▷ How to dry, cure and store your marijuana buds

A quality harvest is the result of several months of dedication and care for your plants, combined with a good drying and curing process. We know very well that for any grower the day of harvest is a day marked on the calendar. Cutting the plant and letting it dry may seem like a very simple process, but you should know some guidelines to dry marijuana correctly to enjoy its aroma and flavor 100%. Therefore, in today’s article we are going to talk about how drying, curing and storing your marijuana buds in the right way.

Conditions for the correct drying of the buds

It is essential not to fall into the temptation of wanting to harvest before your plant is ready. Therefore, it is necessary to do an exercise of patience and knowing how to wait.

To carry out a good drying of your buds it is necessary:

  • Keep them in a totally dark space to let cannabinoids As the THC or the CBD do not stop activating.
  • Maintain the drying room with a low humidity and one temperature ranging from 15º to 18º C to avoid the appearance of fungi.
  • If the temperature of the drying room is too high the terpenes can evaporate and can convert THC to CBN, which is equivalent to a lost of power and spin.


How to know when the buds are dry?

Before starting to harvest, it is essential to reduce the humidity of the plants. For this, it is necessary that stop watering your plants for at least 10 days.

In this way, the outside of the buds will start to dry out, but won’t crumble when squeezed, since it still retains part of the humidity.

Another way to know if your plant is ready to harvest is bending some of its branches.

If the branches bend easily and do not make any creaking sounds, it means that you will need to dry them for a few more days.

If, on the contrary, the plant creaks when bending any of its branches, it is a sign that the buds should be dry.

What to do if the buds are very thick?

When we have large buds it is advisable separate them to avoid moisture problems futures. In this way we prevent mold from appearing.

How to dry your buds?

Cut and hang the plants

Some growers choose to cut the entire plant when it reaches a point of maturity that the grower himself considers as suitable and hangs it for later drying.


To do this, we must cut the plant at the bottom of the main stem and hang it on a clothesline upside down.

In this way you will achieve a homogeneous drying, since the buds can receive air from everywhere.

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Harvest in parts

On the other hand, there is also the option of harvesting in parts. Using this method you will see how the plant does not mature at the same time, but the flowers located in the lower part of the plant will take longer to reach the yellow hue that we are looking for.

This is also a fairly common method. First, we will cut the flowers located in the upper part of the plant and, after one or two weeks, the flowers in the lower part.

This is done so that all the flowers get the point we are looking for.

Doing it one way or another may be due to the size of the plant. If it is a large plant grown outdoors, it is advisable to opt for the second method.

Use a dryer

These grids o drying nets they are used to dry marijuana quite effectively. They consist of a series of floors divided and prepared to place your buds to dry, previously manicured and separated for proper aeration.


One of the points in favor of this type of dryer is saving space, although you must bear in mind that your buds will be in contact with a surface, so you will have to turn them every two days so that they do not get crushed.

How to cure marijuana

The marijuana curing process is one in which we allow chlorophyll (the green pigment that is present in plants and that gives marijuana its color) to decompose in a controlled and controlled way so that the buds are dry and develop a rough appearance and the original flavor of each variety.

This marijuana healing process usually takes 21 to 30 days. During all this time, chlorophyll decomposes and some cannabinoids like THC they change state.

Normally, cannabis is cured in wooden containers and protected from light shining on them.

Wood is a material that helps absorb moisture, helping the buds to cure even more effectively. On the other hand, other types of containers can also be used that meet the requirements of keeping them away from light and totally hermetic.

How to preserve the buds once they are dried and cured?

Once the buds are dried and cured, it is time to store them in some type of container.

Since MatillaPlant We recommend storing them in airtight glass jars, although other types of steel or wooden containers can also be used. You can even store them in tuppers kitchenware made of plastic.

The choice of container depends on your tastes and needs.

We recommend that you use glass containers, since they do not leave any flavor or aroma.

The ideal thing to do when storing your buds is not to fill the jars to the top, but to use only two-thirds of the container’s capacity.

It is important that during the first two weeks you open the jars twice a day for 15 minutes so that the moisture generated inside them disappears.

In this way you avoid the appearance of mold and a possible lost of the harvest.

Once these two weeks have passed, the marijuana will be able to stay bottled for a longer time. If you want to make sure of it, check out its status every 4 or 5 days.

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