Alabama Prepares For Legalization Of Medical Marijuana

Alabama becomes 36th state to legalize medical cannabis after Governor Ivey signs bill

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey on Monday sign the state’s medical cannabis bill, SB 46, making Alabama the 36th state to legalize medical cannabis. Governor Ivey thanked Senator Tim Melson and Representative Mike Ball for leading legalization efforts over the years. In a press release, the governor said: “As the research evolves, Senator Melson and I have discussed the importance of continuing to find ways to work on this topic in order to ensure a productive, safe and responsible operation in Alabama. “

After being approved by the Alabama House and Senate last week, the medical marijuana legalization bill, known as the Senate Bill (SB) 46, awaits Governor Kay Ivey’s approval to be promulgated.

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If Governor Ivey signs the bill, Alabama will become the 37th state in the United States to legalize the use of medical cannabis for a host of qualifying conditions.

The bill stipulates 16 medical conditions that would allow a patient to obtain a medical marijuana card, including Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and chronic pain resistant to treatment.

The bill also states that the only form factors for cannabis that would become legal if the bill were signed would be non-smokable products such as foods, oils, patches, tablets and other forms that are ingested through the route. oral.

If the bill is signed, an Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission will be created to regulate the industry and licensing for dispensaries, and 15% of all tax revenue from medical cannabis will be used to advance cannabis research.

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It is not yet clear whether Governor Ivey will veto the bill or sign it, as she only mentioned that she was “anxious to examine it in detail.”

However, if Governor Ivey signs the bill, medical cannabis will immediately become legal in Alabama and residents of Alabama will have access to an additional form of medicine for their health concerns.

A survey by the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that of 450 physicians surveyed, nearly 70% agreed with legalizing the use of medical cannabis on the recommendation of a medical provider.

Additionally, polls show more broadly that less than one in ten Americans believe all forms of cannabis should be illegal, underscoring the growing public acceptance of the plant for medical and recreational purposes.

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