100% Hemp Flower CBD Pre-Rolls Joints

100% Hemp Flower CBD Pre-Rolls Joints
Deal Score+15
$9.99 – $79.99 Buy It Now
Deal Score+15
$9.99 – $79.99 Buy It Now

Introducing Our Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls:

Our Hawaiian Haze Hemp flower pre-rolls are sourced from small specialist craft hemp flower growers who are state registered and licensed. Each pre-roll is meticulously hand-trimmed and slow-cured to ensure an exceptional taste and powerful effects. These Hawaiian Haze hemp flower pre-rolls are thoughtfully packed with a minimum of 1g of flower for your enjoyment.

Anticipating Your Love for Our Hawaiian Haze Flower Bud Pre-Rolls

We are confident that you will absolutely love our Hawaiian Haze flower bud pre-rolls! They have been carefully crafted to provide a satisfying experience with their exquisite taste and potent effects.

Uncompromising Quality: High Standards and Rigorous Testing

We prioritize quality above all else and invest significant time, effort, and resources to ensure that our hemp flower meets the highest standards. Our dedication to maintaining a high standard means that our hemp flower is clean, safe, potent, and rigorously tested. We want you to experience complete satisfaction and peace of mind when using our products. To learn more about our meticulous sourcing and testing procedures, please visit our main CBD Hemp Flower page.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

As always, if there is any aspect of your Hawaiian Haze pre-rolls that does not meet your expectations, please reach out to us. We are committed to resolving any issues promptly and ensuring your complete satisfaction. Your happiness is our priority, and we will take immediate action to address any concerns you may have. No questions asked!

TYPE: Hybrid
AROMA: Sweet, Earthy, Piney, Cinnamon, Fresh, Tropical Fruits
Total CBD mg/G168.3 mg/g
TOTAL CANNABINOIDS mg/g 206.7 mg/g
PROMINENT TERPENES: β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, a-Pinene, δ-Limonene
EFFECTS: Big hitter for relief. Can be sativa-like or energetic in smaller quantities. Larger quantities calming, relaxing and mellow.
Indoor (greenhouse) grown CBD Hemp Flower
Hand Trimmed Buds
CBD Rich Hemp Flower
Slow Cured
Lab Tested for purity and compliance
100% Organic Grown – No pesticides
No Heavy Metals

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