The best irrigation kit for your marijuana crop

We all know how important it is to choose the irrigation elements for our plant in the correct way and thus to avoid dehydration, but what is the best way to water our marijuana plant?

In this article we want to help you by explaining the types of irrigation and their basic materials that you need for them and which we have at Flor Prohibida.

Irrigation for growing marijuana

Many growers know the importance of good watering of their cannabis plants and the benefits of it. Although it also often happens that new growers, those who are starting at this stage, comment on errors when watering and this usually affects their crops a lot and many times they are errors that cannot be repaired.

One of the great problems that we can go through at the moment of water, is he overwateringThis can have different problems, such as; growing problems, nutrient deficiencies and cannabis diseases. Another big problem is little water since also the plants can be affected negatively in front of the little irrigation.

In the following article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about irrigation, the different types, methods, and how to choose the most suitable one for your plants.

To start, we want to talk to you about 2 types of irrigation

Basic Risks

There is no perfect watering for your plants, since this will depend on several factors, although there are several methods and ways to water them, we will tell you some, within what we will call basic irrigation, which you can find in our online store.

cone drip aquasolo marijuana

Aquasolo Drip Cone: These are provided with 3 different thread threads, which allows them to be adapted to the neck of most of the bottles that we can find in the market, this method is very effective for watering the plants when you go on vacation since you can dose in a adequate amount of water that your plants will receive during the days that it is not there.

watering cans watering marijuana

Watering cans: A classic! This product is widely used and inexpensive in relation to other more sophisticated ones, it is always good to take into account that the water drains well and does not accumulate. If you are growing many plants, this method may not be suitable as it does not allow you to use a lot of water at the same time.

marijuana sprayers

Sprayers: another great option can be nozzle sprayersWith these we can regulate the jet, it is ideal for gentle irrigation and directly in your plantations, you can remove the spout and use it as an irrigation lance.

marijuana spray backpacks

Backpacks: It has a capacity of 16 liters, it is very useful for the application of foliar products in large areas, as well as for irrigation. It is comfortable to transport thanks to its two handles that allow you to hang it as a backpack.

marijuana cultivation irrigation lances

Irrigation lances: It is composed of a lance with opening and closing of water, it has several irrigation positions, its extension can reach 1.55 in length, which makes irrigation easier.

marijuana irrigation flowmeters

Flowmeters: This method is used to control the partial and total liters by showing them on a large LCD screen, in this way we know the amount of water we give to each plant and the total liters consumed by them.

easy watering kit marijuana

Easy watering kits: You don’t need to have a very sophisticated system to water in the simplest way. Thanks to this kit, you will be able to pump the water that you fill in the bucket directly to your crop through lances that will allow you to irrigate where your arm would not reach.

Automatic watering

An automatic irrigation system can be a highly recommended option if the place allows it, by assembling this irrigation system you can automate the time, operating time and other issues that could simplify this activity.

If you are looking to automate your irrigation, we detail a series of products that can be more than useful.

marijuana irrigation kit

Irrigation kit: With this equipment, you can water up to 10 pots automatically, it includes 10 meters of vinyl tube and also a timer with which you will be able to change the frequency and duration of irrigation.

drip kit for balconies and terraces with analogue marijuana programmer
drop-by-drop kit with marijuana analog programmer
Medusa dropper 12 outlets for growing marijuana

Medusa dropper 12 outputs: this kit has a washable internal filter, which prevents the capillaries from blocking.The capillaries are one meter long and the connection to the tube is 25 mm, so that an irrigation system for hundreds of plants can be assembled in a few minutes . Keep in mind that you will need pressure from the tap to get it working.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, we recommend the Octupusy dropper, which, as its name suggests, has 8 microtube outlets with 8 irrigation spikes.

Marijuana irrigation bag kit

Irrigation bag kit: Its water container stores up to 10.5l. This system allows to independently regulate the water flow and allows us to manage the water capacity in each plant.

What is the best irrigation for your crop

Depending on the needs of your crop you can apply different types of irrigation, for example if you can have contact with your crop every day, perhaps the most convenient are the watering cans, hoses, irrigation lances, etc.

Now, if you don’t have time, you can choose to automate the process with a Medusa dropper 12 outputs or a Drop by drop kit for balconies and terraces with analog programmer.

marijuana leaf

Drip irrigation or hand watering?

There are a large number of types of irrigation systems that cannabis growers can use, but when it comes to minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency, drip irrigation is by far the best solution.

At first, watering by hand seems like a solid option, since it means being among the plants to keep an eye on them. Also, the personal touch of an experienced gardener is always a plus.

drip irrigation marijuana cultivation

However, the arguments begin to leak when we take a closer look at the matter. Watering plants by hand is time consuming and often the most expensive part of the business. Although it is true that you need someone to watch over the plants, how long does it take you to be giving them the affection they need when most of the time you will be mixing nutrients, watering and taking care that they do not get sick?

The precision of automation

The installation of a proper drip system can be done quickly by a professional or a complete novice with a little extra time. Think of them as “Legos”: all the pieces can seem a bit intimidating when they are scattered on the floor, but with a little understanding and organization everything starts to fall into place.

marijuana cultivation automatic watering

In addition, drip irrigation systems are extremely precise and with the appropriate automation you can turn them on for a few seconds as many times a day as you want. This will allow you to measure the nutrients and water that each of your plants receives to the millimeter.

How much does it cost to install an automatic irrigation system?

It is possible that when reading this article you think: “this all sounds very expensive”, but nothing to see.

At first it may seem more expensive than buying a watering can of a lifetime, but with all the possibilities that we have seen before, an automatic watering kit will seem cheap with all that you will save in the long run.

In addition to being inexpensive, all the automatic watering kits that we mentioned before are very easy and quick to install.

Extra tips

  • If your crop is outdoors, the frequency to water it will depend on the environmental conditions, from Flor Prohibida we recommend watering every 2-3 days. As long as the soil has used up the previous irrigation.
  • Make sure that the substrate you use does not dry out or puddle.
  • Apply a slow watering to better hydrate your substrate.
  • If you water very often you will have to pay less.
  • Avoid watering excessively.
  • Water your pot until it drains from underneath.

So far everything you have to know about watering and the methods you can use to care for your plants. Visit our online store and discover everything you need to carry out this task and that your plants are perfect at all times. Leave us your comments and questions!

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