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Growing cannabis is a process that must be done with patience and dedication. The better we take care of our crops, the better harvest it will bring us, there is no doubt about that. One of the first steps we must learn is to conserve seeds before growing them. In most cases, more seeds are bought than are actually planted, so it is necessary to save the rest somewhere. You don’t have to get rid of them, but you shouldn’t keep them in a drawer at home if you don’t want them to spoil. It is a subject that is not talked about much, but that since MatillaPlant we want to emphasize. You know how to preserve cannabis seeds? We show it to you below.

How to preserve your cannabis seeds


The marijuana seeds are perishable, and as with food, if we do not preserve them correctly, they can spoil in a very short time. In the same way, it is always necessary to buy them in a trusted Grow Shop. In this way, we will ensure that the germination rate is much higher.

At the time of preserve marijuana seeds We must take into account three fundamental aspects that can disturb its state: the temperature, the humidity and the incidence of air and light.

Incidence of light: Keep the seeds in a dark environment

This is one of the conservation items that most growers often fail to do, so it is imperative to keep the seeds out of the light. Although light is essential for the growth of plants, it is not when it comes to maintaining their germinative qualities.

Too much light can end burning the seeds. The worst thing about this fact is that you will not realize that they are burned, since it is a kind of internal burn that breaks the chemical chains within the seed. For this reason, the ideal is to keep them in a opaque container that does not let light rays pass through.

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Temperature: Keep the seeds cool and dry

The ideal temperature for the conservation of the seeds should oscillate between 6th and 8th C. It is important that while the seeds are in this conservation process they do not suffer fluctuations in the temperature at which they are kept so as not to break the cold chain. A good place that will allow this not to happen is the home refrigerator.

In fact, a better option to preserve our seeds is to do it in the vegetable drawer, which is usually kept a couple of degrees above the general temperature of the refrigerator. Of course, managing to keep this space dry enough so that the seeds are preserved in the best possible way is going to be a bit more complicated, although with a little care it is achieved.


For a correct conservation of the seeds it is necessary that they remain with a relative humidity environment between 10% and 20%. Anything that exceeds these percentages of moisture would affect both the properties of the seeds, as well as a possible appearance of mold and mushrooms in the future.

It is also important not to squash them or gather them too closely together to prevent the seed shell from breaking. If this happens, they are more likely to spoil faster.

Air incidence

To avoid that the seeds have any contact with the air, it is necessary to look for a container as airtight as possible. The ideal is a vacuum machine that could remove any remaining air that may be inside the container where we are going to store the seeds, but it is not an object that is in everyone’s home.

For this reason, a simple lunch box or a screw cap container. Of course, as we have commented previously, it is necessary to cover them with some insulating tape so that they do not let the light through.

How long can these cannabis seeds be stored?


The seeds can last properly in storage for a surprisingly long time. Of course, in order for them to last all this time, the seeds must be stored taking into account the factors set out above. temperature, humidity and incidence of light and air.

If stored in a sealed, dark, dry container at a constant temperature between 6th and 8th C you can store them for a long period of time. If they are not stored this way, it is very likely that they can go bad and you will not realize it until the plants.

Another good way to preserve marijuana seeds is to store them under vacuum. In this way, we will suck in excess moisture and air, leaving behind more than the seeds and ensuring their safety for many years.

With these tips you would be more than ready to be able to conserve the seeds that, for the moment, you have decided not to grow. In this way, and thanks to a few simple steps, you will ensure that those leftover seeds do not end up spoiled in a desk drawer.

If at any time you need them, you can use them. These seeds can take a couple of days to germinate, although if they have been damaged a bit it may take almost a week to germinate. If after that time they cannot germinate, it means that the seeds are completely damaged.

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