3 healthy smoking items

Among the modes of cannabis consumption, inhaled combustion is the most common practice. The problem is that smoke is not good for your health. So that you don’t have to swap your surgical mask for an oxygen mask, Zeweed has found three items for you for a smooth smoke session.

Ecological and futuristic: The Bong Trident from the Hitoki brand

Forget the toxic butane fumes, this refillable water pipe channels the power of lasers!
Thanks to its very high-end components (including aluminum used in aviation) and its clever design, this device eclipses the competition thanks to a system similar to that of a magnifying glass in a heat wave. and infinitely more renewable than hemp wicks, it is a very energy efficient device that can be used up to 280 times before needing recharging. The combustion is instantaneous and thanks to a very successful filtration system you will obtain a smoke of exceptional taste quality without the usual inconvenience of the bong. Goodbye carcinomas and fatty coughs.
The demo is accessible by clicking here

550 CAD$/450€

Inexpensive, easy to use and adaptable: Mouthpeace filters from Moose lab.

The problem with good resolutions is that they tend to go up in smoke as soon as you get to the party.
It’s nice to use your own vaporizer, but not necessarily very fun or very practical in society.
Whatever with Mouthpeace you can “clean up” your consumption with almost any accessory, whether it is a pipe, a bong or even a dab rig.
The principle is simple: the medical silicone tip (available in an incredible number of colors) adapts to all outlets and you just need to put one of the activated carbon filters to absorb all the harmful substances that pass through the.
Of course the THC is not affected at all and once the filter turns black you just need to replace it to start over.
Good news for lovers of old-fashioned smoking: a special version has been developed to adapt to joints and other blunts.

(Starter kit with a silicone mouthpiece and 3 filters for pipes or blunt 13 $ / 11 €)

Discreet, brilliant and well thought out: The Top Secret of Genius Pipes

Sometimes a masterpiece cannot be discovered at first glance.
This very discreet pipe must be manipulated to reveal its true nature.
No risk of being burnt out if it is found in your belongings, no risk of losing parts and no hassle to use it. Just slide its central part to align it with the grid and go to use.

It has also been designed to be devoid of suspicious odors thanks to carbon walls inspired by Nasa.
A master stroke, this pipe even includes a filtration system nicknamed “Vortex”. Invented for the cores of nuclear power plants, this filtration system allows for always fresh puffs without harmful particles.
A system that evacuates waste at a microscopic level to leave only the smoke of Cannabis.

Always stronger, this wonder has just enough air intake to burn only the weed you need and therefore avoid wastage with each puff.
It can even be used for dabbing and concentrates with additional accessories.
Do not believe Magritte: this is indeed a pipe.

(Genius Pipe  128 CAD$/100)

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