Are Geek Bars Safe? | Disposable Health Scares Reviewed

In short: Yes they are safe! Geek Bar is a product from Geekvape, who are a trusted, recognised and reputable hardware brand in the vaping industry. As noted in the previous section, like all other genuine vaping products in the UK, they are in compliance with TPD rules including MHRA approval.

Some of the concern regarding vaping in general often stems from the suggestions that we don’t know what’s in vape kits and e-liquid, as well as concerns regarding unknown long-term effects. However, vape devices —disposable ones in particular —are relatively simple. Geek Bar vape pens consist of an internal lithium-ion battery, a 2ml tank which holds the e-liquid, a coil for heating the liquid, and a mouthpiece —all of which is contained within a plastic casing.

The e-liquid itself contains nicotine salts (extracted from tobacco leaves), and two food-grade carrier liquids: vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. As such, because they are both TPD-compliant and manufactured by one of the biggest brands in vape hardware,

Geek Bar vape pens are entirely safe to use. In addition, because disposable vapes are sold ready to use —they are already filled and charged —there is little room for operational error.

 “Safe” is however a relative term, so it’s absolutely worth reiterating: these products contain nicotine, and are intended solely for use by adults, as an alternative to smoking and as a smoking cessation aid. They are not for sale to, or to be used by, minors —and nor, for that matter, should they be used by adult non-smokers. A final point to note here is that all of the above holds true only for genuine Geek Bar brand disposable vapes.

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