Can we buy CBD in pharmacies in France?

Recognized for its virtuous effects (relaxation, skin care, anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, etc.), CBD seems to have its place on the shelves of a pharmacy. However, it is not so easy to get it, at least in France. So, can you buy CBD in pharmacies ? What does the legislation say in France and elsewhere in Europe? What price to expect in pharmacies? We answer all of these questions to help you get the best quality CBD.

Can you buy CBD in pharmacies?

As is often the case with cannabis-derived products, it depends on where.

In France, CBD in pharmacies is not yet the norm

CBD in pharmacies in France

In France, pharmacies do not sell CBD oil, or any derivative product, for the simple reason that medical cannabis is not recognized and that no CBD drugs are authorized for sale. Without the possibility of a prescription for CBD, nopurchase of CBD in pharmacies no more. Drugstore stalls are no better stocked with cannabidiol.

There are many online pharmacies who pride themselves on selling high-quality, healthy CBD products. Be careful, however, of scams: there are many on the Internet, especially with shops that only have a “pharmacy” in name, and even that sell fake drugs. In France, only pharmacists with a pharmacy dispensary and recognized by the Order of Pharmacists have the right to sell online. They are all listed here and online sales are only for non-prescription drugs.

CBD in pharmacies in Belgium

In Belgium, the situation is different, since CBD oil is over-the-counter in pharmacies since February 2020. At the microphone of the RTBF, a spokesperson for the Belgian laboratory Amophar then explained:

“In the current legislative framework [avant février 2020 ndlr], a pharmacist can only distribute this product as an expensive prescription compound, while a CBD store can sell it freely (in the form of “massage oil”) ».

The authorization given to pharmacies therefore aims to reduce this inequality of treatment between pharmacies and other specialized stores.

Elsewhere in Europe

Some European countries are less reluctant to have cannabis in pharmacies
Some European countries are less reluctant to have cannabis in pharmacies

On Suisse, often cited as a pioneer in Europe when it comes to the commercialization of CBD, several cannabis-based drugs are already authorized. This is the case in particular with Sativex (authorized in France since 2014, but not really exploited), cannabis tincture or even cannabis oil. Buying cannabidiol in pharmacies is therefore possible, provided to go there with a prescription. Some pharmacies also venture to market masterful preparations based on CBD. However, they remain very rare.

In Germany, it is also possible to find CBD in some pharmacies. In any case, you should find out before your departure if you want to know the current regulations in a particular country.

What can a pharmacy actually sell?

In France, article L5125-24 of the Public Health Code stipulates:

“Pharmacists may not trade in their pharmacy in goods other than those appearing on a list drawn up by the Minister responsible for health, on the proposal of the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists. “

This list of authorized goods contains 24 elements, including products as varied as medicines for human use, essential oils, insecticides and even mineral water and its derivatives.

The sixth element of this list interests us more precisely:

“Medicinal and aromatic plants and their derivatives, as such or in the form of preparations, with the exception of cigarettes or other products to be smoked. “

The authorization or not of pharmacies for sale on CBD in France is therefore entirely based on this passage. If he has recognized effects on the body (thanks to its action on the endocannabinoid system) and is definitely aromatic, at the time of this writing, cannabis is not recognized as a medicinal plant nor, a priori, aromatic. It will therefore be necessary to wait for some clarification and a real interest from pharmacies before seeing them sell CBD.

CBD in drugstores

France is still a long way from the sale of legal cannabis in pharmacies
France is still a long way from the sale of legal cannabis in pharmacies

It remains to understand the nuance of definition between a pharmacy and a drugstore. For many consumers, the two offer similar products, with the difference that the pharmacy can, in addition, market products on prescription. In fact, the difference is a little more nuanced. In fact the term parapharmacy includes all the care and hygiene products intended for sale in pharmacies, but without a prescription. This includes the cosmetics, diet products or even essential oils. Medicinal plants are prohibited from sale in drugstores and reserved for pharmacies.

In France, this simply means that cannabidiol is not easier to find in drugstores than in pharmacies. On the contrary, the current legislation even suggests that, if there is an expansion, the CBD will rather be intended for sale in pharmacies, in particular in the case of an authorization of medical cannabis.

Cannabidiol price in pharmacies

As French pharmacies and drugstores do not sell CBD, there is no concrete data yet on the subject of price of CBD in pharmacies. However, due to the specificity of the usual pharmacies buying and reselling circuit, it is likely that the prices of CBD oil and other products rich in cannabidiol in pharmacies would be higher than those found today on specialized online shops. The future will certainly tell us!

To conclude: where to buy your CBD?

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