even allergic reactions.

Renowned for its ability to relax body and mind and reduce some pain, CBD cannabis then comes naturally to mind to relieve osteoarthritis. Especially since it does not present no noticeable side effects and that he does not entail no form of addiction.

anti inflammatory cannabinoids min
CBD from legal cannabis has anti-inflammatory effects

The effects of CBD are numerous. Among the most marked and best known, we find in particular analgesic properties (against pain) and anti-inflammatory (against inflammation). It is precisely from this observation that the interest in taking CBD emerges by those who have osteoarthritis, the main disadvantage of which is, let us remember, the pain it causes. CBD is also a muscle relaxant, which makes it possible to reduce stress areas of the body and therefore potentially also help reduce pain.

Like current conventional treatments, cannabidiol is therefore not intended to treat osteoarthritis but to act on joint pain. In medicine, we speak in this case of symptomatic treatment. CBD cannot be considered as such as medical cannabis is not recognized in France. It can however be seen as a natural way to improve your standard of living and find more comfort on a daily basis.

Which CBD products are suitable for osteoarthritis?

In the case of targeted pain such as osteoarthritis, it may be beneficial to favor a local application. The CBD gels are therefore particularly recommended in the case of joint pain.

CBD gel and osteoarthritis

cbd osteoarthritis min oil
Massaging a Joint with CBD May Relieve Osteoarthritis Pain

There are CBD gels intended for topical application : just gently massage the painful joint to penetrate the CBD and thus reduce the pain. Some gels also combine CBD and skin warming, heat can also help with relaxation.

A 2016 study showed that the effects of CBD on joint pain are more marked when applied directly to the skin than after taking it orally. Only carried out in the laboratory on rats, it would benefit from being deepened in order to be able to draw definitive conclusions on humans. There is no doubt that the near future will allow us to speak out more sustainably!

Cannabis oil and osteoarthritis

Like CBD gel, CBD oil can be used for joint pain. Again, a application locale is preferred, especially in massage. However, CBD oil has the advantage of being extremely versatile and easy to use. Nothing prevents you from consuming it as well orally, always with the aim of benefiting from its anti-inflammatory properties as well as the feeling of relaxation that CBD brings. In this case, prefer a sublingual socket : a few drops placed under the tongue for 30/40 seconds before being swallowed. This will guarantee you better assimilation by the body and thus stronger effects, faster.

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