Cannabis is finally approved as a medicine! But what is changing?

What rappers like Snoop Dog, Marteria and the like have long wanted is now become reality in Germany : A new bill will in the future allow doctors to prescribe cannabis-based drugs to seriously ill patients, which will then also be covered by health insurance companies. What this changes for consumption and supply, what are the pros and cons of regular use and how a patient feels after cannabis therapy, you will find out this week in our reading tips.

Anyone who has ever felt the relaxing effects of marijuana wonders why cannabis is illegal. Perhaps because a relaxed population is unproductive? Regardless, cannabis still has a bad reputation, despite being one of the oldest cultures in the world. For at least ten thousand years, the fibers of the hemp plant have been used to make clothing, paper, food and fuel. The psychoactive effect of cannabis has also been known for over 3000 years. But cannabis doesn’t just get you high: For several decades, the effect of another active ingredient in cannabis has been studied: CBD is the name of the miracle product that is now on everyone’s lips. We answer the most important questions about CBD and its (side) effects.

Finally cannabis is allowed to help

What lasts a long time ends up being good. A detailed report on what will actually change in the future for critically ill patients who can be helped by cannabis medicines. Instead of paying a little less than 1,800 euros per month and only with the special agreement of the state, health insurance companies will now have to cover the costs, and access to the drug will also be simplified. To find out how it will work, click here.

Vice: “Visit of a depressed person who tried to cure himself with cannabis”.

“Weed was my personal prescription for it. Especially in the morning when I had nothing to do. ” Thomas is 27 years old and noticed in his childhood that something was wrong with him. So when he was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder, he tried to manage his condition with cannabis. He explained in an interview with Vice why this plunged him into social isolation, what motivated him to seek therapy and what he recommends to other people who suffer from it.

Huffington Post: “Cannabis Can Relieve Pain, But Has Risks: US Report”

In the United States, the use and possession of cannabis has been legal for a long time. A report on the benefits and risks of regular use can be read here. Additionally, the HuffingPost listed 50 prominent, funny green joy friends.

What happens if I am arrested by the police with CBD in Germany?

Buying and owning CBD products containing less than 0.2% THC is legal in Germany. German law states that you cannot possess more than 0.1 gram of marijuana or hashish. In Berlin, the upper limit (since October 16, 2017) is 15 grams “if there is no danger to others.”

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