The best strains and edibles for a stoney backyard BBQ

As the days grow longer and the heat turns up, it’s the perfect time to indulge in grilled eats — think spicy blackened chicken wings, veggie kabobs, juicy steaks and gourmet polish dogs. And what screams summer louder than a backyard BBQ? A backyard BBQ with weed. 

We know that many will be itching to get out and see friends and family as the sunny weather shines. Below, check out our favorite strains and products when throwing a stoney get-together by the grill.

Great strains for livening up the BBQ

If you choose to smoke or vape, find the following strains to make the most out of your backyard BBQ.

Best strain to increase appetite: American Dream

Open up your appetite with a couple of hits of American Dream. A good match for any 4th of July celebrations, American Dream’s top reported effect on Weedmaps is appetite stimulation. 

A cross between Jamaican and Hawaiian sativas with an Afghan Skunk, expect earthy notes and a tropical kick. 

Best strain for creativity and focus when making the meal: Green Crack

Nothing can brighten up the day quite like the legendary Green Crack strain. One of my personal favorites, it’s packed with energy in every hit. Spark this one up to cook up a storm and get a little more creative with the typical BBQ fare. 

Best strain for playing backyard games: Dream Queen

The entertainment value on those cornhole and ladder toss games can increase ten-fold with a joint full of Dream Queen. With reported effects of happiness and energy increase, it can be a great option to get the BBQ going and loosen up your guests for a breezy and hilarious evening. 

Best strain for post-BBQ relaxation: Dosidos (Do-Si-Dos)

When all the food has been devoured, the only dessert you’ll want will be a delicious hit of Dosidos. Relaxing and uplifting with citrus and berry flavors, a nicely packed bowl of this GSC and Face Off OG hybrid may gently drift your mind away in the summer sunshine — just don’t forget the SPF.

Best edibles for an infused BBQ

You don’t have to look far for delicious BBQ-inspired edibles. Keep an eye out for these stoney eats to really get the good-time going. 

Weed beers: Two Roots, Lagunitas, Keef Brands

Non-alcoholic with 5 milligrams THC, Two Roots Mango Dango IPA packs a tropical punch and tastes just like those fruity IPAs you can find at your local brewery. 

The Reverb HI-Fi Hops “beer” from Lagunitas is actually an infused sparkling water with a hoppy taste. Each bottle of Reverb delivers 10 milligrams THC derived from AbsoluteXtracts cannabis, and contains zero sugar and zero carbs for those who enjoy a stoney buzz without the sweeteners. 

Not technically a weed beer, the Keef Classic Bubba Kush Root Beer is made for the guests who simply don’t like the taste of booze or hops. With 10 milligrams THC per bottle, you can dress it up with ice cream for an infused root beer float or drink it as is and enjoy that classic root beer flavor.

Baked goods: incredibles, La Familia

It goes without saying that sweet, dessert-like edibles are going to be a must for your 420-friendly BBQ. And if you want to stick to the classics, then check out incredibles’ mouthwatering S’mores Bar. Clocking in at 100 milligrams THC for the whole bar, you can portion your elevation with 10 milligrams per piece. Even better? Make a true s’more with a piece of the bar for a double whammy.

Gooey rice krispies are one of those treats that appeal to almost every palate. For an interesting twist on this delicious treat, seek out La Familia’s Churro Rice Krispies. Coated in cinnamon and brown sugar and infused with 10 milligrams THC per krispie, it could make a great addition to your post-dinner dessert table. 

Infused munchies and cooking ingredients: Laurie + MaryJane, Potli

For a truly elevated snack table, check out Laurie + MaryJane’s Cheese Crisp Crackers. With 5 milligrams THC per cracker, they’re a souped-up alternative to plain potato chips. 

Looking to throw a few spicy wings on the BBQ? Drizzle them first with Potli’s infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil made with cannabis from Northern California’s Aster Farms. Each serving in the 250 milliliter tin contains 5 milligrams THC. 

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

Hannah is a Seattle-based writer and editor. She’s worked in the cannabis industry for three years and continues to learn and explore.

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