35wts Chinese LED Growing Tracking. Matanuska Gea Seeds

I have decided to try the Led for self-cultivation of marijuana, when we talk about self-cultivation; I speak of cultivation for own consumption and not intended for any commercial purpose. With a minimum investment of 70 euros I have bought 5 Led plates of 30 x 30 cm of 35 watts each. Enough for 4 plants and 80 cm2 of self-cultivation. The total consumption is 175wts.

I bought them here https://es.aliexpress.com/item/4000233251811.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.f0ad63c0wnU1Ud

They also sell them here https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001483668504.html?

And if you prefer COB Type LED follow this link https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002116294942.html

They throw 45000 lumens and a couple of 620 umol / s / m2 at 10 cm from the tips with a consumption of 35 watts only, reaching peaks of 55,000 lumens and 870 umol / s / m2 They are full spectrum or Full Spectrum, ultraviolet included. Very cheap because they are Chinese since initially I do not want to make an investment and if I can see how the led lights work and perform in the cultivation of marijuana.

These lamps hardly generate heat and with a minimum flow of air you ventilate the cabinet, a powerful extraction is not necessary, thus avoiding noise and wasting electricity. It is good in summer but not so much in winter if you live in very cold areas, as they hardly generate heat and marijuana likes 26ºC, in addition to conditioning our way of watering and fertilizing, as it is done following different guidelines than with crops that generate heat like hps or sodium.

I grow in a smaller pot to get used to but soon I will change to the 7-liter ones, I think, although a 5-liter one would be an ideal measure, and with 25% less fertilizer so that the pots do not stay wet for a long time, something that can happen. If you grow a pot that is too large and very waterlogged, since there is little heat it takes much longer to dry and the roots can rot. We have to avoid the caking of the substrate due to excess irrigation and water just enough without weighing it down too much, as we remember that the Led lights barely generate heat, there are growers who remedy this by heating the soil of the cultivation surface with electric blankets, for example in very cold.


This follow-up is from the Matanuska seed from Gea Seeds that they say is the MataWidow from Cannabiscafé, it is a very generous genetics in production that takes about 60 days to fully flower, with little leaf and strong structure, Earthy flavor reminiscent of Afghani hashish. It is resistant and easy to grow this genetics.

From what I read in crops with Led light, the deficiency of magnesium and calcium is very frequent, with which I have prevented myself by buying 1 liter of Agrobeta Calcium plus Magnesium which is applied at a rate of 1 to 2 ml for each liter of water, and I will apply when the deficiency begins, if it proceeds.

35wts Chinese LED Growing Tracking.  Matanuska Gea Seeds, AutoCultivo

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