Does niacin, vinegar or cranberry cleanse your weed system?

8 grandmother’s remedies to know for a cannabis detox

If you need to know how to pass a drug test, you may be frantically searching for easy-to-do-at-home solutions. Unfortunately, you can get really bad advice from strangers on the internet. Most of the popular DIY detox methods aren’t very effective, and some of them are downright dangerous. Most importantly, they predate more sophisticated modern drug tests, especially if you have your hair or blood tested instead of your urine.

Drug tests can really take a toll on your daily life. This kind of situation can cause you to make ill-advised decisions, especially when the test comes unexpectedly and you don’t have time to detoxify yourself naturally. You don’t always have 30 to 60 days to eliminate all traces of cannabis from your body. If you are a medical patient, abstinence is not always possible.

Fortunately, the technology for passing the tests has evolved and so has the finesse of the tests. Companies like offer proven solutions for hair, urine and blood testing, developed by real scientists.

Here is a recap of the most popular remedies and their risks. We have not been able to find compelling evidence that either method works for a successful drug test. If success really matters to you, do you want to take that risk?


Goldenseal is a popular method of getting tested for drugs, but there is little evidence that it works, it takes a little while to work, and it can have side effects. Plus, it’s expensive and you never know how much goldenseal is actually contained in a standard supplement, especially since it’s often replaced by other herbs.

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Apple cider vinegar

One of the theories here is that apple cider vinegar, often used diluted as a health tonic by natural wellness aficionados, improves your metabolism, which causes THC to pass through your system faster. Others believe that consuming acidic drinks like vinegar helps the body to evacuate more quickly.

But the truth is, we don’t even know if it boosts your metabolism, and it sure won’t help you flush anything out of your system in time for a test. Some have used apple cider vinegar to try and pass hair tests, but usually in conjunction with other methods – it sure won’t work on its own. It’s a risky attempt if you need to be sure you pass your test.

Cranberry juice

It’s possible that cranberry juice will have an effect on your bladder and urine, but that doesn’t mean that it will rid your system of THC, which is stored in fat cells, and it certainly won’t do so quickly. While this option can be tempting because it’s cheap and easy to find in stores, if you’re keen on passing your test, it’s unlikely to do the trick.

Baking soda

Baking soda seems harmless, but when taken in high doses, it can send you to the hospital, whether it’s for an electrolyte imbalance or a hole in your stomach. Putting it in your hair is safer, but not more effective.


Like baking soda, niacin can be dangerous when taken aggressively to pass a drug test, with side effects ranging from a nasty rash to liver failure. Also, it will not reliably help you get tested for drugs. Unreliable and dangerous, this is the opposite of what you are looking for if you want to pass your test safely and successfully.

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Using Certo, or pectin, for a drug test is not only unpleasant – like most of these home remedies, there is no real evidence that it works. If your test is important to you, why take the risk?


There is no need to explain why this is a bad idea. Drinking bleach can literally kill you. Even if you add bleach to your urine after it leaves your body, it’s clear that it contains bleach. Ideally, you will need to retake the test. The worst case scenario is that you are caught cheating. There’s not a lot of plausible deniability with bleach.

Pickle juice

Like apple cider vinegar, pickle juice is very acidic – and it feels like it’s cleaning up something. Unfortunately, there is little evidence that it can help you get tested for drugs.
Diluted piss

Whether you drink a ton of water or mix it with your urine after it leaves your body, remember that drug testers verify that the sample they receive is urine. While this method can dilute the markers of drug use, it can also dilute the ordinary chemical markers of a clean pee.

A reason to have confidence

These home solutions for an upcoming drug test have one big thing in common: There is no real proof that they work at all, and none of them work for all types of tests. If you’re serious enough about needing to take your test that you’re overflowing with research online for cures, do you really want to roll the dice on any of these flawed methods?

If you are not sure which detox solution is best for you, use the suitable detox calculator on, and they will tell you the detox solution for your situation.

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