6 Things NOT to Do to Avoid Killing a Marijuana Plant

It may seem like the typical comment of sabelotodo, but that is not our intention. Without the intention of offending those who take it for granted, we have all been beginners in the cultivation of marijuana and we have all been tempted by the idea of well, beautiful and cheap.

That is why we can affirm so emphatically that there are a number of common mistakes when it comes to getting down to work and even if they seem like the most obvious issues, it doesn’t hurt to remember some of those things that you should not do if you do not want to give them to your marijuana plants a tragic end.

Common mistakes that can kill your crops

The most common is that before starting your marijuana cultivation you have soggy a bit with information about what exactly you want to do with your plants. The type of crop, irrigation, the variety of seed you want to plant, the treatment they need, their germination, development and flowering cycles and the investment you need to make to make everything perfect.

It might seem that all this is more than enough to get your plants going, but the truth is that the cultivation of cannabis (like that of any other species) is not such an exact science and As your plants evolve, situations may arise that you had not initially foreseen.

Making decisions in those moments implies taking certain risks, especially if you do not know very well what you are facing. For that reason, if you at least take into account this list of the 6 things not to do in order not to kill a marijuana plant, at least you will be aware of those possible situations that were not initially within your plants.

Excess water in the plant

It is widely believed that a plant that is watered every day is a healthier plant. And we are not referring only to marijuana plants. It is one of those common places that are repeated in homes around the world with different versions. The most common is that ‘it’s okay to water them every day, but a little bit.’ However, the truth is that hyperhydration is one of the main enemies of plants, especially marijuana. In most cases, a cannabis plant that looks withered is not due to lack of water but because it is literally drowning from overwatering. These plants will never flower: they die during the growth phase, still very young.

Lack of water

water growing marijuana plants

At the other extreme and although it is not as common as hyperhydration, there is a lack of water. The symptoms are exactly the same as those of a plant that is being watered too much. The consequences too. As you see a plant that is withered, yellowish and wrinkled due to lack of water, you can take it for granted that it has two television news items left, they are also plants that are too small. As they do not have water, they do not have nutrients and they cannot develop, much less put their fruit, so that they will not reach the flowering phase and will remain stagnant in their growth. If you detect your mistake in time, you still have alternatives to save them with a good diet, so try to be very attentive.

Inadequate water

And we continue with water issues. As you can see, the issue of irrigation is fundamental. In fact, we could safely say that here is the reason why more than 70% of marijuana plants fail to develop properly. There is a tendency to think that any water is suitable for watering a marijuana plant. marijuana, but these very delicate species require on your part a more exhaustive control of the pH and electroconductivity levels of the water that you are using in their irrigation. It is the only way to know if you need to make modifications to it before giving it to him. drink.

Cheap land

cheap land mariahuana cultivation

If you have chosen the organic substrate as the base of your cultivation, make sure to choose a good one bed for your plants. The idea of ​​buying very cheap bags of earth in non-specialized stores where you can buy as soon as possible tuppers for the kitchen as markers for your niece can be very seductive, but in a few months, when you are about to start the harvest, you will regret it.Choosing a good substrate is not only a good start for your crop. It is a guarantee that your plants will grow healthy and strong. Your problems in the future will be noticeably reduced.


Don’t be obsessed with size! There are some growers that at some point in the flowering cycle of their plants the grandmother complex enters them and they dedicate themselves to fattening their plants. Come to overfeed them, come to add fertilizers without rhyme or reason in order to make them thicker in order to get juicier buds. You may think that it takes a lot of fertilizer to kill a plant of indigestion, but you would be surprised to know how quickly a crop is affected when you go beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations (which in themselves tend to be higher than what plants really need, so that you use more of the product). It is better to use less (even 50% less) and add little by little over the following days if necessary.

Put scissors

Going over with the scissors when wrong can jeopardize a crop. Yes in previous posts We have already explained the importance of good pruning, we must also take into account the consequences of malpractice.The leaves of a cannabis plant, its foliage, its particular morphology, are there for something: to protect the bud and promote its growth during the flowering period. If you spend time putting scissors or making cuts where you should not, the plant suffers, flowering stagnates and the crop ends up telling you ‘This is how we have come, friend’.

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